BetMGM Sportsbook MLB Futures Breakdown: Who Do Fans Think Will Win Each Division?

Last Updated: Jun 28th 2022   Published: Jun 3rd 2022   2 Min Read
BetMGM Sportsbook MLB Futures Breakdown: Who Do Fans Think Will Win Each Division?
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We’re two months into the MLB season, and the Divisional hierarchy is starting to take form. While we’re still months away from the MLB Postseason, it’s never too early to think about who will still be playing in October. If you want to get ahead of the curve, you can check out BetMGM Promos and Odds for who will win each MLB Division.

As things stand right now, these are the favorites to take home each divisional title:
  • AL East: Yankees (-200)
  • AL Central: White Sox (+100)
  • AL West: Astros (-500
  • NL East: Mets (-500)
  • NL Central: Brewers (-350)
  • NL West: Dodgers (-350)
While the current favorites reflect those teams that BetMGM and their oddsmakers feel are most likely to win each division, they are not always the teams that receive the most bets.
According to data provided by BetMGM Sportsbook, the leading bet-getter in the Central is the Detroit Tigers, who have received a whopping 52.5% of the AL Central Future Bets.
Yet while the Tigers are the favorites amongst the bettors, more money has actually been bet on the White Sox. The Sox have only received 16.2% of all AL Central future bets, but 36.8% of all the money bet on that event has gone their way. That is 2.4% more than the Tigers.
Here is a breakdown of each division in terms of each team's ticket percentage and handle percentage. If you have been waiting to place your division winners bets, you may want to consider this data before you officially do so. When you’re ready, you can use any of these New Jersey Online Casinos to bet.

AL Cental

TeamOpening OddsCurrent OddsTicket %Handle %
Chicago White Sox-200-10516.2%36.8%
Cleveland Guardians+900+10006.0%5.4%
Detroit Tigers+650+660052.5%34.3%
Kansas City Royals+1000+100004.7%2.4%
Minnesota Twins+800+11020.7%21.2%

AL East

TeamOpening OddsCurrent OddsTicket %Handle %
Baltimore Orioles+15000+10000015.4%3.0%
Boston Red Sox+400+250017.4%8.2%
New York Yankees+200-22523.2%48%
Tampa Bay Rays+325+5508.9%8.2%
Toronto Blue Jays+200+35035.1%32.7%

AL West

TeamOpening OddsCurrent OddsTicket %Handle %
Houston Astros-140-30013.0%25.8%
Los Angeles Angels+375+25037.6%39.0%
Oakland Athletics+650+200009.4%5.8%
Seattle Mariners+600+200034.3%27.7%
Texas Rangers+2000+100005.7%1.7%

NL Central

TeamOpening OddsCurrent OddsTicket %Handle %
Chicago Cubs+900+660028.4%12.4%
Cincinnati Reds+500+5000012.2%4.1%
Milwaukee Brewers+100-40015.3%50.1%
Pittsburgh Pirates+3000+200008.4%2.3%
St. Louis Cardinals+220+25035.7%31.2%

NL East

TeamOpening OddsCurrent OddsTicket %Handle %
Atlanta Braves+160+40018.1%19.0%
Miami Marlins+1200+30003.1%2.6%
New York Mets+140-30024.9%42.7%
Philadelphia Phillies+450+80044.0%33.6%
Washington Nationals+2000+500009.8%2.1%

NL West

TeamOpening OddsCurrent OddsTicket %Handle %
Arizona Diamondbacks+10000+2500027.8%7.4%
Colorado Rockies+4000+2500035.4%41.9%
Los Angeles Dodgers-150-27517.0%39.9%
San Diego Padres+275+3006.6%3.2%
San Francisco Giants+350+90013.3%7.6%

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