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Updated: 9 Jun 2023
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Table of content

    CO Sports Betting Sites

    Colorado, a US State, made sports betting legal in 2020! In November 2019, more than 1.3 million people voted after the Colorado State Legislature had approved the sports betting bill in the summer. It won by 20,000 votes.  Now Coloradans can legally bet on sports using their electronic mobile devices and from any of the casinos opened in the state.

    In May 2020, Colorado got its first sportsbook which is a place where people can wager on various sports competitions. Some of the sports betting apps that were launched on 1 May 2020 were DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, and BetRivers whereas FOX Bet was launched on 18 May.  If you're new to betting in Colorado, be sure to get the $1,000 MaximBet promo code or the Fubo Sportsbook bonus code listed on OddsSeeker.

    Best Sports Betting Sites Colorado

    Let us look at some of the top sports betting apps in Colorado and what makes them unique:

    SI Sportsbook Bonus

    The best risk-free bet offer of any CO sportsbook is the SI Sportsbook Promo. Sports Illustrated is offering new players a risk-free bet for any bet with odds -200 or better. Bet any amount up to $7,500 and if you lose, you get your money back in free bets! That's a MASSIVE $7,500 risk-free bet that's unmatched in Colorado!

    DraftKings Sportsbook

    1. You can get up to $1,025 bonus when you sign up.

    2. When you sign up, you get $25 in your account without depositing any money. You can decide whether to deposit more money after you have used up your free no deposit.

    3. You will also receive a bonus of up to $500 when you make a deposit. So your deposit will be matched with up to $500.

    4. Another fantastic feature is the ability to play risk-free for up to $500. This means that you get an opportunity to test the games without risking your money and if you win, you can keep the money while if you lose, we've still got you covered.

    BETMGM Sports

    1. One of our striking features is that we will match your deposit 100% up to $500, which means you can play and earn extra.

    2. Every week, you get a $10 free bet.

    William Hill Sportsbook

    1. You can get up to a $500 free bet on your first deposit. If you win, you can keep it, and if you lose, you have nothing to worry about.

    2. Every week, there are exciting betting promos that will help you earn more.

    3. Go ahead and use our promo code: LEGAL500

    1. In the first week, you can test the waters because we will return it to you up to $1000.

    2. You can choose from a wide variety of daily and weekly promotions of your choice.

    FanDuel Sportsbook

    1. We can guarantee that you will receive a refund up to $1000 if you lose your first bet. So let your hair lose and don’t worry about losing money the first time.

    2. For your convenience, FanDuel is available on Desktop, Android and iOS so you can seamlessly bet on the go.

    What can you bet on in Colorado right now?

    You have a lot of options to choose from now in Colorado:

    • World Series

    • NFL

    • UFC 254

    • NCAAF

    • NBA Futures

    • Breeders Cup

    With the NFL season coming up, the residents of Colorado have no dearth in options to choose from. They can choose from 14 leading online sportsbooks, most of which have a global presence. 

