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Ontario online casinos are ready to take your bets! Find the best casino apps & games. 19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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Updated: 9 Jun 2023
Why We Like Them

FanDuel Ontario is live & accepting online casino and sports betting players! FanDuel Ontario is 100% legal & regulated by the AGCO. Regulated, Safe, & Fun - download the app today!

Why We Like Them

Betrivers Ontario is live & accepting online casino and sports betting players! is 100% legal & regulated by the AGCO. 19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

Why We Like Them

BetMGM Ontario is live & accepting online casino and sports betting players! BetMGM Ontario is 100% legal & regulated by the AGCO. 19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

Why We Like Them

DraftKings Ontario is live & accepting online casino and sports betting players! DraftKings Ontario is 100% legal & regulated by the AGCO. Regulated, Safe, & Fun - download the app today!

Why We Like Them

Caesars Casino Ontario is live & accepting online casino and sports betting players! Caesars Ontario is 100% legal & regulated by the AGCO. 19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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    Ontario online casinos are ready to take your bets! Now that the province has legalized online gambling, we’ve got the scoop on how to find the best casino games, apps, and platforms. 

    If you live in Ontario and are ready to start placing your bets, find out how to get started. 19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

    Ontario Online Casinos

    Are you ready to play at Ontario online casinos? Find out everything you need to know to place bets online in Ontario, including whether or not online gambling is legal and legit in this Canadian province.  

    Are Ontario online casinos legal?

    Yes! As of April 2022, placing bets at Ontario online casinos is now totally legal.

    Since many U.S. states started legalizing online gambling (such as online casinos in Michigan, online casinos in New Jersey, and online casinos in Pennsylvania), Canada has loosened their online betting laws, too.

    Canadian provinces have traveled a long road to legalizing online casinos and Ontario sports betting apps within the country. Ontario online casinos still need to follow the local laws and safety advisories to ensure online betting is safe for Canadian residents and visitors.

    One of the main reasons Canada began legalizing online betting is because the U.S. federal government started to allow states to set and regulate their own online betting laws. Canadians could pretty easily hop the border to place bets online at a legal betting site — and Canada would lose all that tax revenue to the U.S.!

    Ontario Legal Age of Betting

    Canadian provinces set their own gambling age restrictions, and the legal age to bet in Ontario is 19. 

    If you’re at least 19 years old and geographically located within Ontario province lines, you may legally bet at online and land-based casinos! 

    Geo-Tracking Laws

    Since anyone can access online casinos — regardless of their location or where they live — Canadian provinces have set strict laws on how online casinos may accept bets from users.

    If you want to place a bet at an Ontario online casino, you must be geographically located within the province. So, how do online casinos know you are where you say you are?

    You must also download geo-tracking software onto your device before you place any bets. If you leave the province (for whatever reason), you must return to the province before placing any bets — or bet at an online casino site that’s legal wherever you’ve traveled to. 

    Online betting is now legal in many Canadian provinces as well as many states within the U.S. Yet, you’ll need to follow the laws of the province or state you’re traveling to (including age restrictions) if you want to place bets in those places. 

    How to find legit Ontario online casinos

    Even though online casinos are now legal in Ontario, not all online casinos are legit! Only very specific online casino platforms may legally operate and accept bets from players in Ontario.

    Online casinos are regulated by the alcohol and gaming commission of Ontario (AGCO) and by iGaming Ontario, one of AGCO’s subsidiaries. 

    All legal, legit Ontario online casinos must be registered and licensed in accordance with AGCO. If you’re worried about the legitimacy of an online casino, check our reviews. We only review Ontario online casinos that may legally operate in the province. If a casino isn’t on our Ontario online casinos page, it probably means they can’t operate here legally!

    Avoid Offshore Casinos

    Offshore casinos were one way that many bettors and casinos avoided the past strict Canadian online gambling laws.

    These casinos are operated in other countries (off-shore, often in Malta) and fell into a legal gray zone. Since they were difficult for U.S. and Canadian authorities to prosecute, these platforms continued to operate without much interference. 

    Yet, since they were already operating outside the laws of the U.S. and Canada, it meant that it was difficult to prosecute them for other violations, including handling of wagering holdings. 

