DraftKings NFL Week 9 Lineup Splits

DraftKings NFL Week 9 Lineup Splits
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Sarah Ryan
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Aug 23rd 2023

We have an exciting two days of gridiron action and betting action in store this week, as the New York Jets square off against the Indianapolis Colts at the team’s home Lucas Oil Stadium tonight at 8:20 EST.

Not only that, but we’ve got a gargantuan Sunday Night Football lineup this weekend, with a gargantuan selection of DraftKings Sportsbook betting splits to boot. Find out everything you should know about the best NFL odds picks, both tonight and Sunday night.

Thursday Night Football Picks

Right now, the Colts are -11 favorites on their home turf, whereas the Jets are +11 underdogs. The Colts are just a single win above New York’s overall season record (3-5 vs 2-5, respectively), but given that the Jets have just come off the heels of a humiliating 13-54 defeat against the New England Patriots, then perhaps that’s another reason why bookmakers are feeling pessimistic about the Jets’ odds elsewhere.

Interestingly though, the Jets account for 58% of the point spread bets, despite only accounting for 47% of the total betting handle. They also make up a sizable portion of the Total Pts bets & betting handle (63% in both cases), but a minority share of the moneyline; only 22% of the bets, and 29% of the handle.

It seems that some Gang Green loyalists are banking on a fade, but only time will tell if New York comes through for them. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t, maybe talents like backup Mike White will come through and deliver for them, like he recently did against the Bengals in a narrow 34-31 victory. In any case, we’ll see how that unfolds.

Sunday Night Football Picks

Right now, there are slated to be twelve Sunday Night Football matchups this week! Currently, the shortest odds - as well the odds bound to generate the most public interest Sunday, fall between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Arrowhead Stadium was slated to be the battleground for the clash of two football titans, as Aaron Rodgers was set to Q.B. G.B. against Patrick Mahomes’ KC Chiefs.

Unfortunately, Rodgers was just sidelined after testing positive for COVID-19 and purportedly lying to the public about his vaccination status, so he won’t be leading his team against the Packers this Sunday. With him out of the picture this week, the odds have narrowed to the Packers being +1 underdogs on the point spread, and the Chiefs being -1 favorites on their home field.

Effectively, most of the handle money spent by DraftKings bettors has been put toward Green Bay though; the team accounts for 81% of the point spread handle, 85% of the total spread handle, and 95% of the moneyline handle. While the Packers do have a stronger overall season record than KC (7-1 vs. 4-4, respectively), it’ll be interesting to watch if that strength holds following the absence of their star quarterback, or if Rodgers’ sick leave will spell doom for the majority of the betting public.

Two more Sunday games with really narrow betting odds are the Cardinals vs. the 49ers and the Eagles vs. the Chargers. Like the Packers matchup, the former game is set at a really narrow +1/-1 point spread, with the Cardinals being the favorites in this case. Like the Packers, they have a really strong 7-1 season record, and the confidence in that record is reflected in the splits – the Cardinals have around 90% of the spread bets, 76% of the total point bets, and 86% of the moneyline bets.

As far as the City of Brotherly Love facing the City Of Angels, the spread is -2/+2, with the Chargers being the favorites on their home turf. They’re also favored -135 on the moneyline, but interestingly, only 15% of the point total handle is on LA, despite 60% of the total point bets being placed on them.

Time will tell how all these ever-contentious odds shake out. For more info on each game, you can visit DraftKings official NFL page, and for more information on the best betting picks and online sportsbooks, you can sign up for our mailing list to stay in touch!

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