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Washington DC legalized sports betting back in 2023. Learn where you can legally place sports wagers on your favorite team and get Welcome Bonus offers!

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Updated: August 24th 2023

    Overview of Sports Betting in Washington DC

    Washington DC was one of the early pioneers in legalized sports betting, approving it at the tail-end of 2018. From 1992, sports betting was against federal law in the United States due to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA.) PASPA was nullified in December 2018, granting each state the right to choose whether it would legalize and offer sports betting within its borders.

    Washington DC lawmakers voted to legalize sports betting in December of 2018 with Bill 22-944, the Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment Act of 2018. The act was officially signed into law in early 2019, and the first bets were placed in 2020.

    Sportsbooks in Washington DC

    Since Washington DC doesn’t have any land-based casinos, major sporting arenas, hotels, restaurants, and bars can apply for licenses to operate as retail sportsbooks.

    Interestingly, Washington DC is one of the few sports betting markets where retail sportsbooks have proven to be more popular than online sportsbooks. This is mainly because the US government has a monopoly over online sports betting in Washington DC through GameBet DC.

    GameBet DC was launched in May 2020 by the District of Columbia lottery. It serves as the only platform that can be used to place sports bets online unless you are within two blocks of the Capital One Arena. The first retail sports bets were placed at William Hill Sportsbook, inside both the Capital One Arena and Nationals Park, in August 2020.

    In September 2020 alone, the William Hill Sportsbook saw $12.2 million in betting volume, while the revenue for GameBet DC for the same period was just $3.3 million. This clearly shows that fans of sports betting in DC prefer placing their wagers at retail sportsbooks rather than online sportsbooks.

    GameBet DC

    • Welcome Bonus – 100% First Deposit Match up to $500 (Must deposit at least $10)

    • Available: Anywhere in Washington, DC

    • Platform: Android, iOS, web browser

    • Banking methods: Skrill, prepaid cards, online bank transfers

    • Partnership: Run by the Office of Lottery and Gaming

    William Hill Washington DC

    • Welcome Bonus – $500 risk-free bet

    • Available: Within two blocks of Capital One Arena

    • Platform: Android, iOS

    BetMGM Washington DC

    • Welcome Bonus – $600 risk-free bet

    • Available: Within two blocks of Nationals Park

    • Platform: Android, iOS, web browser

    Retail Sportsbooks VS Online Sportsbooks in Washington DC

    Fans of sports betting in the Capital City can place wagers on mobile sportsbooks like BetMGM and William Hill if they are within two blocks of Nationals Park or are within two blocks of the William Hill Sportsbook at Capital One Arena.

    Fans not at a retail sportsbook or one of the big sports stadiums can only place an online wager via the district lottery and their online platform – GameBet DC. GameBet DC is operated by a Greek company called Intralot.

    Fans are reluctant to use GameBet DC for several reasons. One is that you can only place an online wager on this platform when you are within two blocks of either Capital One Arena or Nationals Park.

    Overall, retail sportsbooks are far outperforming online sportsbooks. In this regard, Washington DC has bucked the trend of online sportsbooks, vastly beating retail sportsbooks.

    Retail Sportsbooks are more Popular in Washington DC

    One of the significant reasons that GameBet DC is trailing retail sportsbooks is due to the fact that Intralot, the app’s operator, are known for their inferior betting lines, which are said to be rather one-sided. In addition to their poor betting lines, GameBet DC’s vig is significantly higher than that of the competition.

    Let’s take a look at a past game and compare the lines offered by GameBet DC to that of the William Hill Sportsbook at the Capital One Arena. We will use the November 22nd, 2020 game between the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens to illustrate the point.

    • Lines offered by GameBet DC: Titans +185 at Ravens -270

    • Lines offered by William Hill: Titans +200 at Ravens -240

    • Vig offered by GameBet DC: 8.26%

    • Vig offered by William Hill: 4.76%

    So, if you were to wager $100 on the Titans to beat the Ravens at William Hill, Capital One Arena, you would get a $200 payout. And if you placed the same wager via GameBet DC, your payout would only be $185.

    GameBet DC’s vig for that matchup was twice that of Williams Hills, so it’s clear which sportsbook provides better value to fans.

    The real issue is that GameBet DC and the district lottery hold a monopoly on online sports betting in Washington, DC, which means they have no reason to offer fans any worthwhile bonuses. DC’s sports betting fans have seen the generous and lucrative welcome bonuses that sportsbooks in other states offer and feel short-changed.

    Many fans have taken to traveling to Capital One Arena to place their bets since they think their effort is rewarded when compared to what they give up in payouts for the convenience offered by GameBet DC.

    Rules & Restrictions for Sports Betting in Washington DC

    • The legal betting age in Washington, DC is 18 years or older. This applies to both online and retail betting.

    • Currently, all online sports bets must be made via GameBet DC or BetMGM’s app IF you are physically within a two-block radius of Nationals Park.

    • Wagers cannot be placed on any local college team, even when they're playing outside of the district.

    • All things to do with sports betting in the District of Columbia are currently regulated by the DC Office of Lottery and Gaming.

    • It is currently unclear if wagers on eSports are permitted within the District of Columbia.

    GameBet DC Rules and Restrictions

    • Online registration can be done remotely from anywhere.

    • Users must validate their email addresses.

