Best Hawaii Sports Betting

Sports Betting is still illegal in Hawaii. Find out the latest news about when it might become legal and where you can place your first wager online in HI!
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    Hawaii Sports Betting

    Hawaii, at the moment, believes in a ' No gambling' policy. And a complete ban on gambling ultimately results in no sports betting also. 

    Hawaii is one of the two states in the US that puts a complete ban on gambling and sports betting; the other state is Utah. 

    Hawaiian citizens are completely deserted when it comes to all sorts of gambling. They are indeed left with no options. They can’t bet on sports, and they can’t play at retail or online casinos. There’s no bingo, no horse racing, no state-run lottery, nothing. In fact, you can get into legal trouble if you’re playing cards in public, even if it’s just for fun!

    Though it's not right to state that Hawaii hasn't thought of legalizing sports betting, in 2019 and 2020, there were considerable efforts, but none of them gained any traction. 

    When will Online Sports Betting Launch in Hawaii?

    The gambling legislation is not under the pump. The lawmakers seem to be in no hurry. Considering the time that will be required to formulate rules, issue licenses to Online Sportsbooks, and complete other legal procedures, it’s safe to say, betting won’t be legal any sooner than 2022.

    Best Case Scenario for Sports Betting in Hawaii

    Since there are zero land-based gambling establishments, the best available option for them is to go with an 'online-only system' where online sports betting is legal without any prevalent gambling establishments in the state.  

    Sports you can Bet on in Hawaii

    Legally you cannot place sports bets on any sport in Hawaii. However, there are plenty of offshore Sportsbooks providing sports betting experiences to Hawaiian people on sports worldwide. 

    Let us make this very clear that these offshore sites are operating illegally in Hawaii, and in case of any payment-related or legal dispute, you are all on your own. The Hawaiian law will not have your back. 

    Can I play Daily Fantasy Sports in Hawaii? 

    If someone wants to feel the prowess of the anti-gambling laws in the state, consider the fact that even Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is illegal in the state. Most other states with illegal gambling have no problem with DFS, but Hawaii has expressly notified the contrary. 

    However, there's some positive news; Bill number HB850 is still jockeying in the house like the Tazmanian Devil. This bill could make DFS legal in Hawaii if it’s passed. 


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