    Now that online gambling is legal in Ontario, there’s no need to mess with these sites at all. In fact, we recommend avoiding them, as there are little-to-no repercussions for the mishandling of funds and payouts.

    Read Ontario Online Casino Reviews

    There are plenty of Ontario online casino reviews! And we here at OddsSeeker are diligently reviewing each online casino in Ontario to ensure you have the best information possible. 

    We only review legit online casinos, so any online casino platform on our site has been vetted for trustworthiness, payouts, customer service, game selection, and more!

    Not only should you make sure an online casino is legit, but you should also ensure it’s worth your time. 

    Compare reviews to find a platform that offers fast payouts, a large selection of games, and more. 

    Contact Customer Service

    All Ontario online casinos worth their salt offer ways to contact customer service. Most online casinos offer several different ways to contact them, though not all online casinos were created equally.

    Check to make sure you can at least contact a casino’s customer service by email. Most online platforms also allow you to contact support by phone, live chat, frequently asked questions, and social media handles.

    The platforms that offer the best customer service options are usually the largest. You’ll find big platforms, like Caesars, FanDuel, Bet365, BetRivers, DraftKings, BetMGM, and more will offer the most options to contact support — and may even steer you toward the phone and live chat options. 

    Smaller platforms may not have the means to offer a lot of customer support, but all online casinos in Ontario must offer at least the minimum. 

    Try Out Different Games

    Ontario online casinos offer a long list of games — some of which you might not even be able to find at land-based casinos. It may take a few tries to find the games that you love.

    Set Betting Limits

    If you’re worried about responsible gambling, set your own betting limits!

    Betting limits are automatically set by Ontario online casinos. These limits ensure casinos don’t take advantage of players or problem gambling habits. Yet, most of these limits are set really high (thousands of dollars). 

    You are also able to set your own online gambling limits. You may want to do this even if you’re not worried about responsible gambling. Choosing a limit before you start betting will ensure that you make better choices while you’re betting — no matter whether you’re up or down. 

    All Ontario online casinos offer the option to change your betting limits in your account settings. 

    Keep Betting Info Private

    This tip may seem a little “basic”, but don’t share your account information with anyone.

    Ontario online casinos must abide by province laws that dictate how information is used, stored, and shared. All casinos must encrypt all banking information and store information on secure servers. Websites must also abide by security laws.

    Most online betting apps also require you to create passcodes, PIN numbers, or facial or fingerprint identification.  

    As a reminder, don’t share your account or betting information with anyone. You don’t want that info to fall into the wrong hands.

    How to Choose an Ontario Online Casino

    When Ontario online casinos are legalized, you can bet there will be a huge list of online casinos to choose from! Online casino platforms waste no time partnering with land-based casinos to offer Ontario residents the best online betting options in Canada. 

    Choosing between these platforms can be a daunting task. Just some of the prerequisites you should look for in an online casino are safe deposit and payout options; good user experience, design, and functionality; a wide range of game selections, and platforms that offer apps as well as mobile browser gaming. 

    Safe Deposits and Payouts at ON Online Casinos

    Safe deposit and payout options are one of the most important factors when choosing between Ontario online casinos. 

    Most online casinos offer a long list of payment and deposit options; whereas, most only offer limited ways to withdraw your account funds. This is pretty common. Online casinos make it extremely easy to deposit funds so you can play right away, though payouts may take up to several days to complete. 

    Deposit and Withdrawal Options

    The most common deposit and withdraw options include debit, credit, ACH bank transfer or e-check, digital wallet, Play+ card, and cash.

    You may make a deposit into your casino account with a credit or debit card at most Ontario online casinos; though some banks don’t do business yet with casinos or sportsbooks and you may need to check with your bank before making a deposit. 

    Similarly, most online casinos accept ACH bank transfers or e-checks as a form of payment.

    Many online casinos accept transfers from digital wallets, such as PayPal or Skrill. PayPal payments are usually completed immediately, while withdrawals may take a few business days to complete (you may also need to wait a few business days to transfer funds from your PayPal account to your bank account).

    Skrill is a digital wallet that was created just for the online gambling industry, so many online casinos accept this form of payment and withdrawal, too.

    Play+ cards are another form of payment that was created just for the gambling industry. You can deposit funds from your Play+ card directly into your online casino account for immediate use; withdrawals may be made instantly with this card, too. Use your funds to make purchases at major retailers, or withdraw funds at an ATM (ATM fees may apply).

