DraftKings Woodley-Paul Odds: What’s On The Line(s) For Round 2

DraftKings Woodley-Paul Odds: What’s On The Line(s) For Round 2
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Sarah Ryan
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May 19th 2023

From Disney Channel bit parts, to ventures in YouTube vlogging, to their newest forway into boxing, the Paul Brothers have garnered quite a bit of prominence, attention, and controversy as the punchable fresh-faced Gen Z e-celebs everyone loves to hate.

The youngest brother, Jake Paul, was originally set to square off tomorrow against Tyson Fury’s younger half-brother, Tommy Fury. Unfortunately, Fury had to pull out of the fight following his own personal health complications, and public health complications gradually reviving tighter pandemic travel restrictions amid the new Omicron variant.

While this news might be disappointing for any fans of the British cruiserweight who were looking forward to watching him feed Jake a generous multi-course meal of knuckle sandwiches, this last-minute move set the stage for another, even more hotly anticipated PPV boxing matchup: Paul Vs. Woodley 2.

The first time around, both Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley had a pretty heated beef in the lead-up to their first PPV fight, which took place this past August. The event marked Jake Paul’s third fight as a professional boxer, and Woodley’s own professional boxing debut.

As a former NCAA wrestler, Strikeforce kickboxer, and UFC welterweight champion, Woodley went into the fight already having a fairly impressive, well-established, and well-rounded combat sports background. Even so, Paul was still able to very narrowly take home the title by way of a split decision judge vote in the final round. Tomorrow night though, Woodley could have a viable shot at settling the score.

Just a few short months after their first bout (and a short day away), both fighters are set to face off once more. Will The Problem Child finally get his, or will The Chosen One’s odds not be so chosen after all? Here’s where DraftKings Sportsbook and BetMGM stand on the matter.

Jake Paul Vs. Tyron Woodley 2 Betting Odds

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if getting a smidge of some sweet YouTuber vlogger bucks is your thing), the odds aren’t in Woodley’s favor for this rematch. Currently, DraftKings’ fight lines have Paul listed as a -250 favorite in the main event match, and Woodley as a +200 underdog. 

We would understand if you had some reservations about staking your money line on the guy with multiple credible allegations of controversy (see this investigative NYT piece), especially controversies as horrifyingly, egregiously dumb as releasing a music video where your British friend calls England a city. (Yes, this actually happened.)

Multiple bettors seem to have reservations against that prospect too, with the moneyline bets on many books skewing toward Woodley despite his underdog odds. While DraftKings hasn’t yet disclosed their own handle numbers, a gargantuan 85% of BetMGM’s moneyline bets, for instance, have been placed on Woodley.

Interestingly though, Paul's side of the line still accounts for 63% of the cash poured into BetMGM’s moneyline handle. This could possibly indicate a few things:

  • Although more bettors are rallying behind the underdog, Jake’s bettors are generally placing bigger wagers
  • Jake’s bettors could have more confidence in him pulling it off, whereas Tyron’s could be banking on a satisfying public fade
  • While Jake’s previous showings could be inordinately slanting more of the odds in his favor, his notoriety, infamy, and very limited combat sports experience (compared to Woodley’s) could be inordinately slanting the betting public’s perception against his favorability

If the moneyline isn't quite where your heart’s at with this event though, DraftKings Sportsbook is offering a myriad of additional fight props, round props, and undercard fight lines on the PPV. In particular, we’d like to take the time to highlight two really promising prop wagers of theirs. 

DraftKings Prop Bets on Woodley V. Paul 2

We’ve got two great, really safe-looking prop bets on Woodley V. Paul 2 tomorrow, courtesy of our friends at DraftKings. One’s exclusive to new users, but any user can reap the benefits of the other:

  • Bet $1+, Get $100: New users who sign up for DraftKings prior to the main event are eligible to receive $100 in free betting credit if the fighter they bet on lands a punch! They don’t even have to win the moneyline, just land a punch! Simple as that, you just have to opt-in before placing the bet slip!
  • Going The Distance: This is arguably the safest and most promising fight prop on the entire PPV card. Both Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley are favored to last the duration of the fight at -135 odds, and both contenders duked it out for the full 8 rounds last time. 

Given the endurance of these two combatants, the second prop seems like a fairly sharp pick, especially since your preferred fighter doesn’t even have to win for this wager to hit! If they went 8 rounds before, it’s a relatively safe assumption that Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will go the distance through most (if not all) of those 8 rounds again.

Looking for some low-risk, high-reward wagers? The Chosen One’s next bout might offer the ones you’re looking for. Sign up for DraftKings Sportsbook to take advantage of their generous new user promo offerings, and if you want help finding more great low-risk, high-reward online sportsbook picks, consider signing up for our mailing list. 

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