    • Bets can only be placed if the user is within the District of Columbia.

    • The app makes use of advanced geo-fencing technology to confirm the location of the user.

    • Users can place a bet in any of the following locations - Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, or within two blocks of a major stadium or sporting arena, such as the Capital One Arena and Nationals Park.

    Verifying with GameBet DC

    After registering with the app, the user will still need to verify their account by providing a scan of one of the following documents:

    • Driver’s license

    • Social security card

    • State-issued ID card

    • Valid government-issued passport

    Sports to Wager on via GameBet DC

    Users can bet on a wide variety of sports, including:

    • NBA

    • NFL

    • NHL

    • MLB

    • MLS

    • Darts

    • Cycling

    • Tennis

    • NCAA ( Bets may only be on teams located outside of Washington DC)

    Online Sports Betting Revenue in Washington DC

    The online sports betting market has fallen way below expectations thus far. DC council members initially projected the district’s sports betting industry to generate $17 million by the start of October 2020. However, from its launch in May to the beginning of October 2020, online sports betting has only generated $890,000 in profit for Washington DC.

    The future for online sports betting in Capital City looks bleak unless changes are made.

    For online sports betting not just to equal the success of retail sportsbooks but exceed it, the following steps should be taken:

    • Amend the laws to allow legal online casinos

    • Allow more online sportsbooks to enter the market

    • End GameBet DC’s monopoly over the online sports betting industry in Washington DC

    Where to Place a Bet in Washington DC

    Unlike other states that offer sports betting, Washington DC does not have any casinos, land-based or online. This means it is up to less traditional venues to offer sportsbooks, like major sporting arenas, hotels, restaurants, and bars. However, these venues must first obtain a license before legally offering retail sports betting or accepting a wage based on a sports event.

    Two types of licenses currently permit retail sports betting:

    Class A Sports Betting License

    These licenses are open to any major sports arena within Washington DC. Class A licenses are valid for five years and cost $250,000.

    Class A Sports Betting Locations in Washington, DC

    • Audi Field

    • Elizabeths East Entertainment and Sports Arena

    • Capital One Arena (William Hill Sports Book)

    • Nationals Park (BetMGM Sportsbook)

    Currently, the only Class A venues accepting wagers are the BetMGM mobile sports betting app at Nationals Park and William Hill Sportsbook at Capital One Arena.

    William Hill Sportsbook

    William Hill’s retail sportsbook operates from Capital One Arena and was launched in May 2021.

    This sportsbook offers:

    • 12 ticket windows

    • Ten self-service booths

    • Two VIP areas

    BetMGM Sportsbook

    BetMGM’s retail sportsbook is expected to launch later this year and be located at Nationals Park.

    Class B Sports Betting License

    Bars, hotels, and restaurants can apply for a Class B sports betting license if they wish to offer a retail sportsbook. A Class B license costs $50,000 and is valid for five years.

    Class B Sports Betting Locations in Washington, DC

    • Handle 19 -  Washington DC’s inaugural Class B Sportsbook. It will be powered by USBookmaking and has plans to offer a mobile app that fans can use while at the location. Unfortunately, the app will not function anywhere else in the district.

    Class B Locations Coming Soon

    The following locations have already applied for their Class B license but have yet to launch:

    • The Brig

    • Duffy’s Irish Pub

    • Wet Dog Tavern

    Alternative Betting Locations in Washington DC

    Fans looking for an alternative location where they can place a wager could travel to Dover, Delaware. Neighboring states Maryland and Virginia have both legalized sports betting; however, neither currently allow wagering.

    Local Teams to Wager On

    Washington DC has a long and rich sporting history that goes back decades. The district’s most popular teams include:

    • Washington Capitals - NHL

    • Washington Football Team - NFL

    • Washington Nationals - MLB

    • Washington Wizards - NBA

    A Brief History of Sports Betting in Washington DC


    • May 14 - The US Supreme Court ends federal ban on sports betting by overturning PASPA
    • September - Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment Act of 2018 (also known as Bill 22-944) is introduced by Jack Evans, DC councilmember.
    • November - Jack Evans, DC councilmember, modifies Bill 22-944 to add a 0.25% integrity fee. All revenue made by sportsbooks in the district would be taxed by this amount. This proposal was outvoted by the council.

    Major sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings challenge licenses in the district, but the council sticks to a single-operator model run by the district lottery.

    •  December - sports betting was effectively legalized in Washington, DC, with Bill 22-944 passing through the district legislature.


    • January - Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment Act of 2018 signed by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, officially making the act law.
    • October - William Hill announced intent to launch a retail sportsbook inside Capital One Arena in 2020.


    • May - DC lottery announces the launch of GameBet DC.
    • June – GameBet DC starts accepting wagers.
    • July - William Hill retail sportsbook opens in Capital One Arena, making it the first sportsbook to operate from within a major US sporting venue.


    • May - William Hill Retail Sportsbook at Capital One Arena hosts the grand opening of its permanent sportsbook and mobile betting app that can be used to place wagers as long as fans are within a two-block radius of the stadium.
    • June - BetMGM launched its mobile app at Nationals Park. Fans can use the app to place wagers as long as they are physically within two blocks of Nationals Park. BetMGM also announced that they plan to open a permanent retail sportsbook at the park towards the end of the year. 
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