    Since all Ontario online casinos are associated with a land-based casino in the province, you can always head to the casino cage to make a deposit or withdrawal from your online casino account, too. 

    Some online casinos will also accept paper checks (or send payouts if you request a paper check). You may be charged an additional fee for this transaction, and paper checks may take up to two weeks to process. 

    ON Online Casinos Customer Service 

    Since all legit online casinos offer ways to contact customer support, you’ll want to factor customer service channels into your decision.

    Ontario online casinos offer customer support by phone, email, online chat, frequently asked question page, and social media. Since online casinos need to follow the rules and regulations set forth by AGCO and iGaming Ontario, they must provide easy payouts and help when you need it.

    Check online casino reviews to get a better idea of which online casinos in Ontario offer the best online customer service. You don’t want to get stuck waiting on tech support to find out when your online funds will be available or when you can expect a payout. 

    UX/Design and Functionality

    When it comes to user experience, design, and functionality, not all Ontario online casinos were created equally! 

    Some online casinos offer a clean design, easy-to-navigate site, responsive mobile site, convenient app, and easy betting methods. Others don’t take user experience and design into account; these sites may be difficult to browse. If you can’t find the games you want to play, what’s the point of online betting?

    Most online casinos in Ontario are run by big companies that have a lot of experience in the online gaming world already. They’ve invested a lot of time and money into creating a seamless experience that rivals in-person ones. 

    Unless a review calls out an online casino’s design and user experience, you may want to try a few platforms to see which ones you enjoy the most. Ultimately, good user experience and design often boil down to user preference. 

    Ontario Online Casino Game Types

    Just as land-based casinos don’t offer all the same casino games, Ontario online casinos offer a different variety of games, types, categories, and machines. The most common games you’ll find at online casinos include online poker, video poker, live games, table games, and specialty games. 

    Ontario Casino Online Poker

    Online poker is one of the most popular games in Ontario online casinos. This type of poker is similar to the experience you’d find in a land-based casino. You can play either against other players, the dealer, or a computer.

    You should be able to find the odds of games on a casino’s website, so you know the chances of winning before you begin playing. 

    Some of the most popular online poker games available in Ontario include Texas Hold’em, seven-card stud, and five-card draw. 

    Video Poker

    Video poker is another online favorite, as you don’t really need a live dealer to play this game. 

    Ontario Online Slots

    Slots are possibly the most popular game to play at online casinos. You’ll get a similar experience that you would on a casino floor (push a button and see what happens!), and you won’t miss the sounds of nearby slots machines. 

    Ontario Live Dealer Games

    Live dealer games are another popular way to place bets online. Play poker, blackjack, roulette, and more — live. Chat with the dealer via the chatbox, and turn up your speakers to see what the dealer has to say.


    Another popular casino game to play online is blackjack, which you can play against a computer or at a live dealer table. 


    Since the concept of roulette is simple (place a bet and let the ball fall where it may), it’s easy to play against a computer or with a live dealer. 


    While baccarat isn’t the most popular game at any casino, it’s still available at most online casinos. It’s popular because of its small house edge. You’ll find that some online casinos offer live baccarat, but you’ll mostly be playing against computers. 

    Ontario Online Casino Apps

    You’ll also want to take Ontario online casino apps into account before settling on one platform over another.

    Most online casinos allow you to play on an online browser or on an app. Good online casinos will usually allow you the option to do both. 

    If you’re planning on playing a lot, you may want to download an online casino’s app. These apps should have a good user experience and functionality — just as the platform’s website should. 

    Online casino apps usually offer one-touch betting, one-touch login with fingerprint or facial recognition, account wallets, and easy-to-find bets and games. Apps are always available on an online casino’s site or in the Apple Store for iOS or the Google Play store for Android. 

    How to Gamble in Ontario

    There are several ways you can gamble in Ontario, starting in April. You can still bet at a land-based casino. You can opt for an online Ontario casino if you want to save time (and gas!). 

    There are two types of online casinos, including real-money and free online casinos. In this section, we’ll break down the benefits of both real money and free online casinos as well as land-based versus online casinos. 

