Arbitrage Betting Software - The Best Way To Find Sure Bets

Arbitrage Betting Software - The Best Way To Find Sure Bets
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Frank Weber
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May 19th 2023

If you’re a seasoned sports bettor, you know there’s really no such thing as a “sure bet,” but it seems like our friends over at OddsJam may have cracked the code.

OddsJam is a betting software that makes it incredibly easy to find arbitrage bets and middle bets that are almost guaranteed to make you money. With data from over 100 sportsbooks from around the world, OddsJam is the leading provider in sports betting news and data, which can help you boost your betting portfolio in just a few hours. OddsJam’s main focus is Arbitrage betting, and by comparing the odds for thousands of sporting events across dozens of sportsbooks, OddsJam finds the best value arbitrage bets on the market.

What is an Arbitrage Bet?

Arbitrage Bets are those in which you guarantee yourself profit by betting twice on the same event, on different outcomes, through two different sportsbooks. I realized that may have been a lot, so here’s an example of how arbitrage betting works:

Let's say it’s an NFL Sunday and you want to bet on some games. You log onto your DraftKings Sportsbook account and see that the Jets are +110 to beat the Patriots. Then, you log onto your Fanduel Sportsbook account and see that their oddsmakers think the game is a dead-even match, giving both the Jets and the Pats -105 odds to come out on top. By placing a $100 bet on the Jets on DraftKings (which would profit you $110 if cashed) and a $105 bet on the Pats on FanDuel (which would profit you $100 if cashed) you are ensuring yourself to break even at a bare minimum, and at best a $5 profit. So, you bet a total of $205. If the Jets win, DraftKings pays you out $210, which is your $5 profit. If the Patriots win, though, FanDuel pays you out the $205, which was your initial investment. No risk, yet a nice reward–sounds good to me.

The OddsJam software is designed to find these arbitrage bet opportunities for you–they do all the work, and you just bet on the games. If done correctly, you could find some serious success arbitrage betting using OddsJam’s software.

OddsJam’s Arbitrage Tool

Arbitrage bets are very hard to find without the help of software. Thanks to OddsJam’s state-of-the-art programming, though, they are able to update millions of odds every second, with data flooding in from over 100 sportsbooks around the world. This makes finding arbitrage bets not only possible, but easy. OddsJam scans a variety of sports, from NFL to MMA, in order to find an arbitrage bet opportunity for you to take advantage of. It will even tell you how much you have to bet on either event in order to ensure some kind of profit (or to at least break even).

OddsJam offers a ton of other tools in addition to their arbitrage tool. If you’re interested, you can check out the OddsJam Review here. If you want to go out on your own and try to find some Arbitrage bets of your own, I implore you to look through our list of online sportsbooks and individually pick through all the odds. I can almost guarantee it, though, that using OddsJam is going to be much, much easier.

OddsJam Promo Code

If you want to sign up for OddsJam, be sure to use the promo code ODDSSEEKER. Get a 7-day FREE TRIAL AND 15% OFF of your first month with promo code ODDSSEEKER.

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