New Jersey Online Bingo

Get bonus codes at the best New Jersey Online Bingo sites. Be sure you know where to gamble online legally in NJ.

There are no New Jersey Online Bingo promotions, but you can win real money online at these sites instead.

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Table of content

    The vacancy of brick-and-mortar halls in the state of New Jersey might indicate that the game of bingo has not been very involved in the gambling department within the state. But this could be dramatically altered by the introduction of New Jersey's online bingo options. Around the last decade, the game of bingo has changed a lot, especially with the emergence of USA online bingo. In the meantime, there may be some casinos on the Boardwalk, Atlantic City, that offer bingo and related games as a part of their casino game repertoire. Online bingo has taken on a living and a life of its own and is probably much more booming, operative, and progressive than the average non-bingo gambler comprehends, making the virtual or online version of the game of bingo a viable and important part of the New Jersey online gambling market. 

    There are no state-based online bingo programs available, except for the possibility of a few random bingo-type games given at one of the online casinos that were launched recently as a part of the new state-sponsored online gambling offerings. 

    New Jersey Online Bingo Background 

    Usually, Bingo is a game that is reserved for charity functions and retirement homes. Certainly, the word ‘Bingo,’ when mentioned, evokes images of the overly-excited moderators, or perhaps a slightly disastrously named pet. 

    New Jersey residents may be astonished to grasp that there are numerous online casinos that offer bingo games to their players. In fact, it allows the players to take advantage of a few opportunities for big wins in online bingo games. 

    If the players are interested but haven’t had the chance to play bingo in many years, then they need not look any further. The site will walk players through how online bingo works, with all of the options present in New Jersey. They will also let the players know about the gaming regulations and whether the players can play bingo in the Garden State or not. 

    Pala Interactive launched a real-money online bingo site in New Jersey on March 22, 2016,  which is Like the New Jersey online casino, the New Jersey bingo site is governed and regulated by the California Tribe in conjunction with Borgata Hotel and Casio, the online gaming license which Pala uses in New Jersey. 

    New Jersey Online Bingo Software 

    A leading European online gaming operator and software supplier, namely Gaming Realms, provides Pala Bingo, the software that it requires. The management team at Gaming Realm is said to have expertise with leading successful online bingo brands such as Foxy Bingo and Slingo, as per the press reports. 

    Is Online Bingo legal in New Jersey? 

    Until recently, there have been many legally licensed and certified online bingo sites that accepted players from New Jersey and all of the United States. These bingo sites are based outside of the US within administrations that have already legalized online gambling for their region. Because of this reason, the bingo sites were able to legally deliver online bingo gambling services to players in the US or any other place of the player's choice.

    Nonetheless, in order to increase state revenue, NJ lawmakers have threatened to litigate offshore bingo sites and quite a few of the other offshore gambling services that accept NJ players. 

    This has been the cause for almost all operators to step down and stop accepting online New Jersey players. That is why, except for official state-sanctioned bingo-style casino games given via domestically licensed operators, players cannot find much in the way of legal online bingo if they live in the Garden State.

    New Jersey's Free and Real-Money Online Bingo 

    Online bingo first started in New Jersey in 2015. The game then expeditiously became the dominant form of bingo in the Garden State, reckoning for more than 80% of all the games played in the state.

    At the present time, there are three online casinos in New Jersey that provide online bingo games. Each of these sites has a separate tab for bingo players, making it easy for the players to navigate their way through the site.

    When it comes to mechanics, online bingo can be quite different in its mechanics. Normally speaking, players do not buy individual cards, but they buy a set of 6 cards, also  known as a “strip.”

    One of the nicer things about online bingo is that it’s much easier to play lots of cards compared to live play. Online bingo sites automatically mark the player's called numbers, so there’s not much to do after the players make their purchase for a game.

    One of the crucial differences between live and online bingo is the sheer quantity of players that can join an online bingo game. Considering that there are neither physical nor mechanical issues associated with playing, it is quite possible to have games with hundreds of people and cards in play.

    But of course, these gatherings lead to immensely increased jackpots. Even the smallest of small drawings have payouts in the thousands, which dwarfs the biggest cash opportunities in most live settings.

