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It's time to bet, Illinois residents! Illinois residents can now gamble in the Prairie state in both retail and online sportsbooks. Illinois enters other nations with legalized licensed sports betting thanks in part to Gov. J.B. Pritzker. Pritzker signed a capital proposal for $45 billion in June 2019, including betting on sports.

The first legal bet was accepted by BetRivers Sportsbook when Illinois sports betting made its formal launch in March 2020.

Online sportsbooks unveiled in the summer of 2020 and, according to a recent executive order by Pritzker, bettors can register remotely for online betting until at least September 19.

The following information is your complete guide for sports betting in Illinois. We have all the live developments from the leading online sportsbooks in the Lincoln Land, news and great bonus deals.







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Sportsbook Free Bet Offers in Illinois

DraftKings Sportsbook in Illinois

DraftKings Sportsbook has introduced to Illinois its creative and engaging business. A gambling carousel that assimilates the website for each player is featured in the application available on iOS (Apple) and Android.

Presently, with the welcome deals at DraftKings, it might be possible to obtain more than $1,000 extra in your account. In addition to a  no deposit bonus of $25, DraftKings will also compensate up to $500 for your first deposit and allow up to $500 to risk-free on your first bet.

FanDuel Sportsbook in Illinois

The sports betting arm of a founder of the daily fantasy sports is called the FanDuel Sportsbook. Nevertheless, FanDuel is a must-stop for earnest bettors with better service standard and versatility of the platform.

FanDuel's going to make your time worth it. Your first on-site gamble is totally risk-free for up to $1,000. There's no justification why you wouldn't want to visit FanDuel.

Updates on the most recent events

The poker room is officially closed at Harrah's Joliet Casino. PlayIllinois estimates that the property owned by Caesars will reward $427,800 in bad-beat jackpot cash with a draw.

Six state casinos have poker rooms, and they have all been shut down because of the pandemic since March. 

Gov. J.B. Pritzker extended his executive order permitting remote registration for sports gambling through November 14. This gives customers the chance to register for online/mobile accounts from anywhere in the world, without the need to visit a casino – which is precisely what is needed in the coronavirus period.

Following its launch on September 15, William Hill became Illinois' fifth online sportsbook.

Sports betting Apps in Illinois 

Online sports can also be provided at casinos and racetracks in the state. Illinois stopped asking bettors to register in person for accounts. Since about 80% of sports betting is now online, this would help to get consumer momentum right from the start.

In comparison to the traditional sports betting at the lottery locations, Illinois sport betting apps are state-of-the-art and highly up-to-date.

The licensees will collaborate with technology companies and foreign brands to provide Illinois sports betting applications. Many new sports bettors and old-timers would find internet sports betting even more enjoyable than ever.

Best Sports Betting Apps in Illinois 2021

  1. DraftKings: DraftKings is incredibly stylish and comfortable to use the app with customization options and cordial navigation. It is available in both popular formats - Apple and Android versions. In each scenario, it has been designed to suit the screen as best as possible for the sportsbook display. You have no excuse for not making DraftKings your go-to sports betting site. 

  2. FanDuel: Look no further than FanDuel if you are searching for a tidy, convenient application. The seamless architecture and lack of chaos make it breezy to switch to different sections of the website.

  3. BetRivers Sportsbook: BetRivers Sportsbook was Illinois' first sportsbook. It has provided the Prairie State with many amazing benefits with a simple yet effective layout. The software is currently only operating on Android, but Apple users can download Geogard and use their browsers to play.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Illinois Sports Betting Apps 


  • Rapid surfing and betting access.

  • Live betting options broaden wagering options dramatically.

  • Easier to purchase odds with a mouse clicking with many books available.


  • Social involvement not possible.

  • Apps take up phone storage space which can pose problems.

  • Can be intimidating for new gamblers.

Operating Geolocation and Remote Registration in Illinois 

A very frustrating provision has been created for proponents of the proliferation of sports betting in the state under the Illinois Sports Wagering Legislation which enables online sports betting to be done in Illinois.