    Colorado Sportsbook

    Casino Partner

    Online Launch

    Bonus Offer

    DraftKings Sportsbook

    Golden Gulch Casino

    May 2020

    Up to $1,025

    FanDuel Sportsbook

    Golden Gates Casino

    May 2020

    $1,000 Risk-Free

    BetRivers Sportsbook

    JP McGill’s Casino

    May 2020

    100% up to $250

    BetMGM Sportsbook

    Midnight Rose Casino

    May 2020

    100% up to $500

    Fox Bet Sportsbook

    Lady Luck Casino Black Hawk

    May 2020

    $500 Risk-Free Sportsbook

    Johnny Nolon’s Casino

    Sept. 2020

    $1,000 Risk-Free

    William Hill Sportsbook

    Isle Casino Hotel,

    Lady Luck Casino

    September 2020

    Betfred Sportsbook

    Saratoga Casino

    September 2020

    Sky Ute Sportsbook

    Sky Ute Casino and Resort

    May 2020

    SBK Sportsbook

    Bronco Billy’s Casino and Hotel

    June 2020

    BetMonarch Sportsbook

    Monarch Casino Resort

    May 2020

    Elite Sportsbook

    Red Dolly Casino

    August 2020

    Circa Sports

    Century Casinos

    July 2020

    BetWildwood Sportsbook

    Wildwood Casino

    July 2020

    theScore sportsbook

    Gilpin Casino

    September 2020

    Barstool Sportsbook

    Ameristar Casino


    SI Sportsbook

    Johnny Nolon's Casino

    September 2021


    The Lodge Casino


    Bet365 Sportsbook

    Century Casinos


    Betsson Sportsbook

    Dostal Alley Saloon


    Wynn Sports / BetAmerica / Smarkets

    Bronco Billy’s Christmas Casino


    Free Bet Offers in Colorado

    DraftKings Sportsbook

    If you are looking for free bets, the best sports betting app in Colorado is DraftKings. If you are a new player who joined from Colorado, they will give you a free bet worth $25. This means that you do not need to make any deposit.

    That is not all. If you make a deposit on DraftKings and make your first wager, you are entitled to free bet insurance. When you make your first bet on DraftKings up to $500, you can be assured that you will have no loss. This is an excellent offer as you will receive free bet vouchers equal to the amount that you had bet. 

    FanDuel Sportsbook

    What if we give you the opportunity to take a risk but without the worry of taking a risk? With FanDuel, you can get a rebate on free bets if you lose on the first bet that you make up to  $1000.

    Even we hate to see you lose, but at least we've got your back! We are excited for you! 

    FOX Bet Sportsbook

    We make betting easy, so you can enjoy it stress-free. The FOX Bet site is a partnership between the Stars Group and Fox Sports and provides you with a risk-free betting experience.

    You need to just do the simple step of making a deposit into your new FOX Bet account. After that, even if you lose on your first bet up to $500, it is fully refundable.

    Colorado Sports Betting Apps

    The online sports betting sites in Colorado are a blessing to all of us. Now, with a simple touch, you can change your fortune. And what about on those days where the weather does not suit us, just stay in and wager online.

    If you want to try out sports betting apps in Colorado, it has never been easier as they are now available on both Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones. How cool is that? Check out the most popular Colorado sports betting apps here:

    Colorado Sports Betting App

    Operating System


    SI Sportsbook Colorado

    Has both iOS (Apple) and Android formats

    Universal across states

    DraftKings Colorado

    Has both iOS (Apple) and Android formats

    Universal across states

    FanDuel Colorado

    Has both iOS (Apple) and Android formats

    Universal across states

    FOX Bet Colorado

    Has both iOS (Apple) and Android formats

    Download Colorado version only

    BetMGM Colorado

    Has both iOS (Apple) and Android formats

    Download Colorado version only

    BetRivers Colorado

    Only has Android format

    Apple customers must download, install, and run GeoGuard to play through browsers

    Remote Registration

    As a Coloradan, you can be proud that your state government has made the provision for registering for an account remotely. 

    It is an extremely convenient option that you have. You don't have to travel to any land-based sportsbooks to register. You have the above links on your fingertips to register for online sportsbooks in Colorado.

    In the US itself, there are states like Illinois, Iowa, and Nevada where you would need to do some cumbersome traveling to get started. So as a Coloradan, you already have a foot in the door, especially during harsh winters.

    What is more fascinating is the fact that you don’t even have to be physically in the state of Colorado if you want to register, deposit, and withdraw money from your sportsbook account. Wherever you are, you can perform almost all the activities like building bets, different betting combinations or look through the app of your choice.


    There is only one thing that the law prohibits you from performing while you are outside Colorado. The sportsbooks of Colorado are legally not allowed by state and federal laws to accept wagers across state lines.

    Not only are these laws made, but it is also being ensured that they are adequately enforced. Otherwise, a lot of members may not follow these regulations and find a way to break the law.

    According to the sportsbooks in Colorado and the Colorado Division of Gaming, before you can place a wager, you have to verify your location using geolocation on your smartphone. Geolocation is a software that uses global positioning software to make sure that you are currently situated within the borders of the Colorado state.

    The verification using geolocation software for stationary targets is exceptionally accurate. You will not be able to get away with any kind of fraud or inaccuracy, even on the borders of the states.

    Thus we can see that the geolocation software acts like a virtual fence for the Colorado state. This might seem like an extreme measure to be implemented. Still, any sportsbook that violates the law will face harsh penalties, so they are obliged to abide by all the rules and regulations.

