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Updated: 25 May 2023
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FanDuel Ontario is live & accepting online casino and sports betting players! FanDuel Ontario is 100% legal & regulated by the AGCO. Regulated, Safe, & Fun - download the app today!

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BetMGM Ontario is live & accepting online casino and sports betting players! BetMGM Ontario is 100% legal & regulated by the AGCO. 19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

Why We Like Them

Betrivers Ontario is live & accepting online casino and sports betting players! is 100% legal & regulated by the AGCO. 19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

Why We Like Them

DraftKings Ontario is live & accepting online casino and sports betting players! DraftKings Ontario is 100% legal & regulated by the AGCO. Regulated, Safe, & Fun - download the app today!

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Caesars Casino Ontario is live & accepting online casino and sports betting players! Caesars Ontario is 100% legal & regulated by the AGCO. 19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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    19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

    Now that sports betting is legal in Ontario, there are plenty of ways to place single-game and parlay bets online.

    But which sports betting apps are the best? Are they all the same?

    Find out which Ontario sports betting apps are the best — and how to find out which ones are legit and which ones you shouldn’t bet on. 

    Is Sports Betting Legal in Ontario?

    Yes! Sports betting is now legal in Ontario.

    Since many states in the U.S. started loosening online gambling laws (such as Michigan online casino apps, New Jersey online casinos, and the newest Pennsylvania online casinos), Canadian provinces have decided to legalize online betting, too.

    Canada has been moving toward legalizing single-event sports bets for several months, and now making a single-game wager is legal in Ontario.

    The legal gambling age in Ontario is 19. In fact, the legal gambling age in the country is 19 in every province except for Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec (where the legal gambling age is 18). The lottery is legal for players 18 and older.

    Canada allows provinces to set their own laws in regards to sports betting, meaning you’ll find that laws differ depending on which province you’re in. 

    Not only does legalizing sports betting lead to increased revenue for sports teams, TV providers, and advertisers — but it also means more tax revenue, too. The local provinces and the federal government will pull in more tax revenue. 

    Check out our reviews of the best sports betting apps in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and more!

    Multiple Event Sports Betting

    It’s been legal to bet on multiple events in Canada for many years. This type of betting was regulated by provincial lotteries and individual sites. 

    Otherwise known as parlay betting, multiple event sports betting is simply a more complicated type of bet than a single moneyline bet. 

    Single Event Sports Betting

    The idea behind making single-event sports betting illegal was to prevent corruption or manipulation of gameday events. 

    But in June 2021, Parliament voted to amend Canada’s sports betting laws to allow single-event sports betting. Canadian National Football and Canadian National Hockey teams wanted viewers to be able to place single-event bets to increase viewership and create more revenue for the teams, TV networks, and local and federal governments.

    On June 30, the bill became an act and was later signed into law by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

    One of the main reasons the country decided to legalize single-event sports betting was because it didn’t want offshore sports betting platforms to make tax-free revenue — when Canada could use that tax revenue to good use. 

    Provinces still regulate their own sports betting and the major platforms that accept online bets.  

    What sports can I bet on in Ontario?

    You can bet on pretty much any sport your heart desires in Ontario. 

    Now that it’s legal to place bets on single-game events, you won’t even need to bet on multiple events on one ticket. It’s expected that local teams will benefit from this law, as viewership should increase when more fans are watching sports.

    Both football and hockey viewership are expected to benefit from the legalization of single-game betting. Some of the most exciting sports to place bets on include:

    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Baseball
    • Soccer
    • Snooker
    • Cricket 
    • And much more!

    Free Online Casinos and Sports Betting in Canada

    Another option for legal online gambling are Ontario online casinos & Sweepstakes casino sites. 

    If you don’t want to place bets at real money sportsbooks or casinos, you can always try free sweeps or social online casinos. These apps follow local lottery laws and are legal in every Canadian province except for Quebec. 

    Instead of playing with real money, you’ll purchase virtual currency (gold coins or sweeps). When it’s time to cash out your winnings, you’ll be able to cash out real cash prizes, gift cards, or other prizes (depending on the casino or sportsbook). 

    You don’t need to make a purchase to play, and you can get free bets by sending a postcard to the address provided by the platform. 

    It’s important to remember that these companies aren’t usually run in Canada, so revenue collected may stay overseas — and may not support the Canadian government. 

    Sports Betting App Payments and Withdrawals

    Most online sportsbooks make it fairly easy to make payments and withdrawals. After all, these platforms want you to use their services and start playing immediately! 

    While it’s usually easier to make a payment than a withdrawal, most online sportsbooks still make cashing out winnings as easy as possible. Legal online sportsbooks are regulated by the government, meaning they must release funds in ordinance with province laws. 

    Sports Betting App Payments

    The most common ways to make sportsbook payments in Ontario include debit or credit cards, digital wallets (such as PayPal and Skrill), and cryptocurrency (which is not generally available even in the U.S.!). 

