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Updated: 25 May 2023
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Table of content

    Sports betting is one step closer to legalization in Ohio!

    The amended HB 29 bill passed in both the state’s House and Senate in December and is awaiting the governor’s signature. Under this bill, sports betting will be legalized no later than January 1, 2023.

    This bill has been in the works for months (actually, years if you count the attempts made in 2020), and its outcome has been wildly anticipated during that time.

    Once online sports betting has launched in Ohio, bettors will be able to place bets through sports teams’, casinos’, and racinos’ apps. 

    Find out everything about online sports betting in Ohio, where to place bets, and when you’ll be able to start making your wagers.

    Is sports betting legal in Ohio?

    YES! Now is the time for you to sign up for the best Ohio sports betting promos! It’s currently not legal to place sports bets in Ohio — but on January 1st, 2023, you can! Ahead of the launch - the best sports betting apps in the US are offering huge free bet promotions to people in Ohio. Just sign up, or make a deposit in some cases, and you can get anywhere from $100-$600 in free bets to use starting Jan 1st.

    Though sports betting is legal in nearly all of Ohio’s border states, it’s been a long road to legalizing sports betting and online betting in the Buckeye State. 

    If you’re currently in Ohio, placing bets at online casinos or sportsbooks, just know that these sites are not licensed in the state of Ohio and are probably offshore sites (meaning they operate outside of U.S. law in other countries). Starting Jan 1st, 2023 - this all changes, but make sure you only play at sites listed on, because those are the only ones licensed and legally allowed to offer online gambling.

    Bet at these sites at your own risk. But know there may be legal and financial repercussions for doing so. You may not be able to take legal action against an online sportsbook that doesn’t pay out winnings or holds, and you may be held liable if you are caught betting on sites that aren’t legal in the U.S.

    If you live in Ohio and want to place bets legally before sports betting is legalized in the state, you may do so by visiting one of the border states where online betting is already legal. These states include:

    • Indiana
    • Michigan
    • Pennsylvania
    • West Virginia

    You must be of legal betting age be geographically located within state lines of a state where betting is legal to legally place bets. 

    If you’re placing online bets, you’ll need to ensure the state has legalized online betting too (though online casinos and sportsbooks won’t accept bets from gamblers who are not physically located in a state where online betting is legal). 

    Ohio Online Sports Betting

    If all goes well, online sports betting will launch in Ohio in 2022 (but no later than the first day of 2023). There will be no shortage of sports to bet on in Ohio once online sports betting is legalized. 

    Just some of the sports that Ohioans can look forward to placing bets on include football, baseball, basketball (both college and pro ball), hockey, daily fantasy sports, and more. Since Ohio is home to many pro and college teams, it should make for some interesting bets!

    NFL Football

    Ohio is home to not one — but two — pro NFL pro football teams, including the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals. 

    Though the Browns and the Bengals have yet to win a Super Bowl, both teams have plenty of hometown pride. They might not be the best teams in the NFL, but there’s plenty of love for both, and we can see online sports betting as a way to increase NFL viewership within the state. 

    It’s too bad that online sports betting won’t be legal in Ohio in time for the 2022 Super Bowl, but fans can still travel to neighboring states to place bets on their favorite Midwest teams. 

    NBA Basketball

    The Buckeye State is also home to the NBA basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

    While Ohio isn’t known for its outstanding pro football teams, it is known for launching the career of basketball legend, LeBron James. Though James is no longer with the Cavaliers, locals still have a lot of hometown pride for James — and are still fiercely loyal to the Cavaliers.

    The Cavaliers have won one championship, back in 2016. Hopefully, the team will be able to attract new talent, thanks to its success with James. 

    Either way, Cavalier viewership should go up once online sports betting is legal in Ohio. 

    MLB Baseball

    It’s still a few months until spring training is underway. Hopefully, by the start of MLB season, Ohio will be closer to legalizing online sports betting.

    Ohio is a big MLB state, as the Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first all-professional team — and many consider Ohio the birthplace of professional baseball. 

    Currently, the state is home to two professional MLB teams, including the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians. The Reds have won five World Series, though the Indians haven’t won a single championship. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t come close, and close games often attract higher viewership numbers than blowouts!

    NHL Hockey

    Columbus, OH, is home to the state’s NHL team, the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

    While the Blue Jackets haven’t yet won a Stanley Cup, they have won the playoff series — recently, in fact, back in 2019.

    The Blue Jackets play in the Metropolitan Division of the NHL. While they aren’t no. 1 in their division, they do pretty well for themselves. They are just behind the Penguins (newly acquired by the Fenway Group) and are ranking higher than the Islanders and the Flyers.

    Though online sports betting won’t be legal in Ohio in time to bet on this hockey season, it’s almost guaranteed that everything should be in place for the 2023 Stanley Cup. 

    NCAA College Basketball

    One of the most popular betting events of the year has nothing to do with major league sports. 

    In fact, NCAA college sports draw bettors from all corners of the country. The two most popular collegiate sports to place bets on include football and basketball (not dissimilar to the popularity of professional sports).

    In Ohio, residents root for the Ohio State Buckeyes, Ohio University Bobcats, and the University of Cincinnati Bearcats (among others). 

    Ohio State has one of the best collegiate football programs in the country, and this team has won eight national championships. The Cincinnati Bearcats have won two NCAA championships. 