    How Does Legal Sports Betting Work in Colorado?

    The procedures followed in sports betting in Colorado is very similar to those observed elsewhere. If you have played in sportsbooks anywhere else, you will find the functioning identical, be it land-based or retail.

    The Colorado sports betting industry gives you a complete experience with options ranging from single-match outcomes to parlays and professional props:

    • Moneyline: In this, the sportsbook will offer lines that communicate the odds of any of the given teams winning a single event. Each of these lines will be based on a $100 wager. If it carries a negative number like -110, it means that you need to bet $110 to win $100, which is a favorite. If it is an underdog, it will carry a positive number like +110 which means that you can win $110 by betting $100.

    • Totals: The number of points/goals/runs that are expected to be scored in a single game is called totals, and you have to simply wager on more or less than the given amount.

    • Spreads: Spreads will tell you the number of points/goals/runs by which a team is preferred. People can bet on the underdog to “cover the spread” (losing by less than the given amount or winning outright) or for the favorite so that they can win by more than the number indicated.

    • Parlays: This is slightly risky but can give you better returns from a smaller wager. These are bets that have multiple events. If you lose in one leg, you lose a parlay.

    • Teasers: This is a form of parlay but includes spreads so that there is lesser risk in the individual contests. You can win more often in these, but the returns may be still on the lower side.

    • Props: A bet which you place on the performance of individual players like yards rushed and points scored are called props. In Colorado, these are available only for pro sports.

    • Futures: For example, if you bet on a conference, division or league, it is a future wager. This means that the wagers are dependent on the outcome of the season rather than a single game.

    • In-play: These bets are made during the event, so the odds are changing live.

    In Colorado, you can also engage in a super exciting and fun live betting which is a type of prop bet. While a single match is happening, you get to select from whom to bet on from hundreds of different events. Now you can do this from the comfort of your home without having to sweat for hours on the field.

    What Can You Not Bet on in Colorado?

    There are states that have a long list of restricted bets in their sports betting bills or laws. Some of these are absurd and make no sense. However, Colorado is not one of them, and the list is relatively short and very sensible.

    In Colorado as in all other states, no betting is allowed on high school events by Colorado sportsbooks either online or live. This is a universal restriction. This law has been written in all states that have legalized betting till date so this rule does not stand a chance to change anytime in the near future.

    Betting on video game competitions is also restricted in Colorado unless the competition has been previously approved by a sports governing body. The exact list of governing bodies that are covered under this is not clear at the moment. Still, it has been put in place only to prevent any extreme betting that might take place with esports.

    According to the Colorado law, proposition betting on collegiate games is illegal. Even though most kinds of prop bets are not the priority of most people for betting, this law is passed to control live betting is a kind of prop bet. Most probably the Colorado lawmakers were concerned with the corrupting effect that having live bets all through the fourth quarter might have on the possibility of moral perils and devastation at the collegiate level.

    Futures Betting in Colorado

    A futures bet is one of the most in-demand casual bets in Colorado. We understand the pride and zest you would feel on placing a wager preseason on your favorite teams or player and supporting them throughout the season. 

    Let us be grateful that Colorado is gifted in terms of both size and population. Hence there are many professional and collegiate sports teams on which you can place your futures bets.

    Let us look at some of the teams and futures bets that you can make:


    Futures Bets

    Denver Broncos

    Super Bowl Winner

    AFC Winner


    NFL Offensive / Defensive Player of the Year

    NFL AP Offensive / Defensive Rookie of the Year

    NFL Comeback Player of the Year

    Denver Nuggets

    NBA Championship Winner 

    NBA Eastern Conference Winner

    Colorado Rockies

    World Series Winner

    National League Winner

    National League MVP Winner

    Cy Young Winner

    Colorado Avalanche

    Stanley Cup Winner 

    Series Betting

    College Football

    NCAA National Champion – Colorado

    Colorado State

    College Basketball

    NCAA National Champion – Colorado

    Colorado State

    How Does Online Sports Betting Work in Colorado?

    There are 31 commercial casinos in Colorado. These are located close to the three Rocky Mountain towns - Black Hawk, Century City, and Cripple Creek. The state is also home to two tribal casinos which are situated in the southwestern corner of the state. As per their contracts, they are legally eligible to add any games which are authorized at any other location in the state.