The legislation requires players to register directly in person for the first 18 months after the passage of the law at their selected sportsbook home casino.

Yet Gov. Pritzker was motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown to temporarily suspend the requirement. For now, people of Illinois can enrol from all over the state for online sportsbook accounts.

However, you must be within the boundaries of the state to play. Every Illinois online sportsbook uses geolocation monitoring to ensure that you are within limits before a wager is accepted.

While tracking your precise coordinates can appear intrusive, you have to adjust to this for remote and online sports betting. No bets must cross state borders, and books and regulators are committed to ensuring that each bettor is compliant.

How Do I Wager On Sports in Illinois? 

As per the Illinois Law:

“Sports wagering includes, but is not limited to, single-game bets, teaser bets, parlays, over-under, moneyline, pools, exchange wagering, in-game wagering, in-play bets, proposition bets and straight bets.”

Some of the prominent bet types in the state are, therefore:

Moneylines — Novices usually start with moneyline gambles. These are easy bets for the squad to win a game.

Totals (over/under) bets — You don't need to worry about which side will win over-under or totals gamble. This is a bet on whether the aggregate score of both teams is more or less than a bookmaker's number — the line which has been set.

Spreads — In a spread bet, you wager whether your team scores greater or lesser than the bookmaker's stipulated number. Here are points over the line for the favorite team and under the line for the underdog. The spread is covered, and you gain, if the favorite succeeds by greater than the points above the line, and vice versa.

Parlays — Parlay wagers give your money the greatest fun. You merge several bets in a parlay bet. All six winners have to be accurately forecast to claim the bet. You might raise a lot of cash in parlays for a tiny gamble, but you have to take a risk.

Propositions — It is the all-encompassing term for any bet not tailored to one of the above types. A prop bet is in general, a gamble on auxiliary activities to the result of the game. Certain odd bet, combination bet or alternative bet will typically be a prop. Live betting — One sort of prop bet is rapidly becoming one of Illinois' most dominant type of sports betting. Post the commencement of a sporting event, live or in-game bets are taken. At the start of the game, bets no longer close.

Futures Bets in Illinois

One kind of wager needs special mention. The futures bet, a bet on events that arise well beyond the road, is a good bet for any season.

For people who want to gamble on their favorite sports team, futures wagers are the solution irrespective of the season. Although your team Chicago Bears may not be in the game, you always can gamble on the likelihood of the team winning in the Super Bowl.

There is still another season, even when the Bulls lose the playoffs. You will still be able to bet on the  Blackhawks claiming the next Stanley Cup.

Specific players can also be a futures bet. If you believe that the Cy Young Award will be awarded to Yu Darvish, you can bet on it. You will be able to put money on the MVP award if you think it will be won by Jose Abreu.

There are loads of ways to gamble on Illinois' futures. Some of the wagers are here:  

  • Super Bowl champion

  • NBA Finals champion

  • World Series champion

  • Stanley Cup champion

  • Conference or division winners

  • Win totals from the regular season

  • Individual award winners

  • Statistical leaders

  • Player benchmark achievements

What Would You Not Be Able to Bet On In Illinois? 

By statute or regulation, there are some constraints on betting in Illinois. 

State college sports are entirely off the charts.  Unfortunately, citizens of Illinois are not allowed to gamble in their home state at the University of Illinois or the Northwestern.

Only sporting activities are to be used for wagers. There is no provision for betting on awards, polls or any other non-sports event.

And also, you can't gamble on the sport while you are taking part in a specific sport as a player, referee, coach or any other principal. All other sports are alright, but there are too many conflicts of interest in your own sport.

Legal Options for Sports Betting in Illinois 

There are several sites in Illinois to place bets. Casinos, race tracks, off-track gambling websites and online sites are accessible.

This portion should be your reference for any sports betting location in Illinois. We also have a bit of horse betting despite live and online horse betting being considered a separate part outside real sports betting and given separate regulatory status.

