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    Luckyland Slots

    LuckyLand is one of the most popular social casinos where you can redeem your winnings for cash prizes or more! In fact, this platform specializes in slots. 

    The sister site to the wildly popular Chumba Casino, Luckyland Slots features dozens of your favorite slot machine games. LuckyLand Slots reviewers love the games’ stunning graphics and exciting soundtracks. Of course, the cash prizes you can redeem don’t hurt, either!

    If you’re looking for the best slots at LuckyLand Casino, look no further. Discover LuckyLand’s long list of slot machine titles, including progressive jackpots and penny slots. 

    We’ve got the scoop on everything LuckyLand, including the best LuckyLand Slots promos, how to get to the LuckyLand Casino login page, and more. 

    Find out what we love about playing slots at LuckyLand and if there are any downsides to signing up for an account here. 

    Why You Should Play LuckyLand Slots 

    Why play slots at LuckyLand? Just a few of our favorite reasons to choose this social casino over its competitors include:

    • Solid selection of games with stunning graphics and killer sounds.
    • Decent jackpot slots offerings, with some slots offering multiple jackpots.
    • Enough slots tournaments to keep you coming back for more!
    • Dual token system includes Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins (similar to other social casinos).
    • Accepts players 18 and older.

    What to Know Before Signing Up at LuckyLand Slots

    • No mobile app — play only on your mobile browser.
    • Fewer ongoing promos for loyal players than at other social and sweepstakes casinos.
    • Only select titles are available to be played in tournaments.

    Luckyland Slots Promos

    Free Signup Offer: Get 7,777 FREE Gold Coins + 10 FREE Sweeps Coins


    First Purchase Offer: Get 10 FREE Sweeps Coins


    LuckyLand Slots & Social Casinos w. Cash Prizes 

    If you’re not familiar with LuckyLand Slots or other social casinos, we’ve got the inside scoop on how they work.

    These platforms don’t offer “gambling.” Instead, you can play for free and redeem winnings for cash prizes, gift cards, or other prizes. 

    LuckyLand and its competitors operate under State-by-State Sweepstakes laws in the US and Canada, so you only need to be 18 years old to play casino-style games on these platforms. You also don’t need to live in a state where online casino gambling is legal, either. You can play in any state except for Washington State & Idaho. 

    LuckyLand is one of the top free social casinos where you can redeem winnings for cash prizes. Redeem your Sweeps Coins for these prizes once you hit the minimum threshold. 

    If you play with Gold Coins, you’re essentially “playing for fun” and if you’re playing with Sweeps Coins, you can redeem those winnings for cash prizes & more. Toggle between the two to play for fun in Standard Play or for Promotional Sweepstakes.

    You’ll find the RTP of a game on this page, too. 

    Just head to the LuckyLand Casino login page to start playing!

    Best Slots Games at LuckyLand Slots

    Looking for the best slots games at LuckyLand Slots? Below are some of our favorite slot games, ranked in no particular order. Not only do these slot games offer stunning graphics and high-quality sounds, but we also love the exciting gameplay!

    1. Power of Ra

    free casino games that pay real money

    One of our favorite slot games at Luckyland is the Power of Ra. 

    Like most of Luckyland’s slots games, this one has a solid theme: ancient Egypt. 

    As with all progressive jackpot slots games, Power of Ra offers even bigger payouts the more times it's played and the jackpot isn’t won. Bonus rounds are triggered when you get three scatters line up on a reel. Win even more rewards by playing bonus rounds!

    Click To Play Power of Ra

    Why you should play:

    • Wilds help you win even bigger
    • Five-of-a-kid pays out 50,000 times the regular payout amount.
    • Line up three scatters (bonus icons) to trigger the bonus round.
    • Get a free spin when you get three or more octopus scatters.

    2. Mardi Gras Money

    free casino games that pay real money

    Do you love Mardi Gras? Who doesn’t? You’ll love it even more when you play the Mardi Gras Money game at LuckyLand Slots.

    This 5x4 slot game features an exciting soundtrack and a bonus round. Mystery stacks of symbols activate bonus rounds and free spins (up to 25 free spins that is!), and up to 50 lines to win. You can get 8, 15, or 25 free spins with mystery stacks.

    Click To Play Mardi Gras Money

    Why you should play:

    • Fun graphics that will transport you back to the Big Easy.
    • Get up to 25 free spins with every game.
    • 50 lines to win from!

    3. Forbidden Fortunes

    Win up to 243 different ways in Forbidden Fortunes! This adventure and travel-themed game offers a bonus round, free spins, and a 20-times multiplier. Plus, you can get the opportunity to respin if you see the giant firecracker.

