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    Caesars Sportsbook New York

    An online sportsbook named after an emperor is only fit for the Empire State, which is why it’s apropo that Caesars Sportsbook is one of the first four books to inaugurate online sports betting in New York State. 

    Even though Caesars already has a land-based location in New York City, and may potentially open an $880 million resort casino upstate in the Hudson Valley, New York was a slow adopter of online sports betting, until recently. 

    With the start of the New Year, the New York State Gaming Commission gave numerous online sportsbook operators the green light to launch new products in the state, and Caesars happens to be one of those nine new New York books!

    Caesars is already a pretty big, booming, multi-billion dollar book business, and they stand to make even more of a killing in the New Year, as they’re finally able to set up digital shop in one of the most densely-populated metro areas in the whole country. 

    But how does Caesars Sportsbook NY compare with its products in other states, and how can you make the most of your new user experience? Here’s what you need to know.

    Caesars Sportsbook NY Review

    One of the country’s biggest sportsbooks has now finally graced the Big Apple, after having served:

    • New Jersey
    • Colorado
    • Michigan
    • Virginia
    • Tennessee
    • Iowa
    • Indiana
    • West Virginia
    • Louisiana

    If you’re a sports betting transplant from one of those nine states who recently relocated to the New York sports betting market, you can expect a fairly similar online sportsbook product to the one offered in those other nine states.

    As is the case in other betting markets, you can find the book through most web browsers found on most laptops and desktops, as well as most iOS and Android mobile devices. Like you can elsewhere, you can get started playing with a wide range of withdrawal and deposit methods:

    • Online banking
    • Partner location transactions
    • Prepaid Caesars Play+ Card
    • Electronic checks

    With the exception of electronic check transactions, all of these transfer options are INSTANT and lickety-split. However, if you would prefer to limit your transactions to e-checks, please allow 2 or 3 business days for those transactions to process. Both the minimum deposit and withdrawal thresholds are $20 USD.

    Users can place all sorts of different types of wagers on different types of sporting events worldwide, including wagers like:

    • Moneyline bets
    • Single bets
    • Spread bets
    • Parlay bets
    • Round robin bets
    • Middle bets

    Bottom line, that translates into a bunch of different wagers you’re able to make on a bunch of different betting lines for a BUNCH of different popular contests, including:

    • NCAA games
    • NFL games
    • MLB games
    • NHL games
    • NBA games
    • MLS games
    • Olympic games
    • WBC fights
    • UFC fights
    • USTA matches

    Not super into sporting events around our neck of the woods? No problem! You can bet on all sorts of global leagues and contests, even down to handball, snooker, and ping pong. Yes, even ping pong!

    And if you’ve got some extra cash that you could afford to potentially risk for more cash, new Caesars Sportsbook users in New York State can get to betting with not one, but THREE exciting new user promo offers! Here’s what each of them entails.

    Caesar’s Sportsbook NY Promo Offers

    That said, if you take advantage of Caesars Sportsbook NY’s new user welcome offer, you can step a buck over that limit! If you sign up here using code “ODDSSEEKER15”, you can have up to a grand total of $1,500 matched in free betting credit when you make a deposit of at least $50. Please keep in mind that this matched credit can only be used for qualifying wagers, and is non-withdrawable from your account until it's bet-through one time. 

    If all of the above sounds enticing and you’re a 21+ New Yorker with a working internet connection (which is probably a pretty safe bet if you’re reading this), then you can sign up for Caesars Sportsbook NY HERE to claim those exciting welcome offers.

    Furthermore, if you’re curious about any future big Caesars’ bonuses, or any big new NY sportsbook bonuses, we can keep you posted on those all of those too.