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Bally Bet Rewards Program

We all know that the Welcome Bonus is there to lure in the new player. But what is there for the existing player?. Well, in the case of Bally Bet Online Sportsbook, there is more than one rewards/loyalty program that you can benefit from as an existing player.

The first program is called The Trophy Case. With this program, there are 3 different ways that you can earn rewards across 10 different categories of sport. You can earn $10 worth of free bets for placing 10 winning wagers, $20 for winning 20 wagers, and $30 for winning 30 wagers. Each of these rewards will also net you a digital trophy. Trophies you can win include Parlay Pros to Underdog Whisperers.

The second program is based on Rewards point tiers. You can collect 2 to 15 rewards tier points by placing qualifying wagers. And if you prove to be a real hotshot when it comes to winning wagers, Bally Bet may just invite you to the third and final reward program they offer - Red Card Treatment. There is no real information about this group on their website or app so it is safe to say that the only way to find out is to be invited. But we have the feeling that being a member of this elite club is worth it!