Golf Betting Online

Golf Betting Online
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Trivesh Vassen
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Aug 8th 2023

Online Golf Betting Introduction

Golf was always a common sport for fans all over the world, but the increase of golf gambling has brought the sport to a higher level of engagement. Almost every weekend of the year, the PGA Tour, lower-level tour, and global golf tournaments are now going and carrying with them more than enough golf betting possibilities. You should invest in a tournament winner occasionally if you’re a casual golf follower and call it a day. Unless you’re a more dedicated golfer (and fan), every week from the best ten champions to the score of your favorite golfer vs. Another golfer, to live “next shot” bets and more, you will find a large range of PGA golf bets.

Owing to a big industry of potential opportunities for the Masters, PGA Championship, US Open, and Open Championship, you can even get out the crystal ball for the four Majors and choose your favorites well in anticipation (at quite reasonable prices). Live golf betting has also developed, with significant technological advancements in golf reporting and the number of golf tournaments increasing dramatically. With so many more invested in golf bets per year relative to the past, golf bettors have taken note.

Where to Bet On Golf Online in the US

In times past, a visit to Las Vegas or betting your odds with an overseas sportsbook needed bets on golf. That isn’t the case anymore. The US Supreme Court stepped in on a case concerning the lawfulness of sports gambling in May 2018.

In summary, the justices concluded that this was a subject for the state legislatures to determine. Quite a few states have taken the ball and played with it, and as a consequence, they now have a booming sports betting sector.

Golf gamblers will notice that they have more than enough legal sportsbook choices in licensed jurisdictions. Much better, where and when they wish, they can gamble on the PGA and shorter tours through sports betting apps or authorized and supervised online sportsbooks. Here is just a small sampling of where you can lawfully gamble on golf in the US digitally:

New Jersey Sports Betting

In New Jersey, golf betting is booming and shortly it can only get more popular. The US Open occurs at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, NY, from Sept 17-20, 2020 for those seeking to join and invest in a signature golf game in person in 2021.

Pennsylvania Sports Betting 

Just a few months following New Jersey in 2018, Pennsylvania joined the sports wagering scene. For PA gamblers, there are many locations to bet on golf digitally or with a sportsbook application. Yet again, when setting up a new profile, it is indeed a good idea to check the best price. There have been no PGA Tour events planned for PA in 2020, however, the US Open is in NY, and a frequent tour stop is The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

Indiana Sports Betting

It took several years for Indiana sports gambling to go online, although it was worth it in the end. In September 2019, the commercial side of products expanded and the subsequent month introduced online with mobile services. The PGA Tour is not landing in Indiana in 2020, however, for live golf, some possibilities are not that far off. The John Deere Classic would be in July in Silvis, IL, whereas the BMC Championship would be in August at Olympia Fields, III.

West Virginia Sports Betting

Among the first states to vote to allow sports gambling in 2018 was West Virginia. The commercial side got running smoothly without a problem, however, with online and mobile sports betting choices, there were some bumps in the road. Now that has been all straightened out. West Virginia is a frequent destination on the PGA circuit, as stated.

Iowa Sports Betting 

In the Hawkeye State, the commercial side of sports betting is fully operational. Since online and mobile have been introduced in phases, gamblers will need to enter a retail sportsbook to personally finish their enrollment.

Colorado Sports Betting

From May 2020, Colorado has authorized sports gambling. A frequent stop on the PGA Tour seems to be Colorado, with the TPC Colorado Championship at Heron Lakes set for July’s second weekend.

New Hampshire SportsBetting

Since around July 2019, New Hampshire legalized sports gambling and released DraftKings in December.

How To Bet Golf Futures

Generally, the most important events on the PGA golf calendars draw the most attention. On the PGA Tour, as a reality, these four tournaments are indeed the Majors. Such tournaments have a curated line-up of the field’s most influential names, including others who have recently performed well or done well in previous events.

Whenever it applies to golf betting, majors attract far more interest and, according to golf futures odds, you can check in on the outcome of the events before they have even come into effect. For instance, claim that one of the four Majors, the Masters, is indeed a few months away. Now let us assume you like the way one golfer has played till now, but he hasn’t received considerable interest. As a consequence, he could have long odds of winning the Masters. At these long odds, you can put a bet on him to benefit and cash in a big paycheck if he succeeds.

It’s close to how, for the upcoming season, NFL gamblers will position bets on the Super Bowl champion. That would be another very dynamic futures market and one that, if your hunches are right, offers an opportunity for an outstanding profit.

Bet On Golf Majors in 2021

As stated, the four majors of golf draw far more interest in gambling and streaming. These tournaments are deep in tradition, packed with the finest golfers in the world, and held on the planet’s most stunning golf courses. So how are and where are these hallmark events taking place? How is it possible to gamble on all facets of them? Let’s take a glance.

Bet On The Masters

The Masters has always been the most famous event of all golf affairs and a major highlight for sports betting. The 2020 Masters, usually the first Major on the schedule, operated in the second week of November.

By Spring, the 2021 Masters will move to their regular position and new champion Dustin Johnson is expected to be back to defend his green jacket.

