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    New Hampshire has joined the other states by introducing live and legal sports betting.

    In 2019, the governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, initiated the first online wager by betting on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. The bet was placed via DraftKings. The governor, Chris, made way for sports betting to start in the state by signing the H 480-FN bill that offered licenses to both retail and online sports betting.

    To select a vendor that would work best for New Hampshire, a lottery selection was made. DraftKings was definitely in the foreground and therefore selected to be the first online sports betting operator in the state. Soon after, approximately 8 months later, DraftKings was the first retail sports betting operator to start in the state. The other operators that were also part of the lottery were Kambi and Roar Digital.

    How will online sports betting work in New Hampshire?

    Unlike other states, New Hampshire gives its bettors a chance to sign up for an account via their phones. Other states, like Nevada, do not allow their bettors to register online on the phone or laptop/computer. In order to create a new account, the customer must go to a physical sportsbook location and set up their account. So New Hampshire’s flexibility definitely gives them an edge over the other states.

    Optimized Betting Apps for each device

    The sports betting sites work well with any device that you use them on. They are programmed to run on various devices and so set in the same way. Whether you are betting on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or a laptop/computer, it is optimized for that screen and so you will be able to functionally access the site through any device.

    New Hampshire Sportsbooks sign-up process

    When you head over to the website you will see links like “Join Now” or “Sign Up”. Click on any of those links and you will be taken to a form that you will need to fill out. You will need the following information to create your account:

    • Your Legal Name

    • Email address

    • Phone Number

    • Address

    • Social Security number (last four digits)

    You may need to add a PIN (personal identification number) to your account for that extra blanket of protection. When your account is set up, check to see if they have any welcome bonuses set in place and avail of them. They are typically for new players so don’t miss out.

    Types of Sports Betting Bonuses Available

    Bettors in New Hampshire should look out for bonus offers since there are many that are typically offered.

    No-Deposit Bonus

    - No investment required by the bettor. - Enter code given to avail of this bonus offer.

    - Typically for new players

    - Make come with a wagering requirement before withdrawal.

    Deposit/Match Bonus

    - Available once the first deposit is initiated.

    - A certain percentage of your bonus is credited to your account.

    - Deposit percentages vary. Can go upto 100%.

    - Playthrough requirement.

    - Time limit to redeem

    Be sure to read the fine print before accessing any of these bonuses.

    Free Bets

    - Can be alloted during sign-up, first deposit or specified wager.

    - Allows players 1 opportunity to win without an entry free.

    Odds Boosts

    - Results in a payout that is large if your wager wins.

    - Offered across different kinds of games through the day.

    - Standard promotion offered on sportsbook sites.


    Nothing can be worse than losing bets right after you think you are winning. That is why promotions are offered that can help to curb any crazy losses incurred during betting. Please make sure to read the fine print before you opt-in for this promotion. Typically, players would receive a portion of their losses.

    VIP or Rewards Programs

    Rewards can be acquired through various means, like cash, free hotel stays, tours, free meals, site credits and many more. When players play continuously on the site, they are offered membership based on the volume of play.

    Membership is free, so it doesn’t hurt to join when it is offered. The more money you spent, the fancier the reward.

    Using An Online Sportsbook

    Left: The typical layout of a sportsbook has the sports offered on the left side of the home page. A live link will be attached to each game that will take you to that sport specifically.

    Center: Study the layout of the sportsbook. You will see the most popular sport/game right in the center of the page along with an event that is being promoted at that time.

    Right: The players bet slip will be featured on the right side of the page which will be blank right after you register.

    How To Bet Online

    There are no guidelines when it comes to betting. However, if you are a seasoned player, your experience might give you an added advantage. But for the most part, you can depend on your “sixth sense” to help you through the process. Be cautious and move ahead; click on the betting option that you want and a betting slip with pop up. Look out for a cash-out option at the bottom of the betting slip. The option will light up when a particular criteria is fulfilled for an open bet.

    New Hampshire Sports Betting Deposits

    Once your account is up and running, you are ready to start betting. In order to begin, you will need to add money into your account. Look for an option that says “deposit”; it is written in a bigger colorful font so that you will not miss it.

    You can use a number of different methods to deposit money into your account. Before confirming which method you are going to use, be sure to check with your bank if any additional fees will be added to your account. However some bonus codes may be applicable as well, so double-check the site before you continue. The different methods of payment you can use are:

    • Credit Cards

    • Debit Card

    • Paypal

    • Skrill

    • Wire Transfers

    • Online Bank Transfers

    • Prepaid cards

    • PayNearMe

    Be rest assured that all these transactions are safe and secure.

