Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions Picks - Michigan Sports Betting

Last Updated: Nov 21st 2021   Published: Nov 21st 2021   2 Min Read
Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions Picks - Michigan Sports Betting
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Author: Nick Noe

The Lions don’t give Michigan Sports Betting fans much to cheer about on the field. But they are the Franchise we have to thank for NFL Football on Thanksgiving.

It started in 1934, when owner George A. Richards decided to play on the holiday to attract more fans. The game was an immediate hit. The Lions not only sold out the stadium, they also had to turn fans away at the gates.

That day in 1934: The Lions lost to the Bears, but a new team tradition was born.

Game: November 25th | 12:30 PM ET | FOX Sports

BetRivers Betting Line: Bears -3.5 (-103) @ Lions

In 2021, The Lions are begging for fans to come to the gates. They are ranked dead last in attendance statistics between all 31 teams. This year has been Detroit’s worst attendance average since 2009— the year after the Lions became the first team to go 0-16 in a season.

The Lions are coming off the highlight of their season - A TIE - against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This now ensures they cannot go 0-17 for the season and break their own record for the worst NFL team of all time. 0-16-1 is still in reach!

The Lions are 0-10 at home since last Thanksgiving’s blowout loss to the Houston Texans.

Detroit has lost 3 in a row at home to the Bears, all by 4 points or more. The Lions did have Matthew Stafford during these losses. Their current QB, Jarod Goff, is injured. The plan now is to turn to Tim Boyle, a QB who has never started a game in the NFL.

We expect the Bears to use Thanksgiving to showcase the progress they have made with rookie quarterback Justin Fields this season. Following a bumpy start, Fields is beginning to show promise.

What the Lions do best on offense is run the Football. This happens to be what the Chicago Bears do best on defense. Chicago’s defense should smother the Lions while their offense continues to improve under Fields.

OddsSeeker Prediction - MI Betting Odds

NFL Football Expert Pick: Da Bears to cover the spread on Turkey Day!

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