2022 World Cup Most Ridiculous Maybe Bet You Can Ever Make

2022 World Cup Most Ridiculous Maybe Bet You Can Ever Make
Image ©Yukihito Taguchi-USA TODAY Sports
✍️ Written by
Ty Bronicel
🗓 Updated
May 19th 2023

So soccer (fútbol) is silly (yeah, just the histrionics and the flopping) and great at the same time.

Marvelous athletes from all across the world. It truly is amazing. Fans unite. Try not to bludgeon each other in the middle of the night, post-game match.

It’s also become unpredictable. Cameron’s Squads have similar tendencies and players as their opponents from different parts of the universe. It’s true sports parity I’m talking about, but soccer parody is still something that will be displayed on late-night talk shows and especially “Saturday Night Live” in the coming weeks as it wraps up its season.

What’s ahead is something that a colleague of mine, Frank Weber, a fine writer who believes, and I mostly agree, that I’m a fool. His arbitrage explanation made me consider my life decisions and parlays and why I didn’t become a college football coach, or at least an assistant, when most of us can write up better plays on bar napkins.

I digress.

Yessir, I said over the phone via text, but what about this premise: Who are the biggest long shots to win the whole thing?

The next mind-crunching spawned this: What if Japan and the United States were somehow to meet in the final?

That would be the greatest and most-watched sporting event ever in the great bound-to-be-disappointed U S of A.

Still, can hear the announcers now: “As some of you may recall, there’s been some history between these two countries …”

Frank essentially said, Slow down there, old-timer, let’s wait and see if the US advances tomorrow (Saturday).

Fair enough.

These kids are more than alright but they must beat the Netherlands. I think these spunky young punks are going to do just that.

Meanwhile, Japan will keep playing smartly, quickly, and efficiently. One of the most composed teams in this 2022 Cup. They’ll beat Croatia.

Oh, but back to wagering. Here at OddsSeeker.com, we’ve got you covered on ways to wager on the World Cup, starting here: World Cup Betting Favorites: Golden Boot, Golden Glove, and Golden Ball Picks.

There won’t be exact matchup odds until later this weekend or the first of next week but Weber is going to give his rebuttal later tonight or tomorrow or whenever he deems fit.

If USA survives and Japan wins Monday, I’m telling ya this longest-of-odds matchup could happen.

So you’re saying there’s a chance.


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