    New Hampshire Sports Betting Withdrawals

    There are many options to avail of when you want to withdraw money from your sportsbook online account:


    The sportsbook will send you a check to your mailing address listed on your account. The duration to receive this into your account is typically longer. So feel free to choose the electronic check instead.


    Receive money at selected retail locations.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • Limitations to use your preferred mode of withdrawal. It depends on the deposit method you used. Eg. You may not be able to use PaPal or Skrill to withdraw funds if that is not the method you used to deposit money into your account. At times electronic checks could also have restrictions attached to it.

    • Before you withdraw money from your account, make sure you check if there are fees that are attached to it. Call your bank or look online to double-check. Make sure to read the fine print.

    • Choose your deposit/withdrawal method wisely to avoid any issues later on. Check these details prior to creating an account.

    Betting Options In New Hampshire

    New Hampshire’s residents have specific teams that they focus on while they bet. Let’s look at some of them:

    1. Boston Bruins

    2. Boston Celtics

    3. Boston Bruins

    Wondering why all of them are from the neighboring state of Massachusetts? Well, proximity plays a major role in their sport’s allegiance. Besides this, the other factor that the New Hampshire bettors may focus on are the minor league professional sports teams that are prevalent in the state. Even so, there are state restrictions and prohibitions that restrict residents from betting on in-state collegiate teams/events (like the University of New Hampshire, Dartmouth College), which could be their favorites. So even if the colleges host an event and players from out-of-state colleges participate, the residents are still not allowed to wager bets, no matter which state the team represents.

    Don’t lose hope! Online betting is still allowed for most sports. Some of them include:

    • Australian football

    • Baseball

    • Basketball

    • Boxing

    • Cricket

    • Darts

    • Football

    • Golf

    • Hockey

    • Mixed martial arts

    • Motorsports

    • Rugby union

    • Soccer

    • Tennis

    Types of Bets

    There are many types of betting available to the New Hampshire residents. Let’s look at some of them.

    Betting The Spread

    • One of the most common wagers available across all sportsbooks

    • Determine the margin of victory in contests and place your bet accordingly

    The Moneyline Bet

    • One of the most common wagers available across all sportsbooks

    • Available online and at retail sportsbooks

    • Determine the winning team and place your bet accordingly

    • Plus sign next to the team name = Underdog

    • Minus sign next to the team name = Favorite Team


    • One of the most common wagers available across all sportsbooks

    • Determines how sportsbooks generate bets

    • Use of “over/under” is used to place exact bets on teams.

    • The total points of both the teams are added up and players have to decide whether the combined total is over/under the score.


    • Place bets on events that take place at the end of a season/event

    • Includes: which team will win the season/tournament OR the most valuable player, etc

    Proposition Betting

    • Most popular type of bet

    • Place bets on small events that take place through the event

    • Includes: who will win the coin-toss, whether Ronalda/Messi will score a goal, etc

    • These kinds of bets do not determine the final outcome of any game

    Live Betting (in-game/in-play wagering)

    • Offered across most sporting events

    • Players must wager their bets only when the game is in progress

    • Legally live betting can only be done online


    • It is a combination wager, i.e. players can choose for many events to take place, aka a leg

    • High-risk, high-reward kind of bets

    • Variations, aka teasers, adjust the odds of the bettor/sportsbook

    • Sportsbooks offer Round Robin, a parlay combination that is loaded into a huge-sized single bet.

    • NOTE: To wager your payout, every leg you choose should be correct

    New Hampshire Sports Betting FAQ

    Is Sports Betting Legal In New Hampshire?

    Yes, in 2019, sports betting became legal in the Granite State.

    Is It Safe To Bet On Sports In New Hampshire?


    Which Retail Sportsbooks Are Open For Business?

    DraftKings Sportsbook at The Brook.

    Is Online Sports Betting Allowed In New Hampshire?

    Yes, legally residents are permitted to play at online sportsbooks.

    Who Can Bet On Sports In New Hampshire?

    Any resident or visitor to the state who is 18 years or older.

    Can I Bet On Sports From Outside New Hampshire?

    Not on a New Hampshire betting site. The Division of Sports Wagering is required to verify customer locations at all times.

    On Which Sports Can I Bet?

    Every major sport available in the US, like:

    • Australian football

    • Baseball

    • Basketball

    • Boxing

    • Cricket

    • Darts

    • Football

    • Golf

    • Hockey

    • Mixed martial arts

    • Motorsports

    • Rugby union

    • Soccer

    • Tennis

    Complete New Hampshire Sports Betting List 2023

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