Four Bold Predictions For The 2023 MLB Season

Four Bold Predictions For The 2023 MLB Season
Image © Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Frank Weber
Frank Weber
May 19th 2023

The smell of boiled hot dogs and stale beer is beginning to waft through the air, which means one of two things–the frat house down the street is holding their bi-annual beers and brats night, or: it’s baseball season. And seeing as how the frat house got shut down by the dean months ago after they found every STD living in all the walls like a fungus, it looks like it’s baseball time.

All jokes aside, we are only TWO days away from opening day, so what better time for some bold predictions? From who will make the playoffs, to who won't make the playoffs, predictions are always fun to shoot into the ether. Want to know what else is fun, though?

Betting on MLB action.

And this season, we here at OddsSeeker are going all out when it comes to MLB betting. From World Series Futures to Data-Driven Opening Day Predictions, we’ve got all your (slightly larger) bases covered. 

You can be sure to bet on ALL of this year’s major league action through any of these online casinos. If you want to take any of my predictions into consideration before you place that wager, though, I encourage you to keep reading.

Prediction One: Tigers Outfielder Riley Greene Will Be An Allstar

I know, a Tigers outfielder making the All-Star team is about as enticing as sneaking into the locker room at the old folk's home. BUT, hear me out–I am expecting a HUGE year out of Greene this year, and if I had just a bit more courage, I would’ve predicted him to be a STARTER on this years team. Unfortunately for him, though, the AL’s outfield is too crowded as it is. From Judge, to Trout, to J-Rod, to Stanton, to Teoscar Hernandez–you get the point.

Greene showed flashes of what could be to come last season though, and the increased base size and new pick-offs rules could be enough to persuade him to show off his speed, too. I’m riding high on Greene this year. 

Prediction Two: Houston, We Have A Problem

To make up for the lack of excitement that I’m sure my last pick conjured up, I’m here with a real jaw-dropper–The Houston Astros will MISS the postseason in 2023. Altuve’s injury is already leaving them with a massive hole in their lineup, and Alvarez has been flirting with the injury bug all spring. Their starting pitchers also still have yet to convince me that they’re for real, and the AL West is looking pretty dangerous this year with the Mariners and Angels. 

While this is a long shot, you’ve gotta take a risk every now and then.

Prediction Three: There Will Be A New Member Of The 40/40 Club After This Season

I know, no fair, I’m not telling you who it will be–but there just being one is a huge feat in and of its own. We all know about the increased base size and pick-off limitations, so there’s no doubt that steals will be the new hot commodity. There are also a TON of dangerous base stealers in the league now, and many of those players have 40 home run power as well. Here are a few just to skim the surface:

-Julio Rodriguez

-Ronald Acuna Jr

-Fernando Tatis Jr

-Jose Ramirez

No one has accomplished a 40-40 season since Alfonso Soriano in 2006, and I expect that to change here in 2023. 

Prediction Four: Randy Arozarena Will Finish Top 5 in AL MVP Voting

Randy Arozarena made the World Baseball Classic his baby–and I expect him to keep that good vibe all season. Since his breakout year in 2021, he’s been improving greatly, especially in the steals realm. He stole 32 bases in 2022, after stealing 20 in 2021. With all the changes to base running coming in 2023, he could be easily looking down the barrel at 40 steals.

He’s also a power threat and can maintain a great average, so I think he’ll be one of the five best players in the AL come the end of the year.

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