2023 NBA Futures Odds: Championship Lines, Win Totals, & More!

2023 NBA Futures Odds: Championship Lines, Win Totals, & More!
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Sarah Ryan
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Sep 15th 2023

The NBA season kicked off just over two months ago, with an exciting Eastern and Western conference doubleheader between the Philadelphia Sixers and Boston Celtics, as well as a California showdown between the Golden State Warriors and L.A. Lakers.

But even though the season didn’t start terribly long ago, it’s never too early to start thinking about the end! If you aren’t satisfied with the smaller payouts offered by single spread, total, or moneyline bets, don’t mind a little delayed gratification at the expense of shorter-term wins and early payouts, or want an avenue to wager more responsibly and less frequently, you may want to consider futures betting markets.

The naming convention here is pretty self-explanatory. Rather than bet on a team’s victory a few days or a week in advance, future bets enable you to bet on a specific team or player’s success months in advance. The longer-term nature of these wagers makes it more difficult to make accurate predictions, but the tradeoff is that you’ll often receive longer, more profitable odds than you will on most single bets.

In that way, futures’ betting markets are more difficult than other single bets, but offer a more straightforward path to value payouts than multi-leg same-game parlays crammed to the gills with player props. From odds on the NBA 2022-23 conference winners, to odds on the league division winners, to the futures odds on the team to win it all, let’s take a look at where FanDuel Sportsbook’s futures odds stand ahead of the New Year!

NBA Futures Bets: 2023 NBA Futures Championship Odds

Predicting an outright outcome several months in advance can be difficult with basketball, just as it can be difficult in any sport. It’s exceedingly difficult when you’re trying to nail down an accurate prediction of the NBA’s outright championship winner, as you’re required to guess the one correct winner out of a pool of 30 teams, all eager and all enthusiastically vying for the biggest win of all.

There are plenty of weeks left in the league’s standard 19-week season for the futures lines to move around every which way but loose. But in the first few weeks of the NBA’s 2022-2023 regular season, we can already see a few emergent front-runners. Take a closer glimpse and gander for yourself at the current FanDuel futures odds’ for all 30 NBA teams to win the championship:

  • Boston Celtics, +350

  • Milwaukee Bucks, +500

  • Brooklyn Nets, +800

  • Phoenix Suns, +900

  • Los Angeles Clippers, +950

  • Memphis Grizzlies, +1200

  • Denver Nuggets, +1300

  • Golden State Warriors, +1400

  • Philadelphia 76ers, +1700

  • Cleveland Cavaliers, +2000

  • New Orleans Pelicans, +2000

  • Dallas Mavericks, +3600

  • Miami Heat, +4200

  • Toronto Raptors, +4600

  • Atlanta Hawks, +6500

  • Portland Trail Blazers, +8000

  • Minnesota Timberwolves, +10000

  • Los Angeles Lakers, +10000

  • New York Knicks, +16000

  • Sacramento Kings, +16000

  • Chicago Bulls, +16000

  • Utah Jazz, +24000

  • Indiana Pacers, +40000

  • Washington Wizards, +49000

  • Orlando Magic, +50000

  • Oklahoma City Thunder, +50000

  • Charlotte Hornets, +50000

  • San Antonio Spurs, +50000

  • Houston Rockets, +50000

  • Detroit Pistons, +50000

Only five out of the league’s 30 teams are currently priced below the +1000 odds range: the Celtics, Bucks, Nets, Suns, and Clippers. The first three teams are currently reigning supreme over the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Brooklyn presently holds a narrow lead in second place, with only a single win over the Bucks and Cleveland Cavaliers (a possible value underdog at +2000 odds?). But the Celtics have continued to play in top form all throughout 2022, ending the year on 26 regular season wins and only ten losses.

It will be interesting to watch if that form continues into the 2023 stretch of the season, or if any of the five teams outside the top five will be able to climb their way back to the top. Though the majority of those five teams are currently being plagued by injuries and road game struggles, many of those teams boast some of the league’s best and most legendary talent, including the likes of Steph Curry, Joel Embiid, or Ja Morant.

If any of those teams are able to rebound their 2022 season slumps in 2023, it’ll be fascinating to see if any of their odds shorten into Top Five playoff contender territory. We would also be remiss to forget about Luka Doncic and Trae Young, whose teams are currently valued at +3600 and +6500 odds. If either Dallas or Atlanta can turn things around, even a single $5 unit could net a decent return if they end up winning it all.