    Click To Play Forbidden Fortunes

    Once you get five or more symbols in a cluster, you’ll trigger a win. You can even trigger free spins with clusters.

    Why you should play:

    • Exciting graphics, gameplay, and theme.
    • Win up 243 different ways!
    • Win free spins, respins, or up to a 20x multiplier.

    4. Galactic Blast

    One of LuckyLand’s most popular slot titles, Galactic Blast will transport you — not just to other lands — but to other dimensions, too. 

    As with all of LuckyLand’s slots titles, Galactic Blast offers stunning graphics and an exciting soundtrack. This 20-line cascading slots reel offers unlimited multipliers as well as free spins and respins. You can even customize wins by playing in three different Blast Zones.

    A wild in a Blast Zone will trigger a respin. Three scatters in a row trigger free spins — up to 10 of them — which widens your Blast Zone to other reels. 

    We love that Galactic Blast offers so many ways to get free spins and respins (or even both!). Plus, special game features, such as Blast Zones, allow you to increase your odds of winning by offering higher coin wagers and multipliers. 

    Click To Play Galactic Blast Slots

    Why you should play:

    • This high-octane slot game will transport you to otherworldly dimensions.
    • The Blast Zone feature increases possible jackpots.
    • Get respins and free spins by getting scatters. 

    5. Atlantis 10K Megaways

    free casino games that pay real money

    Another themed slot game is Atlantis 10K Megaways. This game takes you to the lost city of Atlantis to find reels with secret and ancient symbols. 

    Click To Play Atlantis 10K Megaways Slots

    Why you should play:

    • Get the opportunity to win up to four jackpot prizes.
    • Plenty of wilds, bonus rounds, and respins. 
    • Bonus games are triggered by getting six or more bonus chests.
    • Up to three respins in every jackpot respin round.
    • Amazing graphics and exciting themes. 

    6. Aztec Quest

    Travel back to the world of Ancient Aztecs in this jungle-themed slots game. 

    Get an opportunity to win a mini, major, or grand jackpot prize. The jackpot prize is a progressive jackpot, meaning the more people who play and don’t win, the bigger the prize will eventually be. 

    The game offers plenty of wild symbols and a bonus round, where you have the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot!

    Click To Play Aztec Quest

    Why you should play:

    • Plenty of options to get wild symbols for even more chances to win.
    • The bonus round is triggered by landing six or more bonus icons.
    • The exciting theme and amazing graphics make gameplay even more fun!

    7. Neon Valley

    Neon Valley is one of our favorite slots at LuckyLand because it’s all about the golden age of Vegas! This theme features cowboys, horses, and (of course) lots of neon colors. We also love the engaging soundtrack. 

    The fact that this game features a progressive jackpot doesn’t hurt at all, either! You also get the opportunity to win other jackpots, including a mini, major, and mega jackpot. You could win 50X, 100X, or 200X the typical amount!

    Click To Play Neon Valley

    Why you should play:

    • Free spins are triggered by three sheriff badge scatter symbols.
    • Jackpots are triggered by three golden bull symbols; get a guaranteed win.
    • Progressive jackpots grow and grow until someone wins!
    • Stunning graphics include cowboy, horse, and cherry symbols. 

    8. Winner And A Movie

    We love a slot game that includes a good pun in its title. And Winner and a Movie also happens to be one of our favorite slot games at LuckyLand!

    You’ll get two opportunities to win in this game — you get to pick between two “movies” to play. Worried about choosing the “wrong” movie? No worries! You can change “theaters” whenever you want. 

    Winner and a Movie mimics a movie theater experience. The curtain will open (we love the drama), and your game will begin!

    Win minor, major, or grand prizes. The game includes wild symbols and free spins.

    Click To Play Winner and a Movie

    Why you should play:

    • Win minor, major, or grand prizes.
    • Wilds offer a substitution for any symbol except the bonus and scatter.
    • Get plenty of opportunities to win free spins!

    9. Snow Queen

    We love a good LuckyLand slot game theme! This one is especially unique to LuckyLand, as we haven’t seen the Snow Queen make an appearance on other platforms.

    Play this ethereal game that includes plenty of wild symbols and a bonus game.

    Considered one of LuckyLand’s penny slots, Snow Queen costs 0.40 SC to play.

    Click To Play Snow Queen

    Why you should play Snow Queen at LuckyLand Slots:

    • Plenty of opportunities to get wild symbols to win even bigger.
    • Bonus rounds are triggered by snowmen icons on the top reels.
    • Beautiful graphics, animation, and sounds enhance gameplay.