    Each of these casinos can apply for a master license for sports betting as per the law. A master license will permit the casino to offer wagering through both retail and mobile channels.

    The license will additionally allow the casino to partner with up to two strategic operators. They can either use one company for land-based sports betting, and another for online sports betting or make use of the same company for both types of betting.

    Through mobile sports betting, there are no limitations on registration or any other kinds of activities. Colorado is lucky to have got this freedom which may play a defining role in its success as the state has some unfavorable terrain.

    High school sports and esports are the only ones on which there are real restrictions on betting. Wagering on high school events is a rule that is universal to all the states in the US and eSports at least, for now, is still ambiguous to the lawmakers of many states.

    What are the Steps to Sign Up for a Colorado Sportsbook Account?

    First and foremost, you need to download and install the app and then register for an account. You can find the “Register” or “Sign Up” button on the top right corner of the screen of the app. Clicking the button will take you to the registration form or forms for the site.  To complete the registration process and get a new account, you have to fill the bits of personal information being asked by the app. 

    Some of the information that you may be asked to enter are:

    • Name

    • Email address

    • Date of Birth

    • Cell phone number

    • Address

    • Social Security number (or last four digits)

    You will also need to create a username and password for your account using which you will be accessing your account henceforth. Besides this, you might also have to provide the answer to a security question to prevent any kind of mishaps in the future.

    There may also be an option to enter a bonus code somewhere in the registration area. If the link shows that there is a code, you should definitely enter it.

    How to Deposit and Cash Out at Co Sportsbooks?

    Just like any other gaming site that you may have come across, to play, you should be able to transfer money in and out of an online sportsbook. You might be a little worried about online transactions but rest assured they are very safe and straightforward for the most part.

    Here are some of the options that you have for making a deposit into a sportsbook account:

    • Credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)

    • Online bank transfers (similar to online bill pay)

    • Wire transfers

    • Electronic checks (ACH or VIP Preferred)

    • Prepaid cards (Play+)

    • Electronic wallets (PayPal, Skrill, etc.)

    • PayNearMe (via 7-Eleven)

    • Cash at the land-based casino cage

    • Checks or money orders

    Cashing Out of Co Sportsbooks

    When you deposit money into your sportsbook account, the assumption is that you will be getting it (and more) back. Thus online sportsbooks offer various methods for the withdrawal of your money.

    Currently, there are fewer withdrawal methods than for deposits. The simple reason is that cash flow in both directions is not possible for all deposit methods.

    Additionally, be aware there are specific withdrawal methods that are available to you only if you have used the same method to make a deposit. PayPal and Skrill are examples of this category. So it is imperative to learn about the withdrawal methods before you make your deposit.

    Electronic or paper checks are the most preferred withdrawal methods for most sportsbooks. The fastest withdrawal method will most probably be receiving e-checks.

    Another method is to receive paper checks on file through your mailing address. You might find this method slower, but it is a reliable way to get to money back.

    The various withdrawal methods available on online sportsbooks include:

    • Online bank transfers (similar to online bill pay)

    • Wire transfers

    • Electronic checks (ACH or VIP Preferred)

    • Prepaid cards (Play+)

    • Electronic wallets (PayPal, Skrill, etc.)

    • Cash at the land-based casino cage

    • Checks

    Current Sports betting Options in Colorado

    Now the residents of Colorado are spoilt for options when it comes to sports betting. The population is showing great interest in sports betting, and many operators have rushed in to find their place in Colorado since May 2020.

    Due to the diversity in the population of the Colorado state, every major league has representation in the state. Though most of these teams may be based around Denver, they represent the entire state of Colorado in practice.

    Since sports betting is full-fledged now, you can place your wagers on all of the teams. There are some universal wagers like money lines and spreads among others which are distinct for each sport. For your convenience, we have put together a list of some local teams that you can bet on and a revision on the types of bets.

    NFL Betting in Colorado

    The Broncos is the only team that belongs to Colorado. They have a rich heritage, and three Super Bowl wins under their belt. They have a positive reputation for putting up a tough fight each year.

    • Denver Broncos: Empower Field at Mile High, 1701 Bryant St, Denver

    It is a reasonably straightforward process to bet on NFL games because there is a lot of scoring. So we can see that bets which include game outcomes are easy to host and handicap.

