Alberta Sports Betting Apps

Online sports betting and gambling are currently legal in Alberta — though, the laws are rapidly changing to allow for expanded betting opportunities.

There are no Alberta Sports Betting Apps promotions, but you can win real money online at these sites instead.

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    19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

    Online sports betting and gambling are currently legal in Alberta — though, the laws are rapidly changing to allow for expanded betting opportunities.

    While the Canadian government allows local provinces to set their own laws regarding online betting, Parliament recently voted to legalize single-bet sports betting in the country. 

    Is Alberta Gaming Online Legal?

    Alberta online gaming is legal in certain circumstances. Depending on whether you want to bet on sports or at an online casino, you’ll need to keep your eye out for legally operating sites. Up until June 2021, Canadians could only bet on multiple sports on a single ticket online, but those laws are now changing. 

    Multiple Event Sports Betting

    Multiple event sports betting (otherwise known as parlay betting) has been legal in Canada for some time. This form of betting was operated through provincial lotteries — meaning individual provinces have been operating these online sports betting sites. 

    If you want to bet on multiple sports on one ticket, congrats! You are legally able to do so in Canada. Head to your local provinces online gaming platform to legally make bets on several games at the same time. 

    Sadly, single-event sports betting was not legalized with multiple event sports betting. It wasn’t until recently that Parliament voted on legalizing this type of sports betting within Canada. 

    Single Event Sports Betting

    In June 2021, Parliament voted on a bill to amend Canada’s previously written sports betting laws. In addition to multiple event sports betting, Canadian National Football teams and National Hockey leagues wanted fans to be able to bet on single-event sports. 

    At the end of the month, lawmakers passed C-218, a bill that would legalize single-event sports betting. It is now an act (and was made into an act on June 30). The bill goes to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to sign, and soon single-event sports betting will be legal in provinces all over Canada! This is expected to happen within months. 

    Though Provinces will still regulate their own sports betting, major sports betting platforms, such as DraftKings, have already been in talks to run platforms within the country. These platforms will be taxed by the Canadian government and local provinces, and tax dollars will be invested back into the community. 

    This legalization was the direct result of large sums of money going into the pockets of offshore sports betting platforms (mostly illegally) and these sportsbooks not having to pay taxes on such revenue. 

    Types of Sports Betting

    It is expected that Canadians will soon be able to bet on pretty much any sport under the sun! In addition to multiple bets on one ticket, Canadians will be able to bet on one stand-alone sporting event. 

    Many local teams will benefit from this new law, as viewership is expected to increase during games (since many bettors will likely watch games to see whether or not they won!). 

    Two of the nation's sports, football, and hockey are expected to benefit greatly from this new law. Also, increased revenue for Canadian sports teams means increased tax revenue for the Canadian government and local provinces!

    The ​​Canadian Football League and the National Hockey League should hopefully see a boost in viewership as the direct result of this law. 

    Where Can You Bet on Online Sports in Canada?

    One of the most popular online betting platforms, DraftKings, is in talks to expand its offerings to Canada. DraftKings obviously specializes in fantasy sports leagues and sports betting, so the expansion of betting opportunities in Canada means an opportunity for this platform to reach a Canadian (and Albertan) audience.

    Canadians can currently open a DraftKings account and take part in legal sports betting on the platform. This website will open up single sports betting to Albertans as soon as it becomes legal to do so.

    Are Online Casinos Legal in Alberta?

    Yes and no. When it comes to online gambling, the Canadian government allows each province to set forth its own laws (this is similar to how many U.S. states are able to establish their own gambling laws). 

    Right now, there are no online casino sites where you can gamble in every province in Canada. And the laws are a little confusing. 

    For example, if you live in Canada, it’s not illegal to bet at offshore casino sites; yet, it is illegal in Canada for offshore betting sites to accept bets from Canadians. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen, though — which is why the Canadian government is starting to legalize other types of online betting. A large potential amount of tax revenue is going to other countries that could be collected by the Canadian government and local provinces.

    Real Money Online Casinos

    In Alberta, the online real money online casino that legally operates in the province is Play Alberta. This casino is run by the Government of Alberta's General Revenue Fund, which means that all the revenue goes right back into the local government.

    You need to be geographically located in the province of Alberta to play at this online casino. Most sites use geo-tracking software to ensure you’re physically located within the borders of the province. 

    The good news is that free online casinos (otherwise known as free sweepstakes casinos) are legal in Canada in every province except for Quebec. 

    Free Online Casinos and Sports Betting

    Another option (if you don’t happen to be geographically located in Alberta and are unable to bet at Play Alberta) is betting at free online casinos and sportsbooks.

    These online sites aren’t traditional betting sites. Instead, they run ‘free’ sweepstakes where you can win real money by purchasing virtual currency, such as gold coins and sweeps. These sites also don’t require you to pay to play, and you can get free bets by sending a postcard to the site’s address or signing up for free coins and sweeps.

    It’s important to remember that these companies aren’t usually run in Canada, so revenue collected will stay overseas — and doesn’t support the Canadian government. 

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