    When you make a payment on a sports betting app, your funds are usually available for immediate gameplay. You may also need to verify your account and information before depositing funds. 

    Making a payment on a sports betting app is just as easy as doing so through the website. Your information will be securely held on the app. Depending on the app itself, you may need to enter a passcode or use fingerprint or facial verification to approve the payment.

    Sports Betting App Withdrawals

    Yes, making withdrawals on sports betting apps takes a little longer than payments. But isn’t that true for nearly all payments and refunds in life?

    If you want to make a withdrawal, you may need to wait a few business days for the withdrawal to be processed by the sportsbook. Once the sportsbook approves the withdrawal, it may take up to several more business days to receive your funds, but the amount of time it takes for the funds to transfer from the sportsbook to your bank account is generally up to your bank. 

    You may make withdrawals by initiating an ACH or e-check transfer — or by transferring funds to a digital wallet (such as your PayPal or Skrill account). 

    ACH transfers and e-checks generally take a few business days to complete; it takes a few days for funds to hit your e-wallet and then typical digital wallet processing times to transfer funds to a bank account. 

    How to Download the Best Sports Betting Apps

    Choose Your Platform

    Only bet at legit online sportsbooks. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s important to remember that many offshore and non-legit sites look legal.

    Browse through our reviews of the best sports betting apps in Ontario, and choose from one of these sites. We only post reviews of sites that have been verified and are legally licensed in the U.S. or Canada. 

    Sign Up for an Account

    You’ll need to hand over some information before you can start placing bets. 

    The most common fields you’ll need to fill out include name, address, birth date, last four of social security number, phone number, and email address. 

    You’ll need to also prove you’re of legal gambling age (21 or older for real money sportsbooks) by uploading a photo ID. If your ID doesn’t show your address, you’ll need to upload a utility bill or other proof of address, too. You may also need to verify your email address or phone number during this signup process. 

    Download the App 

    If you’re planning on placing bets through a sports betting app, you’ll need to download the app!

    If you have an iPhone, you can usually find most apps for major sportsbooks in the App Store for iOS. You can also download the app directly from the sportsbook’s website. 

    If you have an android phone, you’ll need to head directly to the sportsbook’s website to download the app, as the Google Play store doesn’t support betting apps. 

    Simply download the app, log into your account, and start betting! You’ll also need to enable geo-tracking on your phone before you place any bets. 

    Deposit Funds & Start Betting!

    Once your account is verified and you’re ready to start placing bets, you can add your payment info. 

    Your payment info may be saved in the app so you don’t need to upload your credit, debit, or banking information every time you want to place a bet. Once funds are in your account, you can start placing your bets!

    Tips for Choosing the Best Sports Betting App

    Now that online sports betting is legal in Ontario, there are plenty of sportsbook apps to choose from! If you want to narrow down your search, we’ve got a few tips for choosing the best sports betting app, including choosing an app with:

    • Clean layouts and good user experience
    • One-touch menus that are easy to navigate
    • Good selections of online payment and withdrawal options
    • Quick login with fingerprint or face recognition options
    • Both iPhone and Android app options
    • Equally good user experience and betting options as the platform’s website
    • Reputable platform that’s licensed in Ontario

    Mobile Sites vs Mobile Apps 

    While sports betting mobile apps are convenient (and fit in your pocket!), they differ from sports betting websites. If you’re trying to decide whether to place bets on an app or a website, there are a few benefits of each you should consider.

    Benefits of Using Mobile Betting Sites

    Many gamblers choose to place bets on mobile betting sites rather than using apps. Most of the time, this is because many gamblers are simply more used to placing bets through a website instead of an app.

    If you’re used to placing bets through a website, you may want to just stick with what works! If it’s not broke, right?

    Also, if you have hand mobility issues, placing bets on a mobile app might not be as convenient or comfortable for you. 

    Benefits of Using Mobile Betting Apps

    If you’re comfortable using smartphone apps for your banking, email, or other communication, you may want to try using a betting platform’s mobile app to place bets instead of its website.

    The most common benefits of using mobile betting apps include usability, convenience, and security.

    Place bets with the touch of a button, make payments quickly and easily, and check your account info anytime — anywhere. 

    Best Ontario Sports Betting Apps

    Are you ready to start placing your bets? We’ve got reviews for two of the best Ontario sports betting apps. Check out the sportsbook reviews and decide which app is best for you. 

    theScore Bet

    We love theScore Bet’s ease of use, solid user experience!

    This online sports betting platform offers betting on some of the most popular sports, including soccer, baseball, football, basketball, rugby, tennis, hockey, golf, motorsports, boxing, and more.

    theScore Bet is legal in CO, IN, IA, and NJ — and now, Ontario!

    Pointsbet Sportsbook

    Pointsbet Sportsbook was founded in 2017 in Australia and has been licensed in New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois — and now, Ontario!

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