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Horse Race Betting Bonus List

Updated: 18 Aug 2023
TVG Betting
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Risk-Free Bet - Up to $300

    Betting on horse racing is seen as a style status US-wide, and since it's legal throughout the nation, the sport has got some serious fan following.

    Online horse betting ensures people don't need to travel miles to hit the nearest racetrack to place their bets on horse racing events. Instead, horse betting sites bring your favorite race tracks to your disposal right from your computer or mobile devices.

    Best Horse Race Betting Sites

    If you go operator by operator, you'll find a long list of horse betting sites with little or no difference. But, most probably, you'll end up getting more confused. To help you out with it, we have curated a list of the top picks from Horse Race Betting Sites. Our coverage includes detailed information on where they operate, what you can expect from each site service, special offers of the month, etc.

    4NJBets: Get a $300 risk-free bet

    This is a parimutuel betting site where the site will place all the bets you make into a communal pool, and after deciding on the tax and house takes are decided, the winning bets will get the payoffs sharing the pool.

    4NJBets is the name of the TVG horse betting brand in New Jersey. Several advantages make this one of the most sought Horse Race Betting sites.

    4NJBets has live coverage of more than 150 racetracks, domestic and international race tracks alike.

    There are added benefits like free advice and tips on handicapping. Wagering is made available right from the website, mobile application or even by telephone.

    Also, there are abundant varieties of free deposit options to choose from.

    Although, we have noticed that the major disadvantage with this website is that it is only available for people from New Jersey.

    It is auspicious to start your bets with a free bonus that gives you a headstart. This is the part where 4NJBets rank high among other Horse Race Betting Sites. All over the year, 4NJBets stays ahead by providing exciting entry bonus offers, as compared to the competition.

    According to the time they choose to sign up in a year, all new customers can get at least a $100 welcome bonus and sometimes even more by using the 4NJBets promo codes. It means that the site will double the amount you deposit for betting. So if you start with $50, they will double it to $100 before starting your first bet.

    Exclusive Risk-Free $300 Win Bet 2021

    This bet is available exclusively for new TVG account holders and is restricted to the TVG participating states and are 4NJBets account holders who are of 21+ age.

    This reward is void where it is prohibited by law.

    The offer is valid till the end of December 2021.

    TVG: Get a $300 risk-free bet

    TVG is, without question, the most famous horse race betting site in the United States at the moment. The legacy from 1993 has gathered a vast customer base with many positive reviews and many returning for betting.

    Other horse race betting sites like 4NJBets and PABets are names of TVG itself in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, respectively. With slight differences in the terms and conditions, TVG provides services in more than 34 states in the USA.

    The perks of TVG include outstanding US Track coverage, a trusted name with years of optimistic and loyal customer base, paying full track odds, and being licensed with headquarters in the USA itself.

    According to customer reviews, the only parts that TVG could improve upon are increasing international track coverage and getting the website and its services available in all US states.

    TVG also has a simple welcome bonus for new customers, where if the first WIN bet on any horse loses, TVG will credit back the lost amount as a game bonus. There are many other rewards worth more than $5000 when you participate in the Super 5 contest.

    The highly skilled management and support from one of the top gambling companies in the world make it an ideal choice for new customers and existing loyal ones.

    Twinspires: Get a $200 signup bonus

    It is a very well circulated horse race betting site with its services available in more than 30 states in the USA. This company, founded in 2006, is controlled by its parent company Churchill Downs, famous for the Kentucky Derby that takes place annually in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Like any other legal horse race betting site, TwinSpires also provides an attractive welcome bonus, and it is a little different with this company compared to other alternatives. The $200 signup bonus will only be unblocked when you place your very first wager.

    For every $400 you wager, the TwinSpires team will reward you with a $100 bonus with a maximum limit of $200. This means that you can get the whole $200 bonus only after you wager a total of $800. Customers should do this $800 betting within the first 30 days of account creation.

    Promo Code: None; rewards will be credited when you follow the above rules.

    This might seem somewhat capricious, yet this is a desirable welcome benefit for someone who wagers often.

    The legalities of this app or betting site are dependent on the province you are from in the State of America. In some states, the legal age for betting on horses is 18 and 21 for others.

    There are many types of bets available with TwinSprires, while these are widespread types of bets that are available with most of the other Horse race betting sites.

    It includes,

    • Win
    • Show
    • Place
    • Exacta
    • Trifecta
    • Superfecta

    The advantage of this betting site is that you can bet for a smaller amount and are not required to get the exact order of winning horses. It is only required for you to get the horses right.