    Surprisingly, the players might be able to get into the game without paying anything at all. Two of New Jersey’s casinos, specifically Tropicana and Virgin, offer free bingo games online at various points throughout the day for the entertainment of the players.

    The games provided by these bingo sites are rarely eligible for the biggest jackpots. However, they provide new players an excellent opportunity to give the game a try.

    All the paid games on New Jersey sites vary in ranges from $1 – $5 to play. These games can prove to be an easy way for the players to put themselves in a position for a big win. But the players need to keep in mind that their chances of them winning escalate only if they buy more tickets for a game. 

    New Jersey Casinos with Online Bingo 

    New Jersey has three online casinos that offer virtual or online bingo. Individually, the variant that that players can play is 90-ball bingo, which will be explained later. If the players are interested in giving online bingo a try, head to one of the following operators which are mentioned.

    Tropicana Online Casino

    Tropicana Online Casino was the first online casino to provide bingo to players in New Jersey. 90-ball bingo which was launched in 2015 continues to run even to this day.

    Players get to choose their picks between free, $1, $2, and $5 games. Tropicana advertises every game by offering the players a Super Jackpot, albeit these pools vary in size.

    Every 30 minutes or so the players will find free games, so even if the players aren’t a big fan of bingo there would be no reason for the players not to take a chance at one of the jackpots. If players want to try paid games without risk, they are free to use promo code PLAY20 to receive $20 when they sign up.

    Virgin Online Casino 

    Virgin Online Casino is considered as a part of Sir Richard Branson’s vast amassed cluster. Players who wish to try the Virgin Online Casino with a “chill” vibe can play 90-ball bingo as part of their involvement.

    Virgin Online Casino operates in New Jersey in partnership with another casino, namely, Tropicana, and the relations between both the casinos show beyond a simple licensing agreement. Truly, the Virgin bingo option is very similar to the one at its land-based partner.

    Players can play bingo at Virgin for free for a period of 30 minutes. The range in price of paid games varies from $1 to $5.

    Players can pay for several of those games if they simply sign up. If they follow the link given at the casino’s site and enter promo code 30BUCKS the players will receive $30, absolutely free.

    Pala Bingo, USA

    Pala Bingo USA is the third casino in New Jersey that offers players options for bingo and is a part of Pala Online Casino. Like a few other bingo options in the state, players can participate in the 90-ball variant while onsite.

    Pala is truly distinguished as a site that is completely focused on cornering the bingo market in New Jersey. Customer support and warmth will be the first things that welcome the players when they enter the site.

    Pala is the only bingo site to give or provide specific bonuses for bingo players. Players can receive free tickets and bonus dollars at Pala Bingo effortlessly right from the moment they sign-up. 

    New Jersey Online Bingo FAQ’s 

    Are There Online Bingo Bonuses For New Players?

    Almost all of the premium online bingo sites encompass a list of daily promotions that change with time quite often. All the sites offer new players a welcome bonus that is typically composed or formed as a match deposit bonus that is tied to the player’s initial deposit, a series of deposits, or reload deposits. These bonuses do carry wagering or betting requirements, so the player needs to make sure that they do read through the terms and conditions before claiming any of them.

    Right now, players can only sign up and bet at an offshore bingo site from outside of the New Jersey border. Legal domestic casino preferences may have bingo-centric bonuses regularly, but this can be considered an exception rather than a rule.

    Can a player play Bingo for free online?

    The players absolutely can! Every single bingo site includes free games as a part of their daily promotions. This is a great way and the best opportunity to get used to the online gaming environment. It also gives the players the space to try out new games or patterns to see how they like them. New Jersey residents can legally enjoy the free to play online bingo game available at offshore gambling sites, though these sites have rules and regulations that do not allow them to accept NJ residents for their paid games.

    Can a player play online bingo using a mobile device or a tablet? 

    Mobile bingo is definitely available to New Jersey residents (in a free-to-play capacity).  The automatic dauber function ensures that the smartphone display of the player is not too small to manage many cards at once. These mobile bingo sites are not apps from the App Store that the player can download but are browser-based mobile-optimized applications that make the use of responsive technology for compatibility with almost all mobile devices and operating systems that a player might want to use.