    10. Stellar Wilds

    The theme of Stellar Wilds is space exploration — and we love a deep space slot machine here at OddsSeeker!

    Another Luckyland penny slots game, Stellar Winds only costs 0.20 SC.

    Like many of the other slots games on this list, Steller offers plenty of opportunities for wild symbols, respins, and a jackpot round.

    Click To Play Stellar Wilds

    Why you should play:

    • Wild symbols expand stacks and trigger respins.
    • Trigger the potential jackpot round.
    • Exciting deep space theme that offers awesome graphics and sounds.

    Types of Slots at LuckyLand Slots

    LuckyLand Slots offers a large selection of its own slots, created especially for its platform. Just a few of the slots games available at this social casino include progressive jackpot slots, penny slots, and more. 

    Find out why we love LuckyLand so much — and why you should try out this free sweepstakes casino if you don’t already have an account. 

    Progressive Jackpot Slots 

    LuckyLand Slots is home to more than a dozen progressive jackpot slots. Play progressive jackpots with Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. 

    With progressive slots, the more you (and others) play without winning the jackpot, the larger the pot will grow.

    Win gold coins up in the seven-figure range if you win one of the top prizes! 

    To find progressive slots at LuckyLand, you’ll need to look for the progressive slots banner. You can see how many Gold Coins are currently in the pot by checking out the ticker above each game, too. 

    Use your welcome offer coins, get free coins by writing to LuckyLand, or buy Gold Coins to try out progressive slots games and find the ones you love to play the most!

    Penny Slots 

    LuckyLand Slots offers nearly 100 different types of slots games. Play for free or purchase Gold Coins to keep playing. 

    Most of the “penny slots” at LuckyLand start at 0.20 Sweeps Coins. While these slots are referred to as penny slots, the name is merely a nod to the penny slots offered on the casino floor — and not the actual cost to play the slots on LuckyLand’s platform.

    You can play penny slots at LuckyLand with either Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Again, Gold Coins are “just for “fun” and winnings from Sweeps Coins may be redeems for cash prizes & more.

    LuckyLand doesn’t offer a “penny slots” category or section. Instead, click on the title you want to play to see how much you’ll need to play. 

    Can You Play Slots On LuckyLand Slots Mobile App?

    Sadly, no. We wish LuckyLand Slots offered a mobile app for iOS and Android users!

    But really, it doesn’t matter that much. LuckyLand Slots is best when played on a mobile browser on your smart device. Yet, you can also play slots at this social casino on your laptop or desktop computer. 

    LuckyLand Slots Bonus

    Want a few tips for playing slots at LuckyLand? We’ve got a few tricks for how to snag a welcome offer — as well as how to make the most out of your gameplay here.

    If you’re looking for a way to try out LuckyLand’s nearly 100 slots titles, we’ve got a new player welcome offer for you!

    The LuckyLand Slots new-player offer includes 7,777 FREE Gold Coins and 10 FREE Sweeps Coins. The best part? You don’t need to purchase Gold Coins or pay any money at all!

    Want even more ways to play? Get 50% off your first Gold Coin Purchase: pay $4.99 and get 50,000 Gold Coins and 10 FREE Sweeps Coins! 

    Of course, you won’t be able to redeem those Sweeps Coins for cash prizes just yet - You’ll need to play them first!

    LuckyLand also offers ongoing promos, like daily login bonuses, referral bonuses, and more from time to time.  

    LuckyLand Slots Tips and Tricks

    Want to make the most out of your time at LuckyLand Slots? Though this isn’t real money gambling, you can still maximize your chances to win big here.

    Use LuckyLand Bonuses

    Use Luckyland bonuses to get the most out of your gameplay! Get a new player offer and a first-purchase offer. 

    Play High RTP Games

    RTP stands for return to player percentage. 

    When you play high RTP games, you have a higher theoretcal chance of winning. You can see the RTP of any game when you click on that game (the RTP is always noted with the minimum coins needed to play the game). 

    Shoot for games with an RTP of 96% or higher for a higher theoretical win amount. 

    Play Tournaments

    If you want to win big, you may need to play big! Tournament slots may help you get those bigger jackpots.

    When you play in tournaments, you have the opportunity to win bonus coins. These coins are often 10x, 20, or 50, the usual prizes.

    Play Jackpot Games 

    Some games offer jackpot prizes, which may help you win even bigger!

    Such games offer wilds, free spins, respins, and bonus rounds when you see certain symbols. 

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