But let us speak about the condition of traditional sports in Illinois before we get to all the numerous locations to go.

Legal Sports to Bet on In Illinois Which Are Famous 

Because Illinois is where Chicago, America's third-largest city is located, many sports teams and matches are available to place bets on.  The following is a checklist guide and details of all such institutions.

For the games of these clubs, most betting forms are available all across the season. However, the realities of some games, such as baseball and hockey, mean that the traditional bets given must be adjusted somewhat.

Be mindful, however, that certain forms of betting may not cover all sports. The relevant teams of Illinois are listed here.   

NFL Bets in Illinois 

There is only one NFL team in Illinois:

  • Chicago Bears: Soldier Field, 1410 Museum Campus Drive, Chicago, IL

The Bears are one of the oldest and best-known teams in the NFL. More Bears than players from any other team feature in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Betting at NFL games usually revolve around the teams and furthermore on some of the football stats. Some statistics are popular such as quarterback's yards or touchdowns for a receiver.   The tradition of Sunday NFL games means parlay bets are also a common option to bet on football.

MLB Bets in Illinois

Thanks to the size of Chicago, not just one but two Major League Baseball franchises take place here. These are: 

  • Chicago Cubs: Wrigley Field, 1060 W. Addison St., Chicago, IL

  • Chicago White Sox: Guaranteed Rate Field, 333 W. 35th St., Chicago, IL

In the last 20 years, both teams have won World Series titles, and both look forward to continuing this streak. Though both teams seldom meet, they share a strained relationship. DraftKings partnered with the Chicago Cubs to place a DraftKings Sportsbook at Wrigley Field.

You may notice a particular anomaly in lieu of the usual spread bet option if you choose to wager on Major League Baseball. Because of the low scoring of baseball, Illinois sportsbooks use the so-called run line. A run line calibrates the spread to 1.5 runs but changes the payout to be similar to a moneyline rather than a real spread bet.

NBA Bets in Illinois

In Illinois, there is a single prestigious NBA franchise. 

  • Chicago Bulls: United Center, 1901 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL

Very few have been at par with the Bulls who rose to success in the 1990s. The biggest athlete ever, Michael Jordan, spent a large portion of his career as a Bull and helped the team to win six championships through the decade.

Betting on NBA games is very basic. In general, there are quite a lot of opportunities to wager on totals, individual props, etc. because there is a lot of scoring during NBA matches.

NHL Bets in Illinois

There is only one NHL team from Illinois:

  • Chicago Blackhawks: United Center, 1901 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL

The Blackhawks are one of the founding and most established teams in the NHL over the past couple of years. In the 2010s Blackhawks were three times the Stanley Cup winners, and the team's 6 Stanley Cups helped them to be tied for the 4th most Cups in NHL overall.

Hockey, like baseball, is a low-scoring sport that poses a problem for Illinois sportsbooks that wish to make a spread bet. NHL bettors can therefore note that a bet called a puck line has been enforced. It is about the same as its run line baseball equivalent.

The Process for Signing Up for an Online Sportsbook in Illinois

Suppose you visit one of the home casinos for Illinois online sportsbooks or sign up during Pritzker's limited remote time of registration. In that case, the registration process is very similar.

So what you need to do is listed below:

  1. Pick from the list above, one of the Illinois sports betting websites. It is necessary to use our links since certain bonuses and promotions are exclusively for our readers. Take notice of any bonus code we have provided, too. Press on the button "Play now."

  2. Select and download the application format that's appropriate on your device.

  3. Go as you typically would through the installation process. To download from unknown sources, Android users may need to configure their phones to allow it.

  4. Open the application and check for the button 'registration'. The label "register up" or "join," "register" or anything equivalent commonly will be at the top-right corner of your screen. Click on the button.

  5. At this point, the application must bring you to its registration page(s). As specified in the blank spaces, you need to provide your personal information. Be ready to give personal information such as name, address, telephone number, email and Social Security number.  

