2023 March Madness Parlays That Could Drive You Crazy

2023 March Madness Parlays That Could Drive You Crazy
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Frank Weber
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Aug 8th 2023

March Madness is one of the most gambled-on sporting events in the world–so why not throw together some crazy parlays and see what happens? I mean, as the tournament’s title says–it’s pure Madness in March, so you never really do know what’s going to happen.

I’ve been looking at the odds for the first four and first-round games all day, and have pieced together these three plus-money parlays that could be worth a look in the coming days.

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Parlay #1: The Favorites

This one is a bit crazy, but hear me out–it’s an 8-leg parlay full of favorites, and you’re getting it all at plus money. Take a look:

#1 Houston over #16 Northern Kentucky

#1 Kansas over #16 Howard

#2 UCLA over #15 UNC Asheville

#2 Marquette over #15 Vermont

#2 Arizona over #15 Princeton

#3 Baylor over #14 UC Santa Barbara

#3 Gonzaga over #14 Grand Canyon

#4 Tennessee over #14 Louisiana-Lafayette

Total Odds: +101

Parlays over three legs always scare me–but tell me this one doesn’t look pretty. It’s fair to assume that all #1 seeds will move on–only one #1 seed has lost in the first round, and that was Virginia losing to UMBC in 2018. #2 seeds have a total combined record of 138-10 in the first round, which is a 93% win rate–so that sounds good to me too. The odds dip a little bit when looking at the third and fourth seeds, but each still has 85% and 79% win rates in the first round.

So while eight-leg parlays are generally never a good idea, this one has some good stats behind it. It’s worth a look, and plus-money odds never hurt.

Parlay #2: The First Four

#16 Texas A&M Corpus Christie over #16 South East Missouri State

#11 Mississippi State over #11 Pittsburgh

#16 Texas Southern over #16 Farleigh Dickinson

#11 Nevada over #11 Arizona State

Total Odds: +900

This one is particularly tough because each game is really a toss-up, but what a way to start your March this would be. A +900 parlay on just four games? Consider it done.

Running through the matchups quickly, Pittsburgh is a mess and Mississippi State is a grimy team that loves to play in the muck–and they have a great defense–so I see them taking that one easily/ Farleigh Dickinson has NO reason to be in the tournament this year, and I think Texas Southern will prove just that.

The Corpus Christie and Nevada games? Not going to lie, those are kind of toss-ups. But let’s just ride the good vibes and wait this one out, shall we?

Parlay #3: The Underdogs

 #12 Charleston over #5 San Diego State

#13 Furman over #4 Virginia

#10 Penn State over #7 Texas A&M

Total Odds: +1799

Three games. All we need for this one is three games. Every year we see at least one 12 over 5, and Charleston is a great team that poses a real threat to San Diego State. Furman hasn’t been held to less than 65 points in any game this season, and they are the 11th-best scoring offense in the country–that’ll be hard for any team to handle, even Virginia. And Penn State? Well, Penn State could definitely get it done. I feel like the 7-10 games have gotten closer every year, so this one is a complete toss-up.

Doesn’t sound so daunting when I spell it all out, does it?

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