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    There’s never been a more exciting time to bet on sports in Canada. 

    Not only is sports betting legal in Canada, but Parliament has recently passed an act allowing Canadians to bet on single-game sports. The act is expected to become law by the end of 2021. 

    The good news is there are still plenty of ways to bet on sports legally online and in-person. Though gambling is regulated by each province separately, most local governments have enforced similar laws regarding online and in-person Canadian sports betting. 

    Is Sports Betting Legal in Canada?

    Yes! Sports betting is legal in Canada. It has been legal to bet on multiple events on one ticket, and now single-event sports betting is currently in the process of being legalized, too. Online sports betting is also legal in the country, though many online sports betting sites sit in a legal gray area for Canadians. 

    Parlay Sports Betting

    Parlay sports betting has been legal in Canada for some time. With this type of betting, you can place multiple bets on one ticket. 

    Since single-game betting has not been legal, this has been pretty much the only way to bet on sports legally in Canada. Luckily, the country has reconsidered the legality of single event betting, making it easier for Canadians to place their sports bets!

    Of course, you can still bet on multiple events on one ticket — even after single-game sports betting is completely legal. 

    Single Game Sports Betting

    Until June 2021, single-game sports betting was not legal in Canada. Parliament passed an act at the end of the month to legalize single game betting, and it’s expected to be signed into law by the Prime Minister shortly.

    This law has left many locals and sports teams scratching their heads for years. And the reason this type of betting was illegal for so long? Lawmakers feared that single-game sports betting could lead to the manipulation of local matches — meaning officials were concerned that someone might ‘fix’ a match to ensure a gambling payout. 

    The law was also originally written to ensure local provinces could keep autonomy over their local lotteries. 

    Online Sports Betting

    Online sports betting sits in a bit of a legal gray area in Canada. There is little national regulation of placing sports bets online, making it the jurisdiction of local provinces. 

    To make matters even more confusing, offshore sports betting also remains in a legal gray area. Technically, placing bets at most offshore betting sites is not legal in Canada. Yet, the government hasn’t moved to enforce any laws regarding offshore betting. 

    Many local provinces also run their own online betting sites, and locals may bet on casino games and sporting events on these sites. 

    Betting by Province

    Local Canadian provinces still maintain much of their autonomy over local gambling and sports betting laws. Many provinces own and operate their own online betting sites, including sportsbooks and casinos. 

    The legality of both in-person and online betting primarily depends on the geographical location of the bettor in Canada. 


    Not only is online sports betting legal in Manitoba, but the local province operates four sports betting websites. There are also several privately owned online sportsbooks that welcome Manitoba residents, too. 

    Residents may also play casino games and card games online at one of Manitoba’s online casinos. Players must be at least 18 years old to gamble in Manitoba. 


    The gambling laws in Quebec are slightly stricter in some ways than in other provinces. This is the only Canadian province that does not allow residents to play free online sweepstakes run by private corporations.

    The good news is that online sports betting is very legal in Quebec, and the province runs its own online sportsbook, Mise-O-Jeu. 

    Once single-game sports betting is legal in Canada, we expect to see even more online sports betting options in Quebec, too. As more and more Canadian-based sportsbooks continue to open, we can’t imagine that the capital of nightlife will be left out of the shuffle. 


    Online sports betting is very new in Ontario. As of summer 2021, the province has only outlined its ideas for online betting. 

    What we do know is that online gambling will be limited to players 19 and older (unlike other provinces that have set the legal gambling age at 18). Players who are 18 years old may still purchase lottery tickets legally. 

    It’s expected that private online sportsbooks will be able to launch within the province as well. Online sports betting is expected to be legalized in Ontario by December, though information regarding standards will continue to be released throughout the year. 


    Online sports betting is also legal in Alberta. This province operates its own online gaming sites through the AGLC and WCLC. 

    Just as in Manitoba, the sites that operate legal online betting in Alberta are Point-Spread, PRO-LINE, Pro-Picks Pools, and Pro-Picks Props. 

    The province may allow private companies to start running online sportsbooks as well — especially as other provinces start to allow private companies to run sports betting sites. 

    Canada Sports Betting: Best Online Sportsbooks

    Currently, there’s a bit of gray area when it comes to online sports betting in Canada. 

    It’s not yet legal on a national level to bet on sports online; yet, many provinces do operate their own online betting websites. For example, the province of Alberta currently runs an online casino site that residents (or those physically located within the province) can bet at. 

    Since the country’s betting laws are expanding, Canada is looking into national partnerships to bring online sports betting safely to residents. One of those partnerships is with the online betting powerhouse, DraftKings. 


    The online betting powerhouse DraftKings is currently in talks to operate legally within the country. 

    Canadian Offshore Sportsbooks

    While the legality of offshore betting in Canada remains somewhat of a gray area, many offshore sites currently allow Canadians to place bets. Before signing up for an account at an online sports betting site in Canada, it’s best to read the fine print to find out if residents are legally allowed to play. 

