Stock Market Prediction

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Table of content

    We’ve been trying to predict stock markets for hundreds of years.

    Some of us have the skinny on which stocks to choose and which ones are too risky. Others prefer index funds or stocks that are more conservative but pay steady dividends over time.

    While the way we buy and trade stocks have changed significantly over the past few decades, one thing remains the same: our love for predicting the stock market.

    Now it’s even easier to make financial predictions, thanks to financial prediction market platforms.

    Stock Market Trading and Financial Prediction Markets

    When we think of the stock market, we usually conjure images of the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ. But did you know that the oldest stock market, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (now called the Euronext Amsterdam), dates back to 1602?

    Americans have been buying and trading stocks longer than we have been driving cars. 

    Back in the old days, you were forced to go to a stockbroker if you wanted to buy and trade stocks. These days, you can do so yourself on one of many platforms — and you don’t even need to purchase an entire share of stocks to participate anymore.

    Stock Trading Platforms

    Stock trading platforms such as Public, Robinhood, ETrade, and more have made buying and trading stocks relatively easy. Stock market trading sites have revolutionized the way we buy and trade stocks.

    These days, it’s so much easier to buy and trade stocks — as we can do so online via apps and trading platforms. 

    Consumers are allowed to even purchase portions of shares if they can’t afford (or simply don’t want to buy) an entire share. Considering shares of certain stocks can rise into hundreds or thousands of dollars, purchasing partial shares of stocks has opened up the market to more buyers. 

    Financial Prediction Markets

    Now, you can even buy shares (not only of companies) but of futures bets. 

    Many predictions markets operate similarly to free sweeps casinos and sportsbooks, offering players the ability to purchase and play with virtual currency instead of betting real money.

    Purchase shares of the outcomes of yes or no statements. While you can purchase shares of statements in pretty much any prediction market under the sun, you can also bet on financial futures, such as the economy, economic indicators, and recessions. 

    These are essentially futures bets, and you may purchase shares of one outcome (or both outcomes) and trade shares if you believe the outcome will change.

    Is Stock Market Prediction Legal?

    Yes! Stock market prediction has been legal since the stock market opened. 

    Of course, buying and trading shares are heavily regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Only registered and legal sites may buy and trade stocks on behalf of consumers or organizations.

    If you want to bet on other types of financial futures, including inflation, the GDP, unemployment rates, and more, you’ll want to head over to Kashi, the only regulated financial exchange regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). 

    In addition to financial and economic futures, the CFTC allows prediction betting on the following categories:

    • Climate & Weather
    • COVID-19
    • Entertainment
    • Housing
    • Politics
    • Science & Technology
    • Transportation
    • World
    • And more!

    If you want to bet on sports futures, you’ll need to head to a state-regulated sportsbook (as long as sports betting is legal in your state).

    You must be at least 18 years old to open a brokerage account or to buy shares at most online prediction market websites in the U.S. You aren’t allowed to buy stocks or shares of the outcome of yes or no statements if you have access to non-public information or if you have the ability to influence the outcome of the market.

    How Stock Trading Platforms Work

    Stock trading platforms are relatively easy to navigate. All you need to do is open a brokerage account (using your personal information and proving your identification, location, and age), research stocks, and start buying and trading.

    Many stock trading platforms offer message boards and chat rooms if you need advice on what to buy and trade. You’ll also find information on the current markets, big company news, and other pertinent info you’ll need to know before buying or trading your stocks. 

    How Economic Prediction Markets Work

    Similar to stock market trading platforms, economic prediction markets sell and trade shares of futures outcomes of yes or no statements. Familiarize yourself with markets, research current events, and purchase and trade shares when you’re ready to make your move. 

    Familiarize Yourself With Markets

    Just as you would want to familiarize yourself with different companies before purchasing stocks, you want to familiarize yourself with financial markets before buying shares of the outcomes of yes or no financial statements. 

    The more you know about a financial market, the more informed you’ll be when buying and trading shares. 

    Stay Up to Date on Current Events

    Research current events to make the best buying and trading choices. You can do this through the resources on each financial prediction market website or through news sources. 

    Purchase/Trade Shares

    Purchase and trade prediction market shares!

    Financial Prediction Market Sites

    The only prediction market site that allows you to purchase shares of outcomes of financial events is Kalshi, which allows you to buy and sell shares of outcomes of futures in several different markets. 


    Kalshi was started by former MIT students. You can bet on almost anything on this prediction market platform — which makes sense! The word Kalshi means ‘everthing’ in Arabic.

    Prediction markets include the following:

    • Climate & Weather
    • COVID-19
    • Economics
    • Economy
    • Entertainment
    • Housing
    • Inflation
    • Politics
    • Science & Technology
    • Transportation
    • World

    Bet on the outcome of yes and no statements or questions by purchasing contracts (the platform’s term for shares) that validate these statements. 

    Examples of such statements might include:

    • “What will November’s inflation be?”
    • “Will the 30-year fixed mortgage rate be above 2.98%?”
    • “Will average gas prices be higher this week than last week?"

    Prediction Market Promo Codes

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