Canelo Defeats GGG To End The Trilogy–Bivol Rematch Likely On The Horizon

Canelo Defeats GGG To End The Trilogy–Bivol Rematch Likely On The Horizon
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Frank Weber
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May 19th 2023

If you’re a boxing fan, then you already know that the final chapter closed on one of the best boxing trilogies of all time. On Saturday night, Canelo Alvarez defeated Gennadiy Golovkin for the second time in his career, winning on all three scorecards for a unanimous decision. This was the third time that Canelo and GGG met in the ring–the first fight finished as a draw, the second fight was a narrow victory for Canelo, and this third fight ended with less drama, as Alvarez won fairly easily.

While GGG will always be remembered as the foil to Alvarez, there is a man out there that has done something that Golovkin will likely never be able to do–beat him. Dmitry Bivol, the undefeated WBA Light Heavyweight Champ, just beat Canelo in May 2022. Not only did Bivol win the fight, though–he dominated from the first bell. Bivol did something to Canelo that only Floyd Mayweather has done–and that’s make him look mortal.

This was Canelo’s first fight since his loss to Bivol, and he looked exactly like his old self. The speed was there, the defense was there, and he worked the body like never before. So, it begs the question–What’s next for Canlo? And if it is the rematch with Bivol, how does that play out?

What’s Next For Canelo Alvarez?

Jake Paul.

Okay, I’m kidding…at least 90% kidding…okay 75% kidding and that’s final.

As much as it pains me to say, I do see a Canelo/Paul fight happening in the future…whether that’s the near or distant future is up to Paul’s next opponent, Anderson Silva, who could end this clown show once and for all by beating Jake Paul in October. But, if Paul wins, then you cna be sure he’ll be calling out Canelo in no time.

Canelo is a man of honor though, so unless he’s short on cash (which I don’t think is possible) I don’t see him taking this fight for another five years. I think he has his eyes set on one man, and that man is Dmitry Bivol.

If that fight doesn’t go through, though, who else could Canelo face? Let’s take a look.

Callum Smith is definitely a possibility. Canelo has already defeated Smith, but that was two years ago. Since then, Smith has notched two KO wins under his belt, and is looking like he is on the fast pace to a comeback.

What Will Happen In The Bivol Rematch?

But let’s be real, everyone. Dmitry Bivol is the fight to make. Momentum aside though, Alvarez will likely be out of commission for a few months. He needs to get surgery on his hand, so this leaves time for Bivol to squeeze in another fight against a challenger.

However, when Canelo is healthy, there’s one man on his mind. After he beat GGG, Canelo had this to say:

"It's very important for my legacy, for me, for my country, for my family, for everything," Canelo said. "I will beat (Bivol)."

So, what would happen in the rematch?

Coming into things, I think the betting line will be very close. I think Canelo, despite the loss to Bivol, will be a slight favorite, probably around -125. Remember, you’ll be able to bet on that fight through any of these New Jersey Online Casinos.

While Canelo will likely be the favorite, I’m still leaning towards Bivol in the rematch. Bivol is a defensive boxer like we haven’t seen since Mayweather, and Canelo will continue to struggle to crack that nut.

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