    888 Sport

    According to the 888 Sports website, Canadians may bet on premier sports here. 

    Based in the United Kingdom, 888 Sport is known for its large selection of sports, casino, and poker games. Just some of the sports that Canadians can bet on include:

    American football





    Ice hockey


    Canadians may even bet on events, such as the Olympics, World Cup, and more! 

    888 Sport offers generous welcome bonuses, such as free credits, poker tournament credits, and up to 120% casino matches for new customers with an affiliate link or code. Deposits and withdrawals are extremely easy; deposits are made practically instantaneously and withdrawals are made through PayNearMe. 


    Another big name in online sports betting, Bet365 falls into the legal gray area of offshore online sports betting in Canada. 

    While Bet365 is more well-known for its online casino, users may also bet on a long list of sports and sporting events at this online betting platform. 

    Like many of the other online sportsbooks, Bet365 offers a long list of welcome bonuses and ongoing bonuses. Just some of the bonuses it offers its clients in the U.S. may include first deposit matches (up to $500) for both sports betting and online gambling. 

    Once Canadian law opens up to officially allow more legal online sports betting, we’re hoping to see some similar welcome bonuses. 

    William Hill

    William Hill currently offers betting on Canadian sporting events, including Canadian National Football and National Hockey League games. 

    Since the site directly promotes its Canadian events, we can only expect that it will soon begin marketing to Canadian customers, too — once online sports betting is fully legalized in the country. 

    William Hill offers generous welcome bonuses to its U.S. customers, including $500 in risk-free bets to residents of Colorado, West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, and New Jersey. We can only hope to see similar welcome bonus offers for its Canadian clientele — once the site may legally promote its services within the country. 


    Another one of the most popular online sportsbooks outside of Canada, Fanduel allows residents to play on its Fanduel Limited platform. 

    This platform is known for its sports betting and casino. Just a few of the sports offered on the site include:








    Fanduel offers U.S. players in certain states up to $1,000 of risk-free betting as a welcome bonus, and we can only assume they’ll offer similar promotions to Canadians, too.

    This platform allows betting on both a mobile app and via desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet browser. 


    Unibet is another online sportsbook and casino that welcomes Canadian bets. This platform offers betting on popular sports, such as hockey, football, soccer, and more. 

    Welcome offers may include $500 worth of risk-free sports bets and $10 of free betting cash when using an affiliate link or code.

    Though Unibet is a relatively new platform, it has gotten some great reviews, thanks to its stellar customer service. The website features live chat support (which isn’t always common in the world of online betting), phone support, and email support. 

    Payouts may be requested via bank checks, PayPal, and Play+ cards. 

    Free Sportsbooks Vs Real Money Sportsbooks

    Another type of offshore sports betting is offered by free sweepstakes casinos and sportsbooks. 

    These casinos allow you to purchase free sweeps and gold coins to bet with. You’ll bet with this virtual currency and cash out your winnings in real money. 

    In the U.S., federal law doesn’t prohibit betting at these sites because they’re categorized as sweepstakes instead of casinos. The only U.S. state that prohibits residents (or anyone located within the state) is Washington. In Canada, legality depends on the province in which the player lives (residents of Quebec are ineligible to play). 

    Free online casinos and sportsbooks are ideal for anyone that is worried about the legality of betting at other offshore casinos. Just double-check the casino’s fine print before signing up to determine eligibility.

    Online Betting Vs In-Person Sportsbooks

    Online betting and betting at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook are two very different experiences, and both have their own pros and cons. 

    When it comes to online sportsbooks, you’ll get convenience, comfort, and (possibly most importantly) welcome bonuses and offers. With in-person sportsbooks, you get fast payouts and the rush of betting on sports surrounded by other gamblers. 

    Online Betting

    Online betting offers a long list of benefits to gambling enthusiasts! One of the biggest benefits of online betting is convenience — especially in an era of lockdowns and limited travel opportunities. Gamblers may place bets from the comfort of their own home via a website or app. 


    One of the most attractive benefits of online betting is convenience. There’s no need to leave your home (or even your couch really!), as you can place sports bets from wherever you are — as long as you’re located in a province where online gambling is legal.

    Most online sports betting platforms offer betting through their websites (accessible via laptop, desktop, or smartphone browser) or an app. 

    Forget to place a bet on an upcoming event? You can do so from the convenience of your smartphone or another portable device. 

    Welcome Bonuses

    Another lucrative reason to opt for online gambling is the long list of welcome bonuses offered by casinos. 

    Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses to help familiarize players with their site. Such bonuses include deposit matches, first deposit matches, risk-free bonuses, free bets, and more. 

    Deposit matches are when the casino matches an amount of money deposited by a customer. Most casinos put a cap on how much money they’ll match or limit matches to first deposits only. Risk-free bets offer new customers the option to make bets without losing money, and free bets are bets that don’t require any money to make.

    Be sure to read the fine print on these deals as many casinos won’t pay out until all conditions are satisfied. 


