Chumba Casino Sweeps Currency

Chumba Casino Sweeps Currency
Trivesh Vassen
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Trivesh Vassen
Updated: May 19th 2023

Chumba Casino - Online Sweeps Casino

Chumba Casino is an online gambling platform legal in all 50 states and allows players to win real cash prizes.

In a seperate article, we looked at six reasons why we should all be playing at Chumba Casino. Today we will be taking a closer look at the two forms of in-game currency used at Chumba Casino and how it makes online gambling with real cash prizes accessible to players in all states, regardless of the state’s laws on online gambling.

Online Casinos Vs Social Casinos

Chumba takes the best of online casinos and social casinos with a unique offering of a hybrid platform that contains elements taken from online casinos and social casinos.

With your average online casinos, you deposit real money, play with real money, and win real money. The problem with online casinos, however, is that they are not legal in most states.

On the other hand, social casinos don’t use real money. Instead, you use real money to buy in-game currency called Gold Coins. You then use these Gold Coins to play games. There are usually several ways you can collect free Gold Coins (like logging on daily), but the easiest and fastest way is to simply buy them with real money. Gold Coins can’t be redeemed for real cash, traded, or transferred. To put it bluntly, social casinos take your real money and, in return, give you their in-game currency that has no value outside of using them to play games at social casinos. This means that you cannot ever win real money at a social casino.

Chumba Casino In-Game Currency

Chumba Casino, like most social/sweepstakes casinos, allows payers to buy Gold Coins for real money. These Gold Coins hold no value outside of the games hosted by Chumba Casino. However, where they differ from your average social/sweepstake casino is that they have a second form of in-game currency, known as Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coins can be redeemed as real cash by the player at any time. Players are awarded Sweeps Coins for free, and how much they receive is dependent on how many Gold Coins they buy.

Players can use either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins to play any of the games on the Chumba Casino platform. However, if they choose to play using Gold Coins, they will only win more Gold Coins. However, if Sweeps Coins are awarded, and you win while playing, you are able to then redeem your Sweeps Coins for real cash and prizes, such as gift cards.

Gold Coins Vs Sweeps Coins

To understand the difference between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, it’s best to think of it this way--Gold Coins are like Monopoly money. They have no monetary value outside of playing on the Monopoly board. You can play Monopoly for free and win within the game, but it’s sometimes more fun to make side bets with other players for real money.

So that Sweeps casinos can remain legit, they must continue to offer players unlimited play for free. However, there’s a loophole to making real money. This is with Sweeps Coins!

Sweeps Coins are acquired only when you choose to purchase additional Gold Coins to continue your play within the casino. Once you purchase Gold Coins, you are automatically rewarded with BONUS Sweeps Coins...for FREE. These Sweeps Coins are really where it’s at, and they can be redeemed for real cash and prizes at any time.

To simplify things:

Gold Coins = fake money

Sweeps Coins = Real Cash Money! But you’ve got to give to get. Give real money to the game to win real money from the game. Capiche?

To learn everything you might want to know about Chumba Casino, visit their website and give them a whirl! We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

How to Purchase In-game Currency

At the top of the screen, you will always find a red button labeled BUY NOW. Once you click on the button, you will be taken to a page that will give you the “exchange rates” and tell you how much Sweeps Coins and/or Gold Coins you can get in exchange for real cash.

Purchase methods

Compared to the average online casino or a social/sweepstake, Chumba Casino does not offer as wide a choice of payment methods. However, the good news is that they accept just about all credit cards.

The Chumba Casino cashier accepts an of the following payment methods:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • Skrill

  • Instant ACH

  • Rapid Transfer

While the above does not represent a great variety, most US players will find at least one method that works for them.

In-game Currency Packages at Chumba Casino

The cheapest in-game currency package players can buy is just $1. In return, players will receive 200,000 Gold Coins. Unfortunately, it does not include a single Sweeps Coin. Remember, Gold Coins can only be used to play and cannot be redeemed for real cash, while Sweeps Coins can also be used to play but can be cashed out and withdrawn as real cash at any time. This $1 package puts Chumba Casino in line with the lowest minimum purchases among online casinos.

Chumba Casino’s most expensive package costs $300 and provides players with 120 million Gold Coins, and more importantly, 315 Sweeps Coins.

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