The furthest bottom six teams are all tied at +50000 odds, meaning that you could stand to return $500 if you put just a single dollar on them, in the miraculous moonshot event of them turning things around. We wouldn’t recommend spending more than a buck in this column though; they’re priced that way for a reason.

If none of the pricing here appeals to you, nor does the prospect of picking the NBA’s outright biggest winner, you could consider conference and division futures markets. As we close off 2022 and head into 2023, let’s check out where each team’s conference and division standings are positioned ahead of the New Year.

2022-23 NBA Conference/Division Futures

The NBA’s Eastern and Western Conferences each have 15 teams organized into three unique divisions. In the Eastern Conference, we’ve got five different teams each in the Atlantic Division, the Central Division, and Southeast Division, and if you head out west, you’ll find five different teams all comprising the Northwest, Pacific, and Southwestern Divisions.

If you don’t want to bet on who will outright claim the biggest win next year, you could simply consider thinking about who will advance from their conference and division into the postseason. As we close off 2022 and head into the 2023 stretch of the regular NBA season, we’re ending the year with these team future odds on FanDuel’s conference and division markets:

Conference Winners

NBA Western Conference 2022-23

  • Phoenix Suns, +350

  • Los Angeles Clippers, +400

  • Golden State Warriors, +500

  • Denver Nuggets, +500

  • Memphis Grizzlies, +550

  • New Orleans Pelicans, +900

  • Dallas Mavericks, +1600

  • Portland Trail Blazers, +3600

  • Los Angeles Lakers, +4900

  • Minnesota Timberwolves, +4900

  • Sacramento Kings, +6500

  • Utah Jazz, +12000

  • Oklahoma City Thunder, +32000

  • San Antonio Spurs, +32000

  • Houston Rockets, +32000


NBA Eastern Conference 2022-23

  • Boston Celtics, +195

  • Milwaukee Bucks, +240

  • Brooklyn Nets, +410

  • Philadelphia 76ers, +900

  • Cleveland Cavaliers, +1000

  • Miami Heat, +1900

  • Toronto Raptors, +2500

  • Atlanta Hawks, +3200

  • Chicago Bulls, +10000

  • New York Knicks, +11000

  • Indiana Pacers, +18000

  • Orlando Magic, +32000

  • Washington Wizards, +32000

  • Detroit Pistons, +50000

  • Charlotte Hornets, +50000

Division Winners

Atlantic Division 2022-23

  • Boston Celtics, -550

  • Brooklyn Nets, +550

  • Philadelphia 76ers, +1300

  • New York Knicks, +5500

  • Toronto Raptors, +13000


Central Division 2022-23

  • Milwaukee Bucks, -420

  • Cleveland Cavaliers, +280

  • Indiana Pacers, +20000

  • Chicago Bulls, +21000

  • Detroit Pistons, +49000


Northwest Division 2022-23

  • Denver Nuggets, -650

  • Portland Trail Blazers, +950

  • Utah Jazz, +1200

  • Minnesota Timberwolves, +3200

  • Oklahoma City Thunder, +49000


Southeast Division 2022-23

  • Miami Heat, -150

  • Atlanta Hawks, +125

  • Washington Wizards, +1800

  • Orlando Magic, +3500

  • Charlotte Hornets, +24000

Southwest Division 2022-23

  • Memphis Grizzlies, -110

  • New Orleans Pelicans, +125

  • Dallas Mavericks, +550

  • Houston Rockets, +50000

  • San Antonio Spurs, +50000

The heaviest southeast and southwest division favorites are both heavy underdogs to outright win it all. Is that divide indicative of a trend to watch, or will certain teams’ hoop dreams devolve into nightmares in 2023? Only time can answer those questions, but in the meantime, you still have plenty of time to study up on each NBA futures market before you place your final bets.

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The NBA Championship and Conference odds both won’t resolve until May 30th, 2023, while the conference odds won’t resolve until April 10th of next year. You can visit the league's website to follow how these standings change and evolve over the remainder of the regular season. In the meantime, you can stack up FanDuel’s No Sweat free bet promos (available to new and existing users) for a little extra site credit on the house.

You can read our review to learn more about the popular online sportsbook, and follow our signup link to claim their welcome bonus. We hope you wager responsibly and have a Happy New Year!

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