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    Best Online Lottery in the US

    The options for buying lottery tickets online in every state of the US are ever-increasing. However, the incidence of a Lottery fraud when it comes to buying online lottery tickets in the US is always on a high—considering that many of the states haven't started authorizing them. Though we are experiencing a radical shift in how the states view legal online lotteries, and conditions are changing in most states.

    The thing to cheer about online lotteries is that the possibility of winning is extreme. Online lotteries are offering multi-million jackpots, and it might even cross $500 million if the jackpot is rolled over enough times. If the numbers are on your side, the money will flow to your bank's credit side! As simple as that, no calculations, no tricks, no bias, no nothing.

    Many operators buy tickets from outside the US and sell them, claiming they are getting them through official sources. The reliability of such sites is questionable, and you might fall into unnecessary trouble.

    Here only the most reliable and rewarding options are curated and bought before you. Yet you can find information about the scammers that you should keep away from too.

    Where to find Online Lottery in the US?

    Currently, 44 states provide different varieties of the Lottery. However, the online counterparts are still lagging; most of the options are only available for you by visiting a retail store. Though it is not that online lotteries are not available at all, some states have now started providing the facility to buy lottery tickets online in the US.

    Several states in the US have officially started websites that provide online ticket buying facilities and chances to play instant win games, and more that has a handsome huge reward amount altogether.

    How to buy Online Lottery in the US?

    • Visit a website that is highly rated, trusted, and reliable, and available in your state.
    • Sign up and create an account.
    • Now purchase your preferred lottery ticket seamlessly.

    Is buying Online Lottery in the US Legal?

     It was believed that the Federal Wire Act made it illegal to sell lottery tickets online. Yet, with the increasing pressure on the government for increased expenses, innovative ideas are required to increase revenue without raising the already hiking taxes.

    By late 2011 itself, the hold of the Wire Act had been loosened and was said only applicable to sports betting. The Justice Department made it clear that state-by-state online selling of Lottery tickets is legal.

    Following this, many states have started the transition, and now the pace is increasing. Illinois, which came into online lottery sales first, reported gathering more than $425,000 just in the first week itself.

    It is important to note down that only the state members can take part in the Lottery in most cases. To enjoy the facilities provided by a state-owned Online Lottery website, you should be a user from a particular state.

    The Geolocation facility is utilized to figure out where from where the user is accessing the facility.

    Online Lottery in the US: For users based outside the US

    One of the major plus points you get with online Lottery in the US is that it can be played almost anywhere globally. As mentioned above, many of the sites won't allow you to avail of the services due to legal problems in different countries.

    Some of the famous and trustworthy Online Lottery sites which allow foreigners to take part in the Lottery include,

    • US Powerball
    • MegaMillionsSuperEnaLotto
    • Bonoloto
    • La Primitiva
    • Loteria Nacional
    • El Gordo
    • Australian Monday Lotto
    • Australian Wednesday Lotto
    • Euromillions
    • EuroJackpot
    • Powerball Australia
    • Oz Lotto

    Before all this, foreigners could take part in these by visiting the country as a tourist and buying lottery tickets. They had to keep an eye on the results in the traditional methods to know if they had won. All that has changed now.

    There are two ways you can purchase a lottery online as a foreigner

    1. Direct from the Lottery agency if they have an online purchase facility available.
    2. Through the online lottery facilities that are mentioned above.

    Best Online Lottery in the US to Play

    The Lottery gives an even-handed cost-price ratio is a good choice. The value you get should be proportionate to the price you pay. Lottery tickets are totally dependant on the luck factor but incurring huge loss is not justifiable.

    When you see the enormous prizes advertised by reputed lottery websites, it is natural to get tempted. When such a high price is compared to lesser counterparts, anyone could have an 'all of it or nothing attitude.

    Following are the factors you should consider so that you can make a more logically sound decision.

    • What are the odds of winning the jackpot?
    • Would you even have the odds to win the prize (not the jackpot)?
    • Tax liability that might incur a considerable difference in the final amount.

    For getting the first point clear, for a popular lottery contest like US Powerball, the chances of getting the jackpot are 1 in 292 million. The price is one of the highest, but there are more chances that you could get by flying debris of a satellite from space.

