A Great Gift Idea for Father's Day: Online Sports Betting Competition

A Great Gift Idea for Father's Day: Online Sports Betting Competition
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Ty Bronicel
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May 19th 2023

Now before anyone scoffs or mocks that headline, hear me out.

Father’s Day 2022 is fast approaching.

And since most fathers, particularly older ones, already have everything they need, how about getting into a little competitive one-on-one that doesn’t involve a basketball in the driveway, but rather sports knowledge with some cash on the line?

Here’s the idea and how it could work: Tell your dad, brother, uncle, grandpa, friend, neighbor, whoever you want to gift this year – and someone who also happens to be a big sports fan and likes to talk a little trash about their predictions – that you have a plan.

Tell your papa or bro or cuz, to put some money where his mouth is, so to speak, and sign up for one of the best online sports betting apps.

It’s one thing to be in a fantasy league, but how about you decide on a set amount to put into your accounts, with you reimbursing the initial amount as a Father’s Day gift.

Then, each week, you see who has the larger balance with the loser owing the winner a lunch to talk about the misjudgments made, the over-analysis, the hubris, the sheer overconfidence that talking smack entails — and you can do it over a beer and a brat; a coke and a slice of pizza; a shot or seven during a round of golf; a BBQ dinner; what makes you hungry to win next time.

The weekly, or monthly, options are endless. Keep a ledger, scorecard, and balance sheet. Small stakes are fine but occasionally bet on a bone-in ribeye. That will get you focused.

Deep down, human nature tells us we want to utter: “I told ya.”

“Often wrong, but never in doubt” is a mantra I borrowed from my stepfather, a great guy, he is and often I prove that.

So what if I’m about 55/45 on things, and that’s clearly being generous in my favor (of course), it’s the banter and the wondering of it all that makes life the most fascinating guessing game (not trivia, mind you) of all time, every single day.

Plus, this Father’s Day is shaping up to be an epic one. The call here is that we’re going to have a Game 7 of the NBA Finals in San Francisco plus a heated final round of the men’s U.S. Open golf tournament in Brookline, Mass. Can you imagine what that might be like for Bostonians if the Celtics clinch the title just after Massachusetts-boy-made-good Keegan Bradley (+10000) wins the U.S. Open.

Odds courtesy of our good friends at BetMGM.

OK, let’s be realistic. The Warriors likely aren’t losing a Game 7 at home – if it even gets there – and Bradley … well, he’s played well enough recently and he does have a major title under his belt, winning the PGA Championship in 2011. (I know. I had to look it up to be reminded).

So maybe the best bets for Father’s Day are these: Bradley to finish in the top 10 (+650), which I love, take the Celtics with the points in Game 7 (probably gonna be Boston +4), Steph Curry to score less than 30 points and, what the hell, throw a little at Game 7 going to overtime (probably +800).

Sure, guesses all. Shots in the dark on a Tuesday morning, days away from Sunday. At the end, who knows, but know this: To every father out there – Hope you did your best, and best of luck down the road and from here on out.

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