2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show Predictions - What You Should Know

2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show Predictions - What You Should Know
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Sarah Ryan
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Aug 23rd 2023

We still have yet to see which two teams will flip the coin to kick off 2022’s Big Game at SoFi Stadium, but Super Bowl LVI is already set to have a pretty stacked lineup of performers for its halftime show.

The concert will feature the likes of Mary J. Blige and hip hop legends like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Kendrick Lamar, and is sure to attract plenty of buzz in its own right beyond the football action. As Pepsi said on Twitter, the star-studded roster boasts “43 Grammys, 19 No. 1 Billboard Albums, [and] 5 epic hitmakers” between them.

By the time The Weeknd took center stage at the previous Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year, his album “After Hours” and it's singles like “Blinding Lights” had absolutely DOMINATED charts through the better part of 2020, opening with a #1 debut on the Billboard Top 200 charts.

Even so, he put a sizable chunk of his revenue from that album into the half-time show; as outlets like Forbes reported, the singer spent a whopping $7 million to put on an incredible halftime show for his fans, an even larger budget share than the NFL would have contributed upfront.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be like The Weeknd and go in the red for this season’s incoming Super Bowl Halftime Show. In fact, you might be able to potentially make some money off it! Here’s what you should know.

2022 Halftime Show Predictions

Unfortunately, even in an industry with an abundance of betting markets open on futures, it’s still a little too early for most sportsbooks and prediction markets to have open contract shares or prop betting lines on the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

But just as it remained the case with all Super Bowl Halftime Shows in the past, this concert is bound to attract considerable prop betting buzz in time, especially with not just one notable, critically-acclaimed performer taking the stage, but five of them.

At the last Super Bowl earlier this year, there were all sorts of different prop bets open on The Weeknd’s halftime show performance, concerning topics like:

  • Which hit single he would open his halftime show with: The show ended up opening with an epic choral rendition of The Weeknd’s 2018 hit “Call Out My Name”, but before then, odds that he would open it with “Save Your Tears” plummeted from +1200 to -200, as reported by outlets like Bleacher Report.
  • How many songs he would play: The odds on The Weekend’s performance stretching over or under 8 songs was a popular point of betting action contention.
  • If any special guests would show: The halftime show wound up just being The Weeknd and a massive backup dancer ensemble, but beforehand there was speculation over if any notable artistic collaborators - like Doja Cat, Rosalia, Arianna Grande, or Kenny G would make surprise appearances.
  • If The Weeknd would reference anything political: The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, has always been pretty open about supporting philanthropic and progressive causes, so bookmakers naturally speculated on the odds that he would directly reference Trump, Biden, or ongoing political issues in the US and Canada during his performance.

While we don’t yet have confirmed props on this Super Bowl’s halftime show performance, it’s probably reasonable to assume that they’ll have some similar props open to the last. In addition, here are some other factors that we speculate could generate prop betting interest around 2022’s Super Bowl Halftime Show:

  • What sort of collaborations there will be: Effectively, all five of these artists have collaborated with each other at one point or another. While no confirmed collaborations exist between Kendrick Lamar and Eminem before this show, the two were rumored to have met in the studio with Dre earlier this year, as reported by music outlets like NME. So, it will be interesting to watch if they play any familiar ensemble favorites or try to debut new stuff.
  • If any special guests will take the stage: In addition to collaborating among themselves, all five of these performers hail from very collaboration-heavy collectives like Uptown Records, NWA, Def Jam, D-12, Shady Records, and T.D.E. Records. Predicting if any frequent creative collaborators from those groups and labels make surprise guest appearances will be sure to generate a lot of betting action.
  • If there will be any moments paying tribute to Nipsey Hussle: Three out of the five performers taking the stage are from California, and all of them were undoubtedly saddened by the loss of this California music legend two (nearly three) years ago. It would not be surprising to watch the performers paying tribute or giving a heartfelt, respectful nod toward Nipsey's legacy in some way.
  • If Kendrick Lamar will release his newest album before the show: It’s been over four years since Kendrick released his last studio album “DAMN” to much critical acclaim. Even though Lamar’s periodically teased a new project over the year, and bits and pieces about it have periodically leaked out, fans still don’t have a definite release for his long-awaited new project, so only time will tell whether he releases it before or after the halftime show.

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