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    Barstool Online Sportsbook, Iowa

    Barstool Sports first launched Barstool Online Sportsbook in September 2020. On November 2, 2021, they finally began to operate in Iowa as Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa.

    Their first online sportsbook operation began in the state of Pennsylvania. It wasn’t long before Barstool Online Sportsbook became a multi-state operation. Dave Portnoy, the somewhat controversial founder of Barstool, boldly stated that he had plans to launch Barstool Online Sportsbook in every single state that permitted online sports betting as soon as possible And so far, they are pretty much on track to achieve their goal in the early part of 2022.

    Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa is currently offering all new players who sign up with them and use our exclusive OddsSeeker link a very attractive and generous two-part Welcome Bonus that includes a No-Deposit Bonus and a Risk-Free Bet (more news on that later). But, don’t worry if you are an existing user over at Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa since they still have several promos and live tournaments to keep you coming back.

    Join us as we dig deeper into Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa and take a look at the many different types of sports bets they offer, the sports you can place these bets on, and take a closer look at those all-important Welcome Bonuses we mentioned earlier.

    What Type of Gaming is Offered at Barstool Online Sportsbook, Iowa?

    Types of Wagers You Can Place at Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa

    As one of the premier IO online sportsbooks, let’s take some time to better our understanding of some of the many different types of sports bets you can place at Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa once you have signed up…

    Pre-game Wager

    Perhaps the best place to start is with one of the most common types of bets players are placing at Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa – the pre-game wager.

    With a pre-game wager, Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa will post the odds, along with the minimum and maximum amount you can wager on the game, a few days before the game is meant to take place. The odds change between Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa first posting them and the game taking place. There are several reasons why this may happen. Some of the most popular reasons for a change in the odds include:

    • A change in the expected weather conditions on the day of the game
    • A change in the starting line-up for strategic reasons
    • A player will be playing with an injury
    • A player is ruled out of the game due to a loss of form, injury, or suspension
    • Betting will close just before the game begins.
    Live Betting

    Now, on to what many consider as the most exciting innovation to ever hit the world of online sports betting – live betting. So, what is live betting you may ask? The answer is surprisingly simple – live betting is betting on things that you think are likely to happen during the game. Bets are placed in real-time and often while the player is watching the game via a live stream. Popular live bets include:

    • How many points will a particular player score by the end of the first half
    • Which team will be the first to put points on the board
    • Will the player score both free throws in a basketball game
    • Will a particular player be substituted before half-time

    Now we move on to another popular type of wager you can place at Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa – the future wager. With a future wager, you are predicting a particular event that you think will happen weeks or even months down the line. A great example of a future wager that you can place at Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa is predicting who will win the Stanley Cup at the start of the season. You could also try and predict NBA Division winners or who will contest the Super Bowl.

    Other wagers you can place at Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa
    • Props
    • Parlays
    • Moneyline
    • Totals
    • Point spreads

    Types of Sports you Can Wager on At Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa

    Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa accepts all of the above types of wager on these popular US sports:

    • NFL and NCAA Football
    • NBA and NCAA Basketball
    • NHL Hockey
    • MLB Baseball
    • MLS Soccer
    • UFC MMA

    You can also bet on any of the following global sports over at Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa:

    You’ll also likely find the following options, depending on the season:

    • Aussie rules football
    • Boxing
    • Cricket
    • Major cycling like Tour de France)
    • Professional darts
    • Major US plus and international Golf tournaments
    • Lacrosse
    • F1, NASCAR, and Indy Car motorsports
    • Summer Olympics
    • Winter Olympics
    • Rugby league
    • Rugby Union
    • Professional men’s and women’s tennis
    • Professional table tennis

    Barstool Online Sportsbook, Iowa Welcome Bonus

    If you haven’t signed up with Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa, we have good news for you – there has never been a better time to do so, especially if you use our unique OddsSeeker link when you do.

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    So, what exactly are you waiting for? Use our exclusive OddsSeeker link today and get betting on your favorite teams today with your Welcome Bonuses from Barstool Online Sportsbook Iowa!