  6. Fill any bonus codes you have in the allotted alternate blank. They might give you some free money for your account.

  7. You might have to confirm your email address after your registration.

  8. You can start playing with any bonus dollars, or make a deposit on the site through the cashier feature.

Locations of Illinois Sportsbooks

Owing to a specific peculiarity in state sportsbook legislation, the list of potential sportsbook sites in Illinois is indeed very long. According to the rule, State casinos and racetracks can provide sports betting, which is as expected. 

The state, however, will also permit sports betting at up to 7 of its biggest sports facilities. So you might be able to place bets on matches you are going to be at in the upcoming future. At present, Illinois is only home to the following retail sportsbooks:

  • Sportsbook at Argosy Alton, Alton

  • BetRivers Sportsbook at Rivers Des Plaines, Des Plaines

  • DraftKings at Casino Queen Sportsbook, East St. Louis

  • William Hill Sportsbook at Grand Casino Victoria, Elgin

Off-Track Bets in Illinois 

The state racetracks are each assigned a set of OTB slots according to the Illinois Horse Racing Act and can be used to open off-track wagering spots. The legislation can enable tracks to open up as many as 43 off-track locations in the state.

The 3 tracks have not yet planned to do so. Arlington Park has opened 10 locations, Hawthorne Race Course has 10 locations, and 3 are operated by Fairmount Parks as well as per the State records. These figures are expected to increase or shrink in accordance with business demands, so the following list is just a glimpse. In Illinois, these are the OTB venues:

  • Time Out OTB: 315 Belle St., Alton

  • The Piazza: 85 Executive Drive, Aurora

  • Corliss OTB: 11203 S. Corliss Ave., Chicago

  • Trackside at Joe’s Bar: 940 W. Weed St., Chicago

  • Crestwood OTB: 13148 Rivercrest Drive, Crestwood

  • Post Time Sports Bar & Grille: 13860 Rockland Road, Green Oaks

  • Trackside at Salerno’s: 9301 63rd St., Hodgkins

  • Trackside at the Saddle Room: 2559 Pratum Ave., Hoffman Estates

  • Bookie Magee’s: 2450 Jefferson St., Joliet

  • Black Eyed Susan: 17030 Torrence Ave., Unit G, Lansing

  • Salerno’s Pizzeria and R Bar: 621 Ridgeview Drive, McHenry

  • Stoney Point Grill: 19031 Old LaGrange Road, Mokena

  • Blono Pizza Co.: 1304 Cross Creek Drive, Normal

  • The Turf Room: 650 Randall Crossings Lane, North Aurora

  • Oakbrook Terrace OTB: 17W648 22nd St., Oakbrook Terrace

  • Furlong’s Sports Grill & OTB: 110 W. Etna Road, Ottawa

  • Bullpen Bar & Grill: 3225 N. Dries Lane, Peoria

  • Players Pub & Grill: 1250 South River Road, Prospect Heights

  • Don Carter Lanes: 4007 East State St., Rockford

  • Route 3 OTB: 2400 Mississippi Ave., Sauget

  • Capital Teletrack: 1766 Wabash Ave., Springfield

  • Trackside at Crazy Pour: 105 East North Ave., Villa Park

  • Trackside Waukegan: 630 S. Green Bay Road, Waukegan

The States Where Online Sports Betting is Legal

  • Colorado Sports Betting

  • Indiana Sports Betting

  • Iowa Sports Betting

  • Michigan Sports Betting

  • Nevada Sports Betting

  • New Hampshire Sports Betting

  • NJ Online Sports Betting

  • Ohio Sports Betting

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Future Prospects of Sports Betting In Illinois 

The population of Illinois inspires confidence well enough for the long-term success of sports betting in the state. The number of people and the number of home-grown franchises on which betting can be done means that it will keep the players keen in the Prairie State.

The only complication in Illinois is the complex political landscape. The crucial situation with remote registration, for example, indicates that lawmakers can prematurely put their head into sports betting.  

Over the next few years, Illinois can become a paradise for sports bettors, as long as regulators and authorities can take it easy.