Big Kalshi Prediction Markets This Week - November 8-14, 2021

Big Kalshi Prediction Markets This Week - November 8-14, 2021
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Trivesh Vassen
🗓 Updated
Sep 22nd 2023

Kalshi is a best-in-class real-world event trading platform that allows you to wager and trade on basically every outcome under the sun. From the MLB, to the Federal Reserve, to the climate in New York and elsewhere, they’ve got you covered with just about everything under the sun, this week and beyond.

If you want the full scoop on all of the above, we’ve got you covered. Here are some key predictive Kalshi trends to watch this week, from new markets, to extended hours markets, to markets that have undergone some pretty drastic price shifts in the past week. To learn more about prediction markets, check out our Kalshi review.

New Kalshi Prediction Markets

For starters, music inclined traders can look forward to watching betting action on the Grammys to heat up. Kickstarting the action right now is new pop phenom Olivia Rodrigo. Right now, you can trade on whether or not her debut album “Sour” will be nominated for Album Of The Year. 

Currently, those shares are skewed 93 cents “yes” and 11 cents “no”. As we get closer to award season, you should expect to see more predictive markets open on her and other big artists vying for Grammies. The other two new big predictive markets this week both involve the weather.

Wonder if it’ll snow more than one inch in NYC this month? Well right now, you can trade on that over on Kalshi, with shares trending 32 cents toward saying “yes”, and 74 cents trending toward “no”. Moreover, you can also bet on the minimum temperature there falling below 30 degrees Fahrenheit this month; the yes shares stand at 33 cents, whereas the no shares are valued at 73 cents.

From the biggest award show in the entire music industry, to the weather trends in the Big Apple, Kalshi traders can look forward to betting on exciting new market predictions. Not only that, but you can also trade on a replacement for Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell being announced by the end of the month, or in the longer term, over whether or not NASA will send anyone to the moon before 2025. 

Extended Trading Hours

Starting today, Kalshi is running even longer trading hours on every market! Throughout most of the week, the exchange will run from 8AM EST to 11:59PM EST, and on Thursdays and Saturdays, it will be open from 8AM to 10PM. Now, you’ll have even more time to buy, sell, and trade betting shares, and even more time to find great betting picks.

You can sign up for Kalshi here to learn more!

Big Price Shifts

Right now, we’ve got three big week-over-week price shifts that traders will want to follow. For starters, an MLB strike is looking increasingly likely, as the contract price on shares saying the MLB will NOT reach a collective bargaining deal before 2022 has risen up to 42 cents.

Unfortunately, the odds aren’t looking in the favor of wealth inequality being ameliorated. Right now, the shares on taxes NOT increasing for the rich have risen to a big 70 cent contract share price increase. Unfortunately for the pandemic outlook, contract prices have risen to 89 cents a share on there NOT being a day before Dec. 1st when the 7-day average of COVID-19 cases is less than 50,000.

You can sign up for Kalshi to learn more about all these markets and begin trading on them, and sign up for our mailing list to find the best betting news.

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