DraftKings NCAA/NBA/NHL Splits, Specials, Betting Futures & More

DraftKings NCAA/NBA/NHL Splits, Specials, Betting Futures & More
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Sarah Ryan
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Aug 23rd 2023

We’ve got a gargantuan sports lineup tonight, with an appropriately gargantuan set of special DraftKings Sportsbook wagers to match. The headliner of the night, without a doubt, are the two NCAA Champions Classic games set to go down tonight (7:00 EST and 9:30 EST, respectively) at Madison Square Garden.

Duke will square off against Michigan, and after that, Kentucky and Kansas are set to do the same on the Garden’s court. If you’re interested in following either matchup there, then you may want to consider looking at DraftKings’ flagship basketball promo this week, the “Champions Classic 3-Ball Bonus”.

Bet $50 on both matchups, and you can get $3 in free betting money with every three-pointer made! Qualifying bets should fall under minimum odds of -250 or longer, must be placed pre-game, and must wager $50 or more. If those small short-term wagers don’t sound so satisfying though, then you may want to check out these bigger, longer, and higher risk (though also higher reward) championship NCAA betting futures.

Here are some key split rankings on some key college basketball futures:

College Basketball Winner Splits

  1. Memphis (+1500)
  2. Indiana (+1500)
  3. Michigan (+1200)
  4. Gonzaga (+650)
  5. Kansas (+1600)
  6. Kentucky (+1600)
  7. Purdue (+1600)
  8. Villanova (+1400)
  9. UCLA (+1200)
  10. Indiana (+9000)

ACC Conference Winner

  1. Syracuse (+2100)
  2. Duke (+250)
  3. Notre Dame (+2000)
  4. Virginia (+700)
  5. Florida State (+750)

Big 10 Conference Winner

  1. Michigan (+330)
  2. Purdue (+330)
  3. Illinois (+600)
  4. Nebraska (+15000)
  5. Rutgers (+2800)

Big 12 Conference Winner

  1. Kansas (+190)
  2. Texas (+240)
  3. West Virginia (+1200)
  4. Baylor (+450)
  5. Iowa State (+15000)

Big East Conference Winner

  1. Villanova (+100)
  2. UConn (+450)
  3. Butler (+2000)
  4. Georgetown (+3000)
  5. Xavier (+650)

Atlantic 10 Conference Winner

  1. Saint Bonaventure (-280)
  2. Dayton (+1200)
  3. Saint Joeseph’s (+10000)
  4. Saint Louis (+1600)
  5. Richmond (+290)

SEC Conference Winner

  1. Kentucky (+400)
  2. Alabama (+500)
  3. Tennessee (+550)
  4. Mississippi State (+2000)
  5. Auburn (+650)

DraftKings also has a bunch of splits open on the matchups tonight, which you can take a look at here. Bettors are making their confidence (or lack thereof) much more widely known, as Martin, Mercer, and Hofstra are all entering the night with 0% spread handles. Over on the NHL lines, the San Jose Sharks are inspiring a similar (lack of spread confidence), with 0% of the handle riding on them as they gear up to face the Calgary Flames tonight.

We would be remiss if we neglected to mention the NBA basketball betting specials tonight, as well as some additional bonus picks. For starters, here are three big promos that NBA fans will want to follow today:

  • NBA Bet & Get: Bet $200 across all games this week to get a $20 free bet!

Wave Goodbye: Damian Lilliard to score more points than Paul George (+130)Thou Shalt Not Score: Clint Capela and Rudy Gobert to combine for +5 blocks (+230)

Like any of these college or pro ball bets? Would you like to know some better NHL picks tonight than the sad state of San Jose’s odds? Then you should consider signing up for DraftKings Sportsbook with up to $2,000 of your first deposit matched, and consider signing up for our mailing list to have more sharp bets + news on the best online sportsbooks delivered directly to your inbox.

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