    Besides several bets that you can place in-game, there are scores of other opportunities for proposition wagering. For example, there are props surrounding the yardages that various players or teams can accrue during the game or about the timing and method of scores that will occur.

    NBA Betting in Colorado

    The Denver Nuggets may not have such an illustrious history but like their NFL companions but there is only one  NBA franchise in Denver, and this team from the Mile High City is still a good bet.

    • Denver Nuggets: Pepsi Center, 1000 Chopper Cir, Denver

    The games are very similar to the NFL, so betting on the NBA should be reasonably easy.  No game takes place without scoring many points. So the scoring gives ample opportunity to place almost all kinds of sports bets.

    More precisely, NBA betting breaks down for several different grades of totals and proposition wagers. Regardless of whether the Nuggets manage to advance, you can wager on the results of individual quarters of play.

    MLB Betting In Colorado

    The Rockies is the favorite of all the Major League Baseball fans in Colorado. The squad, which has one of the best jersey color schemes, has enjoyed a pretty solid streak since it was introduced as an expansion team in 1993 and would have added a World Series championship as a feather on its cap if it weren't for the Boston Red Sox in 2007.

    • Colorado Rockies: Coors Field, 2001 Blake St, Denver

    Betting on baseball games is slightly little different from betting on soccer or basketball. Since baseball games tend to be low-scoring, they use a "run line" instead of a traditional point spread. The run line always denotes the favorite and the underdog as 1.5 points apart, and the book improves the stakes by adjusting the payout ratio. In certain respects, the run line is very close to the bet on the money line bet.

    Since baseball games don't have a lot of scoring, several books will give you the chance to bet on totals for the whole day of games. Irrespective of whether the Rockies are competing, you might be inclined to make a bet on whether the offensive performance would be explosive for most squads.

    NHL Betting in Colorado 

    Finally, lovers of sports in Colorado have a lone NHL player to ring out for themselves. The Colorado Avalanche, also known as the Avs, have taken home two Stanley Cup wins to the Centennial State since shifting to the state in 1995. The Avs are sharing their home facility, the Pepsi Center, with the NBA's Denver Nuggets.

    Colorado Avalanche: Pepsi Center, 1000 Chopper Cir, Denver

    Wagering in the NHL is relatively similar to wagering on MLB sports. Like baseball, hockey is a lower-scoring game; thus, the sportsbooks have1.5-point puck line as a counterpoint to baseball’s run line. Both kinds of lines work in the same way as the other except, the payout percentages change rather than the sums of the spreads themselves.  

    You can also bet on Avs' games based on the various bid wagers available on most sportsbooks. Questions on who will first play or which team will score and the precise score of the game are typical bets placed on the NHL. 

    You could feel a little intimidated with so many choices. Sports betting isn't the only form of bet you can make on sports events in Colorado. There are also several places to bet on races in Colorado.

    Betting on Horse Races in Colorado

    In Colorado, there is only one functioning horse track. Strict protocols to avoid the spread of COVID-19 have been enforced for Arapahoe Park in Aurora. Still, live races are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday every week. 

    The Mile High Derby and the Mile High Futurity are landmark quarter horse races held at the Arapahoe Park with purses over $100,000. The circuit also stages the Gold Rush Futurity for thoroughbreds and many graded races for Arabians.  

    10 off-track betting sites are located throughout Colorado state.  Arapahoe Park is by default one of these sites. The remainder is found primarily in the eastern part of the state. The only exception is the Track 8 situated in Grand Junction. The coordinates are here:

    Horse Track


    The 8 Track

    Grand Junction

    Arapahoe Park


    Big D’s OTB at El Bandido Nightclub

    Garden City

    Celtic on Market


    Elevated Stakes

    Colorado Springs

    Havana Park


    Off to the Races


    Pick Six Lounge at the Mirage Sports Bar & Grill 


    Post Time at the Playing Field Sports Bar

    Colorado Springs

    Softball Country


    Sundance Steakhouse & Saloon

    Fort Collins

    Pick Six Lounge at Fox & Hound

    Lone Tree

    Keep in mind that you will be able to make use of your computer or smartphone to bet on horse racing.  Websites like TVG are pleased to give a chance to wager not only in Colorado but all across the United States to bet on races.

