Best First Deposit Bonuses at Michigan Online Casinos

Best First Deposit Bonuses at Michigan Online Casinos
Alicia Butler
Alicia Butler
December 23rd 2022

Now that online gambling is legal in the state of Michigan, there are plenty of legal betting opportunities in the Wolverine State! 

One of the benefits of playing at an online casino (over a land-based casino) is that these platforms often offer bonuses and promos to entice you to play. 

Our list of Michigan online casino first deposit bonuses will point you in the direction of the casinos that offer the best new-player promos in the state. 

What is a first deposit bonus?

A first deposit bonus is a bonus that casinos offer when you make your first deposit (as the name suggests).

Many online casinos offer bonuses to encourage you to deposit as much money as possible on your first deposit or when you first sign up for an account. 

Casinos generally set a limit on how much money they’ll match, though those limits are often pretty high! You’ll see the first deposit match limits for hundreds or even thousands of dollars at online casinos. 

When you find a first deposit match bonus, you’ll want to check the terms and conditions. Most bonuses are offered through partner sites (like OddsSeeker) and the match limits are clearly stated. 

For example, if a first deposit bonus includes a deposit match of up to the first $2,000 deposited, you’ll get any amount up to $2,000 matched by the casino. If you deposit $200, the casino will match that amount. 

Best First Deposit Bonuses at Michigan Online Casinos

Michigan Online Casino first deposit bonuses are offered by a handful of online casinos. 

Some of our favorite first deposit bonuses include the ones offered at BetMGM, BetRivers, the Golden Nugget, WynnBet, DraftKings, and Four Winds. 

We recommend playing only at online casinos that operate legally within the state of Michigan. Predatory offshore casinos often offer first deposit bonuses that seem too good to be true — and that’s because they are! 

The following casinos are licensed and legally operate in Michigan.


BetMGM is MGM Casino’s online platform. For Michigan residents, BetMGM is offering OddsSeeker readers a first deposit match of up to $1,000 by following our link and using the promo code ODDSSEEKER. 


BetRivers, one of the biggest names in online betting, is offering Michigan residents a first deposit match of up to $250 to OddsSeeker readers by following our link and using the promo code ODDSBONUS.

Golden Nugget

You’ll certainly recognize the name Golden Nugget, as this is one of the most iconic casinos off the Las Vegas Strip. For Michigan residents, BetMGM is offering OddsSeeker readers a first deposit match of up to $1,000 by following our link and using the promo code ODDSSEEKER. 


DraftKings, one of the biggest names in online sports betting, is offering Michigan residents a first deposit match of up to $1,000 to OddsSeeker readers by following our link.

Four Winds

One of the most well-known land-based casinos in Michigan, Four Winds, is offering Michigan residents a first deposit match of up to 200%! Simply follow the OddsSeeker link, pay $10 and claim your bonus. 

Real Money Casinos Vs Free Online Casinos

Two types of casinos may legally operate online in Michigan (and in most U.S. states): real money and free online casinos. 

Real money online casinos (like the ones listed above) are owned by land-based casinos and operate similarly to their brick-and-mortar counterparts. These casinos try to create an in-person casino experience online. 

Deposit money the same way, use your same rewards account, and cash out money via one of the many online payment options or by heading to the land-based casino’s cage for cash. 

Free online casinos operate much differently than real money casinos. These casinos are referred to as free online sweepstakes sites because that’s the model of their online betting platform: play games as you would a free sweepstake.

You may also purchase virtual currency (usually gold coins) on these platforms to bet with. When you’re ready to cash out, you’ll be able to do so by transferring your virtual currency back into real money. 

Michigan Online Casinos Vs Offshore Casinos

Online gambling laws in the U.S. and Canada are rapidly changing. It wasn’t too long ago that it was illegal to gamble online at all in many areas of the U.S. and Canada.

But the times are changing, and many U.S. states are legalizing online gambling and sports betting. 

Since online gambling was illegal for so long, many offshore casinos cashed in on opportunities to lure in Stateside gamblers. They could legally operate in another country, and there was a legal gray area as to whether they could be prosecuted in countries where online gambling wasn’t legal.

In Canada, offshore online gambling was illegal, though the government didn’t actively try to prosecute offshore betting sites. 

Yet since it’s harder for countries to prosecute offshore gambling sites, it also means it’s harder to track down money that has been fraudulently handled, too. 

When it comes to offshore gambling, we recommend sticking to trusted, Michigan-based online casinos and sportsbooks. Not only because their practices are monitored by the Michigan Gaming Control Board — but also because the tax revenue collected from the site’s profits stays within Michigan and benefits local institutions. 

Other Michigan Online Casino Bonuses and Promos

There are bonuses available other than Michigan Online Casino first deposit bonuses. Many casinos keep users coming back for more by offering a wide range of bonuses and promotions, both at signup and throughout the year. 

Some of our favorite online casino bonuses and promos include no-deposit bonuses, risk-free bets, VIP and rewards club bonuses, and seasonal promotions. 