    While basketball isn’t as big in Ohio college sports as football, local teams have competed in a few Final Four games. 

    Daily Fantasy Sports

    Good news! You can bet on daily fantasy sports in Ohio! In 2018, DFS were legalized in the state, allowing residents to place this type of bet online. 

    The major DFS operators in Ohio include DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Draft, and Yahoo!

    If you’re ready to create a fantasy sports team and start placing bets, you can head over to our reviews of DraftKings and FanDuel. Or, scroll down to read a short snippet of these reviews and find out which platforms offer the best welcome bonuses for new players. 

    Horse Racing

    Hey, more good news! Betting on horse racing is currently legal in Ohio (as it is in many other states where sports betting has been legalized, yet). 

    Pari-mutuel horse racing sportsbooks have been accepting legal sports bets in Ohio since 1933. There are racetracks in many of the state’s major cities, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Youngstown. 

    Racinos accept bets at these racetracks, and online racinos, such as BetAmerica, TVG, and TwinSpires accept horse racing bets legally online.


    BetAmerica runs an online sportsbook and casino in states across the country. 

    The platform also runs a horse racing online betting site that’s available in 40 states where online horse betting is legal.


    Another online horse race betting platform is TVG. This site is operated in states where online horse betting is legal. 

    TVG is offering new players a bet of up to $300! Simply use the OddsSeeker link to head over to the site and claim your welcome bonus. 

    This online betting platform is not legal for residents of Alaska, Arizona, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah. 


    TwinSpires is an online sportsbook and casino that operates in states where sports betting and online casinos are legal.

    The platform also accepts horse racing bets from residents that live in states where horse betting is legal. 

    TwinSpires is offering a bet for the first 24 hours after you sign up for an account (up to $500) and 250 free spins. Just use the OddsSeeker link and use the code FREEDAY to claim your welcome bonus!

    Ohio Sports Betting Apps

    Currently, sports betting apps may not legally accept bets from anyone physically located in Ohio. 

    To legally place bets, you must be geographically located within the state boundaries of a state where sports betting is legal. So far, we can only speculate as to which sports betting apps will be licensed within the state of Ohio. 

    Sports leagues, teams, casinos, and racinos will be able to launch one skin and have the opportunity to possibly launch a second skin. 

    The state plans on approving at least 25 licenses and may approve more if they believe doing so will be fiscally beneficial to state taxable income. The state could have as many as 50 online sports betting skins by year two. 

    We can assume that the major online sportsbooks and casinos, such as the nine below will apply for online sports betting licenses in Ohio.

    Barstool Sportsbook

    We can only expect that Barstool Sportsbook and Casino will apply for one of the skins once sports betting is legal in Ohio.

    In other states, Barstool is offering new users a no-deposit-required welcome bonus of up to $1,000 and $10 free bonus cash. Just use the OddsSeeker link to claim your bonus. 


    BetMGM is one of the biggest names in betting across the country! It makes sense that this gambling powerhouse would apply for a skin once sports betting is legal in Ohio. 

    This sportsbook is offering a risk-free bet of up to $1,000 to new bettors in other states by following the OddsSeeker link and using the code ODDSSEEKER. 


    Another big name in the gambling industry is BetRivers. We anticipate this sportsbook and casino may apply for one of Ohio’s sports betting skins.

    BetRivers is offering sports bettors in states where sports betting is already legal a first-deposit match of up to $250. Simply follow the OddsSeeker link and use the code ODDSBONUS to claim your bonus. 


    Can you even separate the name Caesars from luxury casinos and sports betting? Once Ohio legalizes online sports betting, we can’t imagine that Caesars won’t apply for one of the sports betting skins. 

    In states where sports betting is already legal, Caesars is offering up to $1,001 in bet credits by using the OddsSeeker link and the code ODDSSEEKER when signing up for an account. 

    DraftKings Sportsbook

    It’s arguable that DraftKings Sportsbook is the biggest name in online sports betting. This sports betting powerhouse is known for its daily fantasy sports (as its name suggests!).

    Even though you can’t bet on most sports on the DraftKings site yet in Ohio, you can bet on fantasy sports here. 

    DraftKings is offering residents of states where sports betting is legal a no-deposit-required welcome bonus of up to $50 FREE and a first-deposit match of up to $2,000. Simply follow the OddsSeeker link to claim your bonus.  

    FanDuel Sportsbook

    Another one of the big names in online sports betting is FanDuel. Though not as big as DraftKings, FanDuel is a formidable opponent in the sports betting world. 

    In other states where sports betting is already legal, FanDuel is offering a bet of up to 

    $1,000 FREE for the first 24 hours after registering. Just follow the OddsSeeker link to claim this bonus. 


    We’re also assuming PointsBet may apply for one of those sports betting skins once online sports betting is legal in Ohio.

    This platform offers players in states where sports betting is already legal a first-deposit match of up to $250. Simply follow the OddsSeeker link to claim this welcome bonus. 


    WynnBET is our final land-based-turned-online sports betting platform we can expect will apply for a sports betting skin in Ohio sometime in 2023. 

    This online sports betting and casino platform offers a welcome bonus of a bet of up to

    $1,000 to new players in other states where sports betting is already legal. 

    Simply follow the OddsSeeker link to claim this bonus if you live in New Jersey, Indiana, Colorado, Michigan, or Tennessee.  

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