    Because of this, it is always ideal for standing for a smaller win with better chances. This means some rewards could be smaller than you expect, but you stand a chance to win something. Small but more possible outcomes are better than big but rarely possible ones.

    Another factor is that the payouts are not the same for all the lotteries. In the US, you have the option to pick a payout as lump sum or annuity. For the first one, you opt to get it all at once, but for the second, you have the option to get it by a period of 20-30 years. In the first case, the jackpot amount could be less.

    Any of the choices you make there is a heavy tax includes that chips away a large portion of your win.

    With that said, to answer the question of which is better for you, it is all dependent upon your preference. Do you wish to win big at once by chipping in a lot of money in the process, standing a lesser chance? Or, with a limited budget, stand a better chance to win a lesser price.

    Online Lottery in the US buying Limits and Cost

    Due to the convenience it offers, the price of the online Lottery in the US is higher than the conventional ones. Be it from an agent or other websites, and there is a bit extra charge involved.

    Some of the agents and sites don't make any convenience charges but will take a small portion of your winning amount. The cut could be ranging from 3% to 10%, depending on different agencies.

    For bigger jackpots and someone living out of the US provinces, the agents will need to pay an extra fee on your behalf. For the ownership proof, they may send a scanned version of the Lottery or the receipt of the payment.

    In most instances, the money will be credited to your account, or they will provide you with the steps to claim the price.

    Online Lottery in the US buying limit

    In most cases, there is no such limit for buying lottery tickets as much as you want. You can buy your heart out until your budget allows. But when it comes to a single purchase, most lottery sites will let you take a maximum of 20-30/batch.

    As the lottery winnings are random and depend totally on luck, you can try out your lucky combinations with most websites if you believe in such things. You are allowed to give up to 9 numbers that the system will search on different combinations and find the ideal tickets for you. Such facilities that can not be possible in the traditional way of lottery tickets are possible here.

    Is it safe to Buy Online Lottery in the US?

    The short answer is Yes. With enough research and equipped with needed knowledge, you can safely transact in a trustworthy website to buy lottery tickets in the US.

    The essential thing you need to be mindful of is to be wary of scammers. For that, you must always double-check the credibility of a website using government-authorized indices. This means you must look for the hallmarks of Trust that are provided by the country. Double-check if the hallmarks are real.

    Most of the online lottery sites in the US have a secure payment option, making the website liable to the authority. Take a look at the security requirements you've to check out when planning to be a website user.

    Security and Trust Symbols: The symbols that could mean the site is reliable include McAfee Secure, Norton Secured, VeriSign Secured, TRUSTe certified privacy, GeoTrust secure shopping, etc. Just be aware that some trust symbols could be from not that reputed or lesser-known companies. If there are no security logos, it cannot be assumed that the site is unreliable. Look out for more signs.

    SSL Encrypted Site: As said earlier, logos are the most faked in almost every spammer site. So for an extra safety measure, check out for SSL Encryption. This is tough for a spammer to fake. And this makes transactions safer from hacks too. Most of the sensitive private data provided for a trade is secure with this. Check for a green URL address or lock sign on the browser.

    Regulations and License: A legitimate site will have a license from the gaming commission as it is strictly regulated. Suppose they refuse to give you the winning price; you can hold them liable under the law when it is under national and international regulations.

    Customer Support: Check for the customer grievance facility available before doing any transaction, as this shows their availability to help you out in need.

    Policy Transparency: You can find valuable information under terms of use to check all the fees they charge and other policy breakdowns. They should be showing every detail you should know if they are reliable.


    Any legitimate online lottery site in the US will not hesitate to be transparent and provide all the information you need to know. If you feel wary of any site under consideration after reading the information provided, skip that one immediately.

    There is no limit to the location to participate in famous lottery contests anywhere in the world from your home. Don't fret about getting as much knowledge you can muster before you make this endeavor. Every one among us has dreamt of winning vast sums of money in lotteries and spending the rest of our lives with all the luxuries in the world. Keeping the spirits high, you should continue buying lotteries, because you never know, tomorrow can be your day!


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