2021 World Series Predictions & MLB Playoffs (UPDATED)

2021 World Series Predictions & MLB Playoffs (UPDATED)
Last Updated: Oct 5th 2021  Published: Oct 5th 2021

2021 MLB Playoff Predictions

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American League Favorite

Tampa Bay Rays (+250)

100-62 | AL East champs | 17.4% World Series odds

Without a single Triple Crown candidate, multiple players with 100 RBIs, or a record-setting second baseman - the Tampa Bay Rays still managed to storm their way to a 100 win season and grab the American League East division title along the way.

The Tampa Bay contingent will be relying on the sheer force of their collective will that propelled them to a centurion of victories and a league leading number of strikeouts in their quest to clinch their first-ever World Series title.

National League Favorite

San Francisco Giants (+270)

107-55 | NL West champs | 20.4% World Series odds

The San Francisco Giants have indisputably been the best show in baseball this season, and their fierce battle with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the National League West title has pushed them way past what many may have imagined being possible with their ragtag roster of underdogs, castaways, and unknowns. 

Nonetheless, the Giants of San Francisco enter the 2021 MLB Playoffs among those most threatening to snatch the title from the reigning champion Dodgers.

2021 World Series Favorite 

San Francisco Giants (+550) over 

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