Big 5 Underdogs To Win NCAA Conference Tournaments

Big 5 Underdogs To Win NCAA Conference Tournaments
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✍️ Written by
Ty Bronicel
🗓 Updated
May 24th 2023

Hey, March Madness maniacs.


It’s finally March! And I shouldn’t be upbeat with all the Ukrainian sadness and chaos going on there (please, just stop Putin! Stop!) and gas/food/everything-else crazy prices and all the rest here in the U.S.


Deep breath.

However, we’re at conference tournament time, and I know I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to other regions of the country and teams. Apologies. And, so, since other tourneys have already started, let’s look at some overlooked teams with solid value. Now. While the getting is good.

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ACC (North Carolina +600)

The eye test tells me this: The Tar Heels – and maybe it’s in the details, Blue or Red Devils both know (I see you, various cities and states) – at this point, NC is better than Duke. That win over its rival wasn’t a fluke. We’re gonna be looking at Round 3 of NC-Duke and I’m going with Carolina on my wagering, wavering (but never while driving) mind.

Big 12 (Baylor +200)

I’m cooling off on Kansas (good team, but too many close games, which usually means an early knockout in the Big Dance. That’s an early upset spoiler alert for you bracket busters) and I’m buying back in on Baylor. The defending national champs will be a tough out as they attempt to win back-to-back titles.

Big Ten (Wisconsin +700)

Yeah, I know, Purdue is likely to win this tourney. They’re clearly the best team in a tough conference this year.

Still, the Badgers frequently turn it on in March. Spring fever, Badger babies!

Pac-12 (USC +900)

The Trojans are so hit and miss ya just never know (so just wear protection anyway is what I think is the point-guarded advice here).

OK, so back to basketball.

I truly believe this team is gonna catch fire and then smoke out the Bruins in the final.

SEC (Arkansas + 700)

If anyone can figure out this basketball season, as in fully figure it out, particularly in the SEC, please text me or email me or blink twice, in person, that would be swell. Thought about picking Alabama here but nah, too inconsistent and weird. Their collegiate teams and the state. There. I said it. OK, so, Arkansas is really good (24-7) and I think at 7-1 it’s good value wager.

As always, best of luck, and make OddsSeeker your one-stop link for finding all the sites you need.

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