    Bettors can also put their wagers in different races. This means the bettor can put bets on winning horses in different races. Here the goal is to choose all the winning horses and get a better reward. There are options to Pick Three, Four, Six or Pick All options when more than 8 or 10 tracks are featured.

    There is a BetShare option where your friends can take part in all the action with you, but this option is limited to the desktop and mobile website version, not the app.

    Amager: Get a $100 matched deposit

    Being the last one on the countdown doesn't make it any less lucrative. On the contrary, none of the best horse race betting sites available offers a welcome bonus of $500. Having more betters in the platform is a necessity for all online horse racing platforms. Thus they are eager to entice new users with attractive bonuses.

    You can get a $500 bonus as of September 2021. Even though this is a limited period offer, the introductory welcome offer has a $100 bonus.

    Another attractive claim AmWager has to put forward is that players make the company for players. It makes the process of making a bet easy and hassle-free. In addition, the states where the company offers its services are minimal compared to others, with a maximum of 28 states in the USA.

    Apart from the welcome bonuses, there are other offers and promotions for returning and existing players. They can get referral rewards as well as Horse Betting Cash Rewards. The referral reward gives an instant $25 to you when your friend joins AmWager. When they make their first $100 wager, you get another $25 reward.

     AmWager provides two types of profiles and benefits for the users named as AmWager Pro and AmWager Plus.

    There are many other sophisticated features for horse betting are available as follows,

    • ABC Wagering 
    • Colossus Jackpots
    • Conditional Wagering
    • Dutch Wagering
    • Exchange Pools
    • Fair Value Grid
    • Favorite Tracks and a lot more.

    You can see here each of the sites offers a different class of bonus offers; the bonus is upon the players to decide the most suitable racino for them considering the perks offered.

    Why bet on horse betting using online horse betting sites? 

    Attractive bonus offers

    Given that horse betting is a highly competitive industry, online betting sites are forced to offer tempting bonuses to turn customers their way. In the quest to lure customers their way, betting sites offer huge joining bonuses, matched deposits, cashback offers, free bets, risk-free bets etc.

    Round the globe coverage of racetracks

    Your physical reach to racetracks is limited to those situated in your vicinity. This prohibits you from having an uninterrupted horse betting experience because each racetrack doesn't organize races every day. Online horse betting sites bring you the best racetracks around the country.

    Reliable customer support

    The customer service desk in online horse betting sites is always available to help you out if you find yourself amidst any hardship. Moreover, these websites provide a FAQ section that primarily covers all the expected problems.

    How to signup with your favorite online racetrack

    To claim the various bonuses offered by racinos, you must comply with their signup process to the fullest. Though you can expect a slight variation in the process on different sites, the core remains the same.

    • Navigate on this page to find the most appropriate online horse racing site for you. 
    • Click on the "Sign up" button to start your journey. 
    • On the registration form to which you are redirected, you need to provide your credentials. It may include the date of birth, email address, phone number, full name, social security number, etc. 
    • In the next step, create a username and password.
    • Make sure you enter the bonus code to avail of the bonus offer. 
    • As an extra security safeguard, some particular sites might ask to verify your account through a confirmation email sent to your email ID. 

    That's it! You're through!

    Now when your account is up and running, don't miss out on any horse betting action.

    Things to Consider before choosing a Horse Race Betting Site

    It is better to ask some questions yourself before investing in any of the horse race betting sites depicted above.

    • Are these Horse Race betting sites legal in my state?
    • If you don't thoroughly check the terms and conditions by the legally bound website before betting, it could cause you to lose money. In some selected states and provinces, it is illegal for citizens of age less than 21 to participate in Horse betting. In some other states, the legal age is 18. Other rules have to be verified before you start.
    • Is the New Customer offers suitable for your needs?
    • The needs and budget allocation of every individual who takes part in horse betting varies. So some of the welcome bonuses are intended for someone willing to chip in a lot of money into this.
    •  While if you're only planning to check how horse betting works with minimal investment, it is vital to check the welcome offer terms.
    • Do they provide other benefits such as live streaming, horse racing content, and app access?

    These questions are vital as it is always better to take all the perks from the expense you make. Some of the sites even offer educational content on horse betting. In addition, the app facilitates you to have easy access to your activities and account.

    Be on the lookout for better and exciting offers provided by the horse betting site of your choice.


    As you have got a clear idea about all the exciting offers, how to sign up, what to consider before you settle for any one of them, you are all set to make an educated decision on your next horse race betting endeavor.

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