Michigan Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

No-deposit bonuses are promos that offer free bets just for signing up. You usually need to enter a promo code or follow an affiliate link to take advantage of these deals. If you want to find the best Michigan online casino no deposit bonus, just check out the article on that link! 

Simply sign up for an account (after entering in your promo code and/or following the affiliate link), and claim your bonus. You can use this money to play with on the site however you choose (as long as you follow the terms and conditions of the bonus). 

Some online casinos only allow you to play certain games with no deposit bonus money. You may also need to satisfy certain terms and conditions before you can cash out any winnings with these funds. 

Michigan Online Casino Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets are a pre-determined number of bets an online casino allows you without the worry of losing money (if you lose). 

Many online casinos offer these bets when you first sign up for an account (with a valid promo code or affiliate link), and many offer this type of promotion to entice you to play even after you’ve signed up for an account. 

Make sure to read the terms and conditions on risk-free bets. Many online casinos won’t allow you to withdraw any ‘winnings’ you’ve earned by playing with risk-free bets. This is why these bets are ideal if you want to get a feel for different games or want to get a better idea of your odds for particular casino games. 

VIP/Rewards Club Bonuses

Just as land-based casinos have VIP and rewards clubs, online casinos offer loyalty programs, too. In fact, most online casinos allow you to use their land-based affiliate rewards account with their online platform. 

Many online casinos sign you up for a rewards club membership when you sign up for an account, so there’s no need to do anything else (though you may want to double-check when you sign up, just to be sure). 

Make the qualifying number of bets each month to reach the next tier (or to maintain your current tier level). Get free bets and other rewards for each month that you maintain your tier. 

Ongoing Promotions

Online casinos experience highs and lows in participation — just as land-based casinos do. Most online casinos offer ongoing promotions on a daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis to keep users active.

Sign-in bonuses are free bets you get just for signing into your account on any given day. Casinos may also offer bonuses for playing games that don’t attract as many users or for special seasons or holidays. 

Casinos may email you about bonuses on days where player engagement is particularly low, as well. Keep an eye out for emails, texts, or notifications about ongoing promotions so you don’t miss out. 

Michigan Online Casino First Deposit Bonus Tips

Michigan online casino first deposit bonuses are a great way to find which games offer the best odds (or which are simply the most fun!). Of course, not all deposit bonuses are created equal, so follow these tips to keep the good times rolling. 

Satisfy all conditions before cashing out

One of the ‘rules’ that most online casinos state is that you must satisfy all conditions before you may cash out any winnings made with bonuses or promos. 

This may look like playing a certain number of games or making a certain number of bets during a pre-determined time period. Casinos call these ‘playthrough requirements’. You generally need to bet 1-to-20 times the amount of the deposit bonus. Obviously, the lower this number, the better. If you only need to bet $2,000 on a $2,000 deposit bonus (1-times the amount of the bonus), you won’t need to bet as much money as you would on a 20-times playthrough requirement. 

We recommend thoroughly reading all terms and conditions of a first deposit bonus before making a deposit.

Only bet at verified online casinos

When you bet at verified, legal online casinos, your money must be handled according to state and federal gambling laws. 

These platforms must abide by all laws, use secure money exchange platforms, and store data on secure servers. If you play at a verified online casino, you shouldn’t need to worry if you’ll be able to withdraw your funds or claim your winnings (as long as you abide by the terms and conditions of the online casino). 

Legitimate casinos know that they’ll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if they mishandle money or information — or if they fail to abide by their own terms and conditions or the laws of the state or province.

Shop around for the best offers

Most online casinos offer some type of promo or bonus for new players. In fact, first deposit bonuses are one of the benefits of playing at an online casino!

Since so many casinos offer these bonuses, you may want to do a little research before depositing all of your betting budget into one account. 

Take a look at payouts offered by different casinos, odds, and bonus amounts. You’ll also want to read the terms and conditions to find out which casinos offer the lowest playthrough requirements. 

Our list of the best first deposit bonuses at Michigan online casinos is a great place to start!

Play qualifying games

Some casinos require you to play your first deposit bonus on certain qualifying games. 

While you’re free to bet other money on whichever games you want, you’ll want to read the terms and conditions thoroughly and bet both the bonus and playthrough money on qualifying games. 

Most online casinos have customer service call centers, live chats, and email assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help understanding terms and conditions. 

Read casino reviews

Not all online casinos were created equally — and neither were their first deposit bonuses. 

Most of the big-name casinos (such as BetMGM and the Golden Nugget) are solid bets because they’re backed by their brand names and by decades worth of experience. 

But if you’re not sure about a casino, don’t hesitate to read its reviews. You can check out reviews for 10 of the best online Michigan casinos right on our website.

Bet responsibly

Betting is only fun when you know your limits and bet responsibly. 

If you’re worried that online betting is becoming more of a problem, contact the Gambling Addiction Hotline to get tips on responsible betting practices. 

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