Fanduel Same Game Parlay

Fanduel Same Game Parlay
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Jun 5th 2023

Parlay betting used the be the only way to bet in some states. 

Before any of the newest Michigan online casinos, online casinos in New Jersey, or online casinos in Pennsylvania were legalized, parlay betting was the only legal way to bet in many U.S. states. 

Sportsbooks have ensured parlay sports betting (such as the Fanduel same game parlay) doesn’t ever go out of style. Worried about losing? Fanduel same game parlay insurance can help you bet with confidence.

Learn how to do a same game parlay at Fanduel, Fanduel same game parlay rules, Fanduel same game parlay holidays, and find out what to do if the Fanduel same game parlay isn’t working.

Place several different types of parlay bets in the same game (including moneyline, prop, and futures bets), using the Fanduel Same Game Parlay Plus (SGP+) tool.

Fanduel Same Game Parlay Betting

Fanduel same game parlay betting is a very popular way to bet on sports. Since live betting and parlay bets allow for unlimited betting combinations, the sky’s the limit when it comes to same-game betting. 

What is a parlay bet?

Many of us are familiar with moneyline bets — or single wager bets. If you’ve ever bet on the outcome of an event (the winner or loser), you’ve made a moneyline bet.

On the other hand, parlay bets allow you to make several different types of bets on one event and even combine those bets. If you were to place a bet on the outcome of an event, how many yards a single player runs during an event, and the number of points scored, you’d need to win all three of those bets to win. 

Parlay bets can increase both the odds and the risk of your bet, making the bet even more exciting than if you were only making one moneyline bet.

What is a same game parlay Fanduel?

Same game parlays (SGP) allow you to bet on different legs of a game in one bet. Fanduel has one of the best platforms for same-game parlay betting in the industry. 

The Fanduel same game parlay app, same game popular parlay tool, and same game parlay plus feature are three different ways to bet on same game parlays on Fanduel’s platform — and each one makes it practically effortless to choose your parlay legs. 

You can see the odds of each bet, create up to a 10-leg parlay, and even purchase parlay insurance in case you lose your bet.

How to Do Same Game Parlay Fanduel: Step-by-Step

Want to make a same game parlay on the Fanduel app or website? Both platforms are user-friendly and make it easy to place your bets with confidence. 

It’s just as easy to place a Fanduel same game parlay as it is a moneyline bet. Follow the below steps to create a Fanduel account and start placing moneyline bets:

  1. Follow the OddsSeeker link to the Fanduel site

  2. Enter the required information (email, password, ID check, etc.)

  3. Accept the terms of the bonus (if you want free bets!)

  4. Go to the "Same Game Parlay" tab 

  5. Choose your event

  6. Select your legs and bet amounts

  7. Track your wins!

You can even build your own SGP+ by combining bets from different games! That’s bets on bets on bets!

Risk Free Same Game Parlay Fanduel

Right now, OddsSeeker readers can get up to $1,000 in risk-free bets with Fanduel. Just follow the link to get started. 

Fanduel Same Game Parlay Tools

Fanduel offers three different same game parlay tools to minimize frustration and make parlay betting even easier: Fanduel same game parlay tool, popular same game parlays, and Fanduel Same Game Parlay Plus (SGP+). 

Fanduel Same Game Parlay Tool

Parlay betting can get a little… complicated. That’s why Fanduel has created a same game parlay tool to help minimize confusion (and placing bets incorrectly).

Simply scroll to the “Same Game Parlay” tab, choose your legs and your bet amounts, and place your bets.

Popular Fanduel Same Game Parlays

Want to bet on some of the most popular Fanduel same game parlays? Just use the popular Fanduel tool. You won’t need to manually select each leg of the parlay bet, just choose the popular bets and place your wagers.

Fanduel Same Game Parlay Plus (SGP+)

Fanduel same game parlay plus is a way to maximize your bets across several different games. Once you’ve placed a same game parlay bet on at least two different events, toggle to the SGP+ tool to choose which events you’d like to combine. 

Fanduel Same Game Parlay Rules

Want to know the Fanduel same game parlay rules? Here are just a few of the rules associated with this sportsbook’s parlay bets:

  1. You can’t bet on any more than 10 legs in a Fanduel same game parlay.

  2. Anytime Touchdowns scored as passes aren’t counted as wins.

  3. Any leg settled as a push voids the entire bet slip.

  4. Player bets stand if any of the players on the bet slip play for any amount of time.

Types of Fanduel Parlay Bets

There are several types of Fanduel parlay bets you can make using the same game parlay tools. Just a few of the most common types of Fanduel parlay bets include player parlay, moneyline parlay, over/under parlay, and point spread parlay.

Moneyline Parlay

Moneyline parlays are some of the most popular parlay bets because they are simple and straightforward. 

To make a moneyline parlay bet in the Fanduel app, simply choose the event, the team you expect to win, and the amount you’d like to bet. You can bet on several different teams, events, and sports with moneyline parlay bets.

Player Parlay

Player parlays have to do with player actions during an event, including first basket/goal, player points, player rebounds, player assists, score over 10 points, and many more. These types of bets are perfect for bettors who like to focus on the players themselves or who are familiar with player stats.

Simply choose the event on which you’d like to bet, the type of player parlay bet you’d like to make, and then choose the player from the dropdown list. 

You also need to enter an amount of how much you’d like to wager into the app. After doing this, you’ll see how much you’d win if you win your bet.

It’s also possible to parlay players from different teams, events, and even sports! 

Point Spread Parlay

Point spread parlay bets can be a little more difficult to predict, but you can win even more money when correctly guessing a point spread parlay bet.

To win this bet, you’ll need to correctly guess how much a team wins or loses by. 

For example, if you’re betting on the Los Angeles Clippers winning a game by 6 points, you’ll lose if they win by anything more; if you’re betting that the Philadelphia 76ers will lose by eight points, you’ll lose the bet if their loss is more than an eight-point spread. 

What is a Fanduel same game parlay holiday?

Fanduel same game parlay holidays are a special event hosted by The Pat McAfee Show in collaboration with Fanduel. 

This promotion has only been held once so far (in January 2022) for the Super Wild Card weekend. Once we hear about future Fanduel same game parlay holidays, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Can you cash out on same game parlay Fanduel?

Yes! You can cash out on same game parlays at Fanduel. In fact, this is one of the main reasons to use this feature. 

Since you’re betting on several different factors of one game and you need to correctly guess all of those factors prior to placing the bet, you can cash out even bigger from a same game parlay bet than you would a moneyline bet.

Fanduel Same Game Parlay Not Working?

If Fanduel’s same game parlay’s not working, you can contact the customer service team at the app. You can do this through the live chat, email, or phone customer service channels.

Fanduel live chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply click on the “help” button within the app to start a live chat with a customer service associate. 

If you’d rather talk to someone over the phone, you can always call Fanduel’s customer support hotline between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST. We recommend opting for the live chat, as wait times to speak to phone support may vary.

You can also email customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Again, response times may vary. We recommend using the live chat in the app for more immediate support.

Fanduel Same Game Parlay Insurance

What is the Fanduel same game parlay insurance? A way to minimize your losses on same game parlays. If you lose one leg of your bet, you’ll get up to a $25 site credit.

To opt-in for Fanduel same game parlay insurance:

  1. Get a maximum refund of $25 as site credit

  2. Create a same game parlay with at least three legs

  3. Legs must be -200 odds or longer

  4. Final parlay odds must be at least +300

  5. Only one refund available per day 

  6. Site credit must be wagered before withdrawing

  7. Bonuses expire a week after receipt

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