    Real Money VS Free Online Casinos

    Two types of Ontario online casinos are available to Canadian residents: real money and free online casinos

    Real money casinos offer an experience close to what you’d find in a land-based casino. 

    Deposit real money into your casino account, and make bets with those funds. When it’s time to cash out your account balance, you can do so by transferring your money from your casino account to your checking account, Play+ card, or digital wallet. Or, head down to the casino cage to withdraw your money in cash. 

    These online casinos are operated by the same land-based casinos and affiliates that you’ll find in Ontario. 

    Free online casinos (also called social casinos) operate similarly to real money casinos. The basic concept is similar, though you don’t need to make a purchase to play here.

    Purchase virtual currency (called gold coins or sweeps usually). You’ll play games, such as slots, casino games, or sports betting games with this virtual currency. When you win, you’ll get more virtual currency added to your account.

    When it’s time to cash out, you’ll transfer your virtual currency into real currency, cash prizes, gift cards, or other prizes (depending on the platform’s offerings). 

    In Ontario, you only need to be 18 years old to play at free online casinos. Free online casinos may not accept bets from players in Quebec. 

    Ontario Land-Based Casinos Vs Online Casinos

    While Ontario online casinos offer a similar experience to land-based casinos in the province, you can bet (pun intended!) the experiences aren’t the same. Let’s break down the benefits and drawbacks of both online casinos as well as land-based casinos in Ontario. 

    Ontario Land-Based Casino Benefits

    Just because online betting is now legal in Ontario doesn’t mean that betting at land-based casinos won’t be any fun! There are still plenty of reasons to head to your local casino and place bets in person. 

    For one, you can’t totally replace the in-person casino experience with an online one. Nothing really beats the rush, the sounds, and the energy of spending a day at the casino. And we’re not daft enough to try to convince you otherwise!

    You can also deposit money and withdraw it instantly by paying cash at the casino cage. Since you can deposit cash at the casino cage to deposit into your online account, you could always head down to the casino to play a few slots, deposit some cash (or withdraw your winnings) and head back home to play online. 

    Benefits of Ontario Online Casinos 

    While there’s just no substitution for betting on the casino floor, there are plenty of benefits to playing online, too.

    The most important benefit? Convenience. You don’t need to drive to and plan on spending the entire day at a casino to place bets. And let’s be honest, you might even save money by avoiding those tempting buffets, too! With gas prices as they are, you may end up saving even more money by betting online.

    Plus, you can place bets from anywhere — not just from home. Place sports bets on your phone while at the sporting event (including live bets), while watching the game at a friend’s house, or at a sports bar. 

    Ontario Online Sports Betting

    It’s not only online casinos that are now legal in Ontario! Canadian online sports betting is also now legal in many Canadian provinces.

    You can bet on a long list of popular sports, including ice hockey, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and more. You also have plenty of betting options to choose from, as parlay bets are no longer the only form of legal bets in the country. 

    Many of the biggest names in Ontario online casinos are also the biggest names in online sports betting, too. We’ve also included a few online sportsbooks that will be available with the kickoff of online betting. 

    Best Ontario Online Casinos

    And without further ado, here are our picks for the best Ontario online casinos, including some of the biggest names in in-person and online gambling. 

    BetMGM Casino

    BetMGM is one name that is practically synonymous with casinos — both online and land-based. The MGM name backs this online platform, operated by the same people who have brought casinos to most major cities in the U.S. 

    Web/App UX

    This online casino powerhouse offers a great experience on both its website and app (available for download for Apple iOS and Android users). 


    Make a deposit into your casino account via e-check, credit or debit card, online banking transfer, PayNearMe, Play+, Skrill, or cash at the casino cage. The minimum deposit is $10 and your funds will be available instantly. 

    Golden Nugget

    The Golden Nugget is another name that is so tied to legendary casinos, it would be difficult to unravel the two! 

    Web/App UX

    The Golden Nugget offers casino gambling on both its website and an app (which is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store). The user experiences on both are seamless. It’s easy to find games, and placing bets is somewhat self-explanatory.  


    This online casino accepts payments in the form of credit and debit cards, ACH bank transfer and e-check, PayPal, Neteller, bank wire transfer, check by mail, and cash at the casino cage.