    Online bettors are also concerned about the safety of their betting experience — both in-person and online.

    When it comes to personal safety, we’re all a little worried about getting sick during a pandemic. Heading to an in-person sportsbook may mean dealing with crowds, close-talkers, and other bacteria-spreading issues. Betting from home may mean the difference between feeling safe and worrying about getting sick.

    Online betting also offers plenty of financial safety, too. Most online sportsbooks follow protocols such as encrypting their websites and keeping information on secure servers to ensure financial information stays safe. 

    You won’t need to wander around a casino or sportsbook floor with pockets full of cash, either. 

    Social Aspects

    While in-person sportsbooks offer the best opportunities for socialization, online gamblers won’t lose out on this aspect. 

    Most online casinos and sportsbooks offer some type of socialization feature, allowing players to connect with friends and family on social media. This can be particularly helpful for players that want to bet on fantasy leagues. 

    Of course, the social plugins used by most online casinos and sportsbooks don’t replicate the in-person experience. And they certainly don’t mimic the energy you feel watching the track on race day or at a sportsbook watching a game. 

    Yet, these small touches do make online sports betting just a little more exciting if you’re betting from home.

    Bet From Anywhere

    What’s better than betting from home? Betting from a sports bar, restaurant, or viewing party! 

    Since online betting allows you to make wagers from anywhere, you can bring the excitement of a sportsbook with you wherever you go. 

    While we love betting at a live sporting event, not every event is equipped to take bets. 

    Horse racing is one of the only events you can watch in-person and bet on at the same venue. If you’re all about betting on hockey, baseball, or football (but don’t want to miss all the fun of a live, in-person game), you’ll want to bring your sportsbook with you to the event. Mobile apps allow you to do just that. 

    In-Person Sportsbooks

    We happen to love the benefits of online sports betting. But that doesn’t mean we don’t make a trip to our local racetrack, sportsbook, or casino every now and again, too! Some of our favorite reasons to go to in-person sportsbooks include the exciting atmosphere, rewards memberships, and easy payouts.


    Probably one of the main reasons to visit an in-person sportsbook, racetrack, or casino is for the atmosphere and social aspect.

    Betting by yourself at home doesn’t replicate the excitement you’ll feel at a live sporting event or surrounded by other bettors. 

    While we love the convenience of online betting, we would never claim that online sportsbooks mimic the actual excitement of placing a bet at a racetrack or on a casino floor. There’s just something exciting about spending a day at the track, enjoying a cold beer and the warm sunshine — surrounded by other local fans. 

    Easy Payouts

    It’s famously easy to get paid out at a sportsbook, casino, or racetrack. All you need to do is head to the cage, hand over your ticket or chips, and get your money — in cash!

    If you play at an online casino or sportsbook, you can usually cash out your winnings at the local in-person affiliate (many online gambling sites work with brick-and-mortar sites for seamless betting experiences).

    Even though you’ll need to head to your local sportsbook to get your winnings, it may be worth it to enjoy a little bit of that famous atmosphere, too. 

    VIP/Rewards Memberships

    If your local casino or sportsbook offers a VIP or loyalty rewards program, betting at your favorite spots may pay off. 

    Many of these establishments offer VIP and rewards programs to keep customers coming back for more. If your favorite online sportsbook has a brick-and-mortar affiliate, there’s a good chance you can use your rewards membership both online and in-person — offering even more chances to get free bets, deposit bonuses, and other free and discounted betting opportunities. 

    Canada Sports Betting: Sports

    There are plenty of sports to bet on in Canada! Of course, many Canadians love betting on local sports, such as Canadian Football League and National Hockey League games. Yet, there are so many more sports that locals can place bets on, too. 

    Some of the most popular sports to bet on (in multiple-game events, fantasy sports, and soon single-game events) include:

    Canadian Football League

    National Hockey League






    The above list is simply a general guide, as you can bet on pretty much anything online (as long as the sport, event, or type of bet isn’t restricted by national or local laws). It’s also possible to bet on events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics. 

    Online Sports Betting Payments and Withdrawals 

    Depending on where you’re betting, you’ll see a wide variety of online sports betting payment and withdrawal options. Most private companies make it easier to deposit funds than to withdraw them — but luckily, there are ways to get around waiting several business days to get your funds.

    Online Sports Betting Payments

    Most online sportsbooks accept payments by credit card, debit card, PayPal, and more. Deposits are generally made instantly, meaning you can start playing with your funds immediately. 

    Local provinces may have different policies for online sportsbooks and may not accept the same forms of payments as privately owned sports betting companies. 

    Online Sports Betting Withdrawals

    Generally speaking, online sportsbooks (especially privately-owned companies not run by local provinces) don’t pay out winnings as fast as they can accept deposits. They also don’t send money via debit or credit card usually. 

    The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get your winnings, including heading to a brick-and-mortar sportsbook location, online payment processing companies (such as PayPal), paper checks, ACH transfers, and more.