    What type of experience can a player expect when visiting a New Jersey online bingo site?

    There have been recent policy changes due to which a player can only visit a real money bingo site from outside of NJ borders. However, if they are traveling from NJ, online bingo will prove to be a really unique gambling experience. Most legitimate internet bingo halls offer a vast variety of games including 30 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball, and 90 ball bingo. In addition, there are many kinds of patterns offered for each game variety that a player would like to have their hands on.

    The games, most of the time, take place in beautifully and magnificently themed chat room environments, and games can range from free and one-penny buy-ins up to high roller options. The user interface provides the players with stunning 3D graphics, state-of-the-art digital sound, and a well-designed website overall. Players can play as many cards as they like, limited only by their own interest and bankroll. It is easy to play multiple cards because they are marked for the player electronically, hence the player does not have to personally manage the cards’ results for themselves.

    In between the rounds of bingo, there is a short break where the players have the option of a choice of participating in chat room side games. This is where the social component enters in. Chat games are managed and regulated by a moderator who is responsible for overseeing the game, interacting with players, and ensuring or safeguarding that new players feel welcome and understand how to play and all the other processes. Players, with the assistance of these chat rooms, have the opportunity to make friends, chat with other players, and it has been reported that some romantic relationships have been sparked and have been born from chat room side game interaction! Many players claim to have made good friends and enjoyable companions, as well. These games also offer additional chances to the players to win prizes and money, only if the players wish to take the bonuses.

    Bingo side games are completely optional and nobody is required or forced to participate. So if socializing in the chat room is simply not something that the players would find themselves doing, then that is completely fine. Many players choose to participate and contribute to online bingo specifically for the social elements which are unique and specific to this venue. Online bingo halls also offer players casino side games that typically include slots, video poker, scratch cards, and sometimes Keno or other specialty games. The specific game selection or collection varies from site to site. Expectantly, domestically managed or coordinated New Jersey casino sites in the near future will offer this sort of social bingo experience in the near future since now that offshore sites have completely stopped accepting New Jersey residents as customers.

    Online Bingo vs. Electronic Bingo

    As it turns out, New Jersey is the only state out of all of the others in the union with legal online bingo. No other state either may offer online bingo as part of its online gambling suite or simply does not have online gambling sites or casinos related to itself.

    Now, if the players visit the sections of their state’s laws regarding bingo, they may see mention of “electronic bingo.” At first glance, they might feel excited that their state does offer the residents an online version of the game.

    Sadly electronic bingo is not the same thing as online or virtual bingo. Instead, electronic bingo refers to or means computerized bingo games that live bingo halls can run in partnership or affiliation with their paper-based games. These computers are handheld, fairly clunky, and only allow the players to play during the live rounds at the hall itself.

    Players may also see references to “instant bingo,” which might make them think that there’s an online component. Albeit, instant bingo refers to or represents paper-based games that are commonly or locally known as “pull tabs.” They are small, perforated packages that the players need to buy to participate in mini-games, which are completely separate from the main bingo calls.

    These terms can be confusing at first glance. The players need to make sure that they read the state’s laws about bingo carefully, but right now, New Jersey is the only place with truly online bingo.

    Bingo and US Gambling Laws 

    As of now, bingo’s legal status, in general, puts both people of the state and governments regulating the states in a bit of a bind. After all, it is considered a traditionally family-oriented activity, but the inclusion or involvement of cash prizes renders it a type of gambling in the eyes of many individuals.

    Generally or normally speaking, the federal government takes a rather severe or tough opinion of any type of game that could be considered gambling. The Wire Act of 1961 rendered or declared any betting across state lines to be illegal, and even activities as innocuous and basic as bingo are usually considered to be affected by that decision on a vast expanse.

    Yet, as is the case with sports betting now, bingo is considered adequate or is now an acceptable form of gambling as long as it is administered and governed by individual states. A few states have completely legalized bingo, and some have made it completely illegal, while some have straddled the line by allowing it for charitable gaming only, for any other purpose other than charity, it is considered to be illegal and a crime.

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