2023 MLB Playoff Predictions

2023 MLB Playoff Predictions
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Sarah Ryan
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Aug 23rd 2023

The New Year is just around the corner, and with that, so too is the new MLB season! Maybe around the corner is a bit of a reach, but spring training starts at the end of February, and as Sports Illustrated recently reported, MLB winter negotiations were held in San Diego for the first time in three years.

Over 20 new baseball free agents signed new contracts for over a combined 1.6 billion dollars. We can’t promise that you’ll turn around that much, but even as spring training still has yet to spring forward, you can still sprinkle a little cash and make some early dart throws on 2023’s contenders for prospective MLB league winners, division winners, and even the outright World Series winner. There are 30 teams total between the National League and American League, but only one team will walk away to win it all.

Whether you’re looking to wager on that one outright winner on one of the MLB betting sites, or one of the American League or National League’s few winners, it helps to take the time to set the right limits and manage your bankroll responsibly, and to understand the odds well ahead of time. With that said, here’s where those odds all stand on FanDuel Sportsbook, a few months ahead of the 2023 MLB season!

2023 MLB Playoff Futures Odds

The Dodgers are just about neck and neck with the season’s prior World Series champs - the Houston Astros, of course. Los Angeles narrowly missed last year’s title shot to the Philadelphia Phillies, and next season, they’ll be losing heavy hitter Trea Turner to Philly too. Even so, they still aren’t that far behind Houston in the eyes of the oddsmakers on FanDuel Sportsbook - +750 odds compared to the Astros’ +650 future odds pricing.

The Yankees only narrowly lead the pack of thirty World Series hopefuls. They’re tied with Houston at similar +650 odds, but ranked narrowly above the reigning World Series winners. Winning one MLB post-season is hard enough, let alone winning two straight postseason titles in a row, and the Yankees assuredly got another boost in the book’s eyes by signing Aaron Judge for at least another nine years.

If you think the Phightin’ Phils have the potential to come back and go all the way to the finish next year, you can currently snag them for a decent +1400 odds value, which would return a $140 payoff off a $10 stake if they can manage to pull off a comeback of Rocky proportions. The St. Louis Cardinals just added Wilson Contreras to their lineup, a potentially valuable catcher who potentially adds quite the value at +2500 World Series odds.

But in order to help you better make up your own mind with regard to the best darts to throw ahead of next fall, you can take a look at FanDuel's current 2023 World Series odds for all 30 teams in the MLB:

  • New York Yankees, +650 (Bet $10 to win $65)

  • Houston Astros, +650 (Bet $10 to win $65)

  • New York Mets, +650 (Bet $10 to win $65)

  • Los Angeles Dodgers, +750 (Bet $10 to win $75)

  • San Diego Padres, +1000 (Bet $10 to win $100)

  • Atlanta Braves, +1000 (Bet $10 to win $100)

  • Philadelphia Phillies, +1400 (Bet $10 to win $140)

  • Toronto Blue Jays, +1500 (Bet $10 to win $150)

  • Seattle Mariners, +1600 (Bet $10 to win $160)

  • Tampa Bay Rays, +2500 (Bet $10 to win $250)

  • Cleveland Guardians, +2500 (Bet $10 to win $250)

  • Chicago White Sox, +2500 (Bet $10 to win $250)

  • St. Louis Cardinals, +2500 (Bet $10 to win $250)

  • Los Angeles Angels, +4000 (Bet $10 to win $400)

  • Milwaukee Brewers, +4000 (Bet $10 to win $400)

  • San Francisco Giants, +5000 (Bet $10 to win $500)

  • Texas Rangers, +5000 (Bet $10 to win $500)

  • Minnesota Twins, +6000 (Bet $10 to win $600)

  • Baltimore Orioles, +6000 (Bet $10 to win $600)

  • Boston Red Sox, +8000 (Bet $10 to win $800)

  • Chicago Cubs, +8000 (Bet $10 to win $800)

  • Miami Marlins, +10000 (Bet $10 to win $1000)

  • Detroit Tigers, +12000 (Bet $10 to win $1200)

  • Arizona Diamondbacks, +12000 (Bet $10 to win $1200)

  • Kansas City Royals, +15000 (Bet $10 to win $1500)

  • Pittsburgh Pirates, +20000 (Bet $10 to win $2000)

  • Colorado Rockies, +20000 (Bet $10 to win $2000)

  • Cincinnati Reds, +25000 (Bet $10 to win $2000)

  • Washington Nationals, +50000 (Bet $10 to win $5000)

  • Oakland Athletics, +100000 (Bet $10 to win $10000)

The addition of Julio Rodriguez might mean the Seattle Mariners another potentially appealing moonshot at +1600 odds, just as the addition of Xander Bogerts might do the same for the Padres at +1000 odds. But treat these dart throws like the longer shot dart throws they are, not any “locks” with crystal ball levels of certainty.

