BetMGM Sportsbook MLB Future Bets: Who Are Fans Betting on to Win The Cy Young?

Last Updated: Jun 28th 2022   Published: Jun 1st 2022   2 Min Read
BetMGM Sportsbook MLB Future Bets: Who Are Fans Betting on to Win The Cy Young?
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Although we’re only two months into the 2022-23 MLB Season, it’s never too early to take a look at Cy Young favorites. Sure, a lot can happen–but oftentimes these early season favorites give bettors a good idea as to who could walk away with the Cy Young Award come November. BetMGM Sportsbook is one of the few New Jersey Online Casino apps that offers MLB player futures. BetMGM Promos get refreshed daily, so you’ll always be getting something.

As it stands today, the top three favorites in each league to take home the Cy Young are:

  • Justin Verlander +425
  • Kevin Gausman +600
  • Gerrit Cole +700
  • Corbin Burnes +325
  • Sandy Alcantara +800
  • Carlos Rodon +900
Justin Verlander is the current AL Cy Young favorite, and that reflects through the betting trends. According to data provided by BetMGM Sportsbook, Verlander has received 12.3% of all AL Cy Young future bets, as well as 15.8% of the total handle on the event. The handle is how much money that has been placed on an event–so let's say $100 was placed on AL Cy Young futures throughout all bettors, Verlander’s 15.8% would mean $15.80 of the $100 was on him.
The NL data paints a different picture. Corbin Burnes, the favorite to win the award today, is not even in the top 5 in either ticket or handle percentage. The leader in both categories is Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler, who has received 10.6% of all bets, and 12.1% of the handle.
All in all, here are the top nine bet receivers (with their handle percentage) in both the AL and NL Cy Young Award races:

AL Cy Young Award

NameOpening OddsCurrent OddsTicket %Handle %
Justin Verlander+2000+42512.3%15.8%
Dylan Cease+1600+150010.7%8.1%
Shohei Ohtani+2500+10009.0%7.9%
Alek Manoah+2000+9008.9%11.2%
Gerrit Cole+400+7006.7%6.0%
Nestor CortesOff The Board+10006.7%7.9%
Kevin Gausman+2000+5506.2%6.8%
Shane McClanahan+2000+7505.3%7.3%
Noah Syndergaard+6600+40004.1%6.4%

NL Cy Young Award

NameOpening OddsCurrent OddsTicket %Handle %
Walker Buehler+1000+120010.6%12.1%
Max Scherzer+700+30007.7%8.8%
Jacob DeGrom+350+66006.5%9.5%
Zac Gallen+10000+18006.3%7.3%
Logan Webb+2000+35005.9%4.4%
Sandy Alcantara+2500+8005.7%4.3%
Corbin Burnes+800+3255.2%4.1%
Zack Wheeler+1200+15004.7%3.5%
Carlos RodonOff The Board+9004.6%8.3%


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