    Sportsbooks Locations in Colorado

    Many sportsbooks are currently operational now, and as many as 33 casinos can host brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.  Each casino in Colorado is a possible retail sports betting venue. 

    However, this fact helps to limit the sites for your sportsbooks. Since the casinos in Colorado are limited to Black Hawk, Century City and Cripple Creek, sportsbooks are also in the same areas. 

    The two tribal casinos in the west of the state are the only locations where other sportsbooks might spring up. However, no proposals for a retail book have been made for either the Sky Ute Casino in Ignacio or the Ute Mountain Casino in Towaoc. 

    Until recently, these have been the only retail sportsbooks opened or to be opened soon (as mentioned on the state website):



    Sportsbook at Ameristar Casino


    Colorado Grande – Cripple Creek


    Johnny Nolon’s – Cripple Creek


    Golden Mardi Gras Casino – Black Hawk


    Monarch Casino Black Hawk – Black Hawk


    Saratoga Casino Black Hawk – Black Hawk


    Taking into consideration the ease of legal sports betting, there are more online sportsbook apps running in Colorado at the moment than retail sportsbooks.  A total of 9 online sportsbooks are available in Colorado. These are:

    • BetMGM

    • BetMonarch

    • BetRivers

    • Circa Sports

    • DraftKings Sportsbook

    • FanDuel Sportsbook

    • Fox Bet

    • Smarkets

    • Sky Ute

    Sports Betting Laws in Colorado

    At the end of the polls in November 2019, sports betting became legal in Colorado. The narrow (51-49) passing of Proposition DD legalized that every commercial casino in the state will facilitate internet and retail sports betting. 

    According to regulations, on 1 May 2020, Colorado had to start sports betting. This was achieved precisely by the regulators and operators, who released four online sportsbooks that historic Friday morning. 

    Once sports betting advances, Colorado will proceed to work on the regulations surrounding the business with operators and other stakeholders. Currently, these are the most important sports betting law and rules of Colorado:

    • All state casinos may apply for sports betting master licenses. 

    • Master licenses allow the holder to have a retail and online sportsbook skin. 

    • A master license holder can collaborate with up to two separate operators, according to the retail and online sides of the operation. 

    • 10% of net sport betting earnings will be collected as taxes by the state. 

    • It is strictly illegal to wager on high school sports and esports.  

    • Proposition bets on collegiate activities are banned. This constraint applies to live betting. 

    • Registration of mobile devices is permitted. 

    • The Colorado Limited Gaming Commission is the state's supervisory authority for sports betting.

    How Huge Will The Sports Betting Market Be in Colorado?

    Original projections suggested that the state could raise 20 million dollars or more from the 10% tax that legal sports operators in the state will pay. Operators will have an annual sports betting revenue of $200 million. 

    However, the state now predicts that in the first year, the sport betting tax income will raise between $1.4 million and $1.7 million. In the first fiscal year, this will hit $10.4 million, which is a more conservative projection of $100 million in gambling revenues in Colorado for the first full year of legal sports betting.

    States with Legal Online Sports Betting

    • Illinois Sports Betting

    • Indiana Sports Betting

    • Iowa Sports Betting

    • Michigan Sports Betting

    • Nevada Sports Betting

    • New Hampshire Sports Betting

    • NJ Online Sports Betting

    • Pennsylvania Sports Betting

    • Tennessee Online Sports Betting

    • Virginia Online Sports Betting

    • West Virginia Sports Betting

    History of Colorado Sports Betting Laws

    Colorado's growth in gaming in recent years has not been sufficient. 

    Voting residents rejected a plan to expand racetrack casinos in 2014. This happened one year after lawmakers in the state sought to create bills to legalize online poker, and it faced a fate similar to expanding casinos. 

    Attitudes tended to improve as a result of the elimination of PASPA by the US Supreme Court in 2018. A year after, the Colorado House and the Committee on Finance and Budgets of the Senate passed a statute allowing sports betting, H 1327. 

    However, before the celebrations began, another hurdle existed. The State Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) demands that any bill to increase taxes be submitted to a popular vote. The November 2019 vote then took place to legalize wagers, known as the DD Proposition.

    About the author
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