While those +100000 odds on the Oakland A’s might look appealing, we would NOT recommend betting your house, your life savings, or your children’s college savings on them. That’s not a sensible financial decision for any one of the thirty teams in the 2023 World Series futures markets, and it’s certainly not a sensible decision to do that with a team that hasn’t won a single World Series title since 1989.

But how do the odds for Oakland and other steep World Series underdogs looking for their division win hopes? Let’s find that out.

MLB Playoff Picture - League Winners and Division Winners

It’s a little too early to take a peek at the MLB’s official postseason picture for the 2023 season, which summarizes important key postseason and playoff brackets like:

  • The American League and National League Wild Card winners

  • The outright winner for the ALDS, NLDS, ALCS, and NLCS

  • The outright winner of the overall MLB World Series title

If picking the World Series winner almost a year in advance is too much of a dart throw for your liking, you could consider saving your sprinkles to wager on the prospective postseason contenders more generally. Whether league winners or division winners further strike your fancy, first, check out the MLB rotation rankings 2023 and then take a look at where the odds stand for each of those respective markets on FanDuel:

American League 2023 Winners

  • New York Yankees, +300 (Bet $10 to win $30)

  • Houston Astros, +300 (Bet $10 to win $30)

  • Toronto Blue Jays, +800 (Bet $10 to win $80)

  • Seattle Mariners, +800 (Bet $10 to win $80)

  • Chicago White Sox, +1200 (Bet $10 to win $120)

  • Cleveland Guardians, +1200 (Bet $10 to win $120)

  • Tampa Bay Rays, +1200 (Bet $10 to win $120)

  • Los Angeles Angels, +2000 (Bet $10 to win $200)

  • Texas Rangers, +2500 (Bet $10 to win $250)

  • Minnesota Twins, +3000 (Bet $10 to win $300)

  • Baltimore Orioles, +3000 (Bet $10 to win $300)

  • Boston Red Sox, +3500 (Bet $10 to win $350)

  • Detroit Tigers, +5000 (Bet $10 to win $500)

  • Kansas City Royals, +6000 (Bet $10 to win $600)

  • Oakland Athletics, +30000 (Bet $10 to win $3,000)

National League 2023

  • New York Mets, +350 

  • Los Angeles Dodgers, +400

  • Atlanta Braves, +500

  • San Diego Padres, +500

  • Philadelphia Phillies, +700

  • St. Louis Cardinals, +1200

  • Milwaukee Brewers, +1800

  • San Francisco Giants, +2500

  • Chicago Cubs, +4000

  • Miami Marlins, +4000

  • Arizona Diamondbacks, +5000

  • Cincinnati Reds, +8000

  • Colorado Rockies, +8000

  • Pittsburgh Pirates, +8000

  • Washington Nationals, +20000

So as you can see, the futures odds outlook for the league winners doesn’t look all that dissimilar. Los Angeles, Houston, and both of New York’s teams still lead the charge at the top, while Oakland is still far down at the furthest possible bottom. It’s interesting to note that Philadelphia’s odds to win the NL are priced at half the value of their odds to win it all: +700 compared to +1400.

Whether or not that portends a good omen for the Phillies this time around will remain to be seen; a lot can change over the course of ten months. But if you’re too overwhelmed by the massive playing fields for the contending league winners, you can take a look at the smaller playing fields for each division's prospective contenders:

AL Central 2023

  • Cleveland Guardians, +130

  • Chicago White Sox, +130

  • Minnesota Twins, +400

  • Detroit Tigers, +2000

  • Kansas City Royals, +4000

AL East 2023

  • New York Yankees, +100

  • Toronto Blue Jays, +220

  • Tampa Bay Rays, +350

  • Boston Red Sox, +1600

  • Baltimore Orioles, +2500

AL West 2023

  • Houston Astros, -200

  • Seattle Mariners, +300

  • Texas Rangers, +1000

  • Los Angeles Angels, +1000

  • Oakland Athletics, +25000

NL Central 2023

  • St. Louis Cardinals, -115

  • Milwaukee Brewers, +135

  • Chicago Cubs, +600

  • Pittsburgh Pirates, +6000

  • Cincinnati Reds, +6000

NL East 2023

  • New York Mets, +110

  • Atlanta Braves, +150

  • Philadelphia Phillies, +350

  • Miami Marlins, +4000

  • Washington Nationals, +25000

NL West 2023

  • Los Angeles Dodgers, -140

  • San Diego Padres, +140

  • San Francisco Giants, +1200

  • Arizona Diamondbacks, +4000

  • Colorado Rockies, +15000

Even if you’re still unsure about which lines you find most appealing here, you’ll still have plenty of time to make up your mind. All of these markets will settle on October 1st, 2023, and in the meanwhile, you can stack your site credit bankroll by making use of FanDuel’s great promo offers for new and existing users.

FanDuel MLB Futures Promo

New users can enjoy a bigger no-sweat welcome offer to have the stake of their first bet matched in non-withdrawable site credit, and the online sportsbook routinely offers new promos and bonuses for existing users.

You can read our review to learn more and follow our link to their sign-up bonuses.

We hope you have a Happy New Year, and of course, wager responsibly!

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