    DraftKings Casino

    While DraftKings isn’t as old of a name as the Golden Nugget or MGM, this online sportsbook has made a name for itself in the online betting world in the past decade. You can’t place sports bets without running into DraftKings at some point.

    Web/App UX

    Being one of the largest platforms for sports betting, DraftKings has the funding to create a phenomenal experience on both its website and app. It’s easy to find events and bet types, and live betting has never been easier. 


    DraftKings Sportsbook offers the following deposit methods:

    • PayPal 
    • Credit/debit 
    • Prepaid card 
    • Wire transfer 
    • e-check/ACH transfer
    • Cash at the casino cage

    DraftKings Sportsbook offers the following withdrawal methods:

    • PayPal 
    • e-check/ACH transfer
    • Cash at the casino cage

    FanDuel Casino

    Like DraftKings, FanDuel is another major player in online sports betting that has really made a name for itself in the past decade or so. You’ll find FanDuel in nearly every state in the U.S. where online sports betting is legal (and at many sporting events). FanDuel now even offers casino games on its platforms.

    Web/App UX

    We happen to like FanDuel’s website and app user experiences more than most of the casinos and sportsbooks on this list. It’s easy to find bet types and sporting events, and getting help is also easy (should you get lost). 


    FanDuel offers the following payment options:

    • ​​Visa/ Mastercard
    • eCheck
    • PayPal
    • Prepaid card
    • Online Transfer
    • PayNearMe

    Withdrawals may be made by:

    • Prepaid card
    • ACH 
    • PayPal 

    BetRivers Casino

    BetRivers is another online casino powerhouse that has been taking over the U.S. Midwest. While it’s not as famous as Caesars or MGM, the platform does offer a large selection of games.

    Web/App UX

    The BetRivers app is user-friendly and players report no lags when placing bets. You can download the app for the iPhone in the iOS store, but you’ll need to download it from the BetRivers website for Android phones. 


    Make a payment to your BetRivers account with:

    • Credit card/debit card
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • PayPal
    • Online banking (ACH)
    • Cash at the casino cage
    • BetRivers Play+ card

    Withdrawals can be made by:

    • Cash at the casino cage
    • BetRivers Prepaid Card
    • Check by mail
    • ACH

    Stars Casino

    Stars Casino, formerly known as Poker Stars, is the app for you if you love poker. While the platform specializes in poker games, it also offers slots, roulette, blackjack, and video poker games. 

    Web/App UX

    Stars’s app is available in the Apple Store for iOS; for Android, you must download the app directly from the Stars website. You can easily navigate to the settings, clerk, and VIP store. Reviewers love the sharp illustrations, streamlined design, and ease of use.


    Stars accepts payments via:

    • E-Checks 
    • Credit cards
    • Bank transfers
    • PayPal
    • PayNearMe 
    • Skrill

    Withdrawals can be made by: 

    • E-checks 
    • Skrill  
    • PayPal

    Caesars Casino

    Caesars is another casino that’s well-known all over the world. It’s no surprise that it’s spreading its wings and heading to Canada for a little online gambling. 

    Web/App UX

    We love, love the Caesars Casino app. It has a great user experience, and it’s easy to find the games we want to play. The colors are flashy (but not too flashy), and this online casino offers plenty of support options. 


    Caesars offers plenty of payment methods, including debit, credit, PayPal, bank transfer, Play+ card, PayNearMe, e-check, Neteller, and cash at the casino cage. The minimum deposit amount is $10.

    Withdrawal methods include credit and debit, wire or bank transfer, Play+ card, Skrill, PayPal, and cash at the casino cage. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 for credit, debit, and Play+ cards; $25 for wire and bank transfers; and $10 for PayPal. There is no minimum withdrawal amount for Skrill. 

    888 Casino

    888 Casino is possibly the least well-known casino on this list. It’s possibly most popular for its large selection of slots, so this is the platform for you if you love slot machines! 888 also operates the Sports Illustrated Casino and sportsbook sites. 

    Web/App UX

    888 Casino has a responsive website and app. The app is available for both iPhones and Androids. While the website has a great user experience and is very responsive, casino reviewers find that the app is responsive most of the time.


    Payments can be made by Visa or MasterCard, Neteller, e-check, or cash at the casino cage. Withdrawals can be made by bank transfer or cash at the casino cage. 

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