2021 Masters Dates

April 11-15, 2021

Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, GA

Purse Size: $11,500,000

Defending Champion: Dustin Johnson

Johnson steamrolled his path to his first green jacket in 2020 with a track record of -20 under par. Tiger Woods resolved a comeback for the ages in having won the Masters in 2019, the fifth time in his storied career he has won this momentous award. He’s second on the Masters’ all-time winning chart, only behind Jack Nicklaus and his six titles.

Bet On the PGA Championship

In 2020, because of the Coronavirus lockout sooner in the year, the PGA was the very first major on the PGA calendar. 23-year-old Collin Morikawa mesmerized at TPC Harding Park with a final round 64 and a tee shot on the 16th which will be celebrated for decades.

Although Tiger Woods tied for 37th, Dustin Johnson and Paul Casey tied for second. Also for the 2021 PGA Championship, here is the new calendar.

2021 Open Championship Dates and Locations

July 15-18, 2021

Royal St. George’s Golf Club in Sandwich, Kent, ENG

Purse size: $10,750,000

Defending Champion: Shane Lowry

Though if The Open is the hardest to win, then not too far behind is the competition that’s also recognized as the British Open. Lowry, a citizen of Ireland, enjoyed the biggest victory of his life in his native country, as he did last year in Portrush, Northern Ireland. At six wins at this competition, Harry Vardon retains the title, the latest of which occurred in 1914.

Bet On US Open 2021

Although the Masters are kept in high regard, the US Open of the PGA can also assert its case as the golfers’ largest tournament of the year.

The 2020 US Open matched only the best billing to a tee with a demanding course (Winged Foot in Mamaroneck, NY) below par. For this scenario, however, confusingly, not hitting many fairways, Bryson DeChambeau was the only professional to end below par at -6, normally deemed necessary at a US Open. The sparkling display by DeChambeau won him $2,250,000. The 2021 US Open will switch to its usual dates in mid-June, provided the PGA season next year starts as scheduled.

US Open 2021 Dates and Locations

June. 17-20, 2021

Torrey Pines, South Course, San Diego, CA

Purse size: $12,500,000

Defending Champion: Bryson Dechambeau

US Open Odds to Win 2021

Also at the start of the 2021 PGA season, the probability of main players will be uploaded at DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook & BetMGM Sportsbook if you’d like to wager on a player to win the 2021 US Open.

How to Bet on Golf

Wagering on golf could perhaps take some effort if you’re comfortable wagering on football or basketball. Upon the first glimpse, the various types of wagers might seem like foreign constructs. Its best starting point is with the golf gambling fundamentals and gradually build up. A good overview of the critical golf betting principles and styles can help position you when you go to make intelligent bets.

For golf, in comparison to the major team sports, you gamble on an individual’s results. However, as with team sports, before actually making your wagers, you’ll be researching previous experience and subsequent trends.

Most Popular Types of Golf Bets

Now let us glance at the particular kinds of bets one could put on golf:

• To Win: You’re simply selecting the golfer for this bid who you believe would win the game. For chances varying from favorites to longshots, you’ll notice odds for all golfers in the competition.

• Versus The Field: These bets will allow your vested interest to open. Such bets are usually placed as one of the championship’s favorites in comparison to the field. You have a winner if you took the field (or a small field) of golfers vs. A single-player, and everyone in your party wins.

• Finishing Position: Such bets arise around the top end of the contest for golfers. Typically, to end in the Top Five, Top 10, or Top 20, you may position bids on a golfer.

• Head to Head: Certain kinds of bets are equivalent to what you’re seeing in the main team sports. Two golfers participating in the competition will be matched by sportsbooks so you can gamble on which one you feel will outclass another.

• Group betting: Some bets, close to head-to-head wagers, involve a group of four golfers. The task is to decide whichever of the four is going to earn the best ranking.

• 2/3 Balls: For a couple or a group of 3, these are head-to-head bets. You choose the lowest score from the category that you feel will be released. If they think it’s the most probable result, gamblers may also choose a tie.

• Each Way: A wager on a golfer to win or rank in the competition, including in the top five, is an each-way bet.

• First Round Leader: Events stretch four rounds on a PGA Tour. You’re picking who you expect the winner would be after Round One for these wagers.

• Nationality: Sportsbooks can publish odds for you, like the top-performing American player or top UK finisher, to pick the best scoring golfer by nationality.

Although there are separate variations among team bets and individual sports, there is certain overlap as well. In truth, as you broaden your possibilities into various areas of sports betting, you will find that good research capability translate. There seems to be a possibility you’ll get on easily if you aim to expand out into new sectors if you have a talent for breaking down competitions or events in another niche.

Live Golf Betting

Live gambling has been one of the most critical innovations in the sports betting world over the past few years. These are wagers you can position as the event unravels in real-time, also recognized as “in play” betting.

Users can respond to whatever is going on by making some live bids while a golf tournament acts out. This market is evolving rapidly, so the chances and prospects will differ. Alternatives involve two golfers’ head-to-head contest, or how many swings a golfer will need to reach a forthcoming hole.

Live gambling can be enjoyed online or via the smartphone app of your choosing. Since golf events normally start on a Thursday and run until Sunday, along the path there may be a lot of unexpected changes. In-play betting with a smartphone app helps you, no matter where you are in one of the legalized states, to gamble as the event occurs.

Another avenue to get some skin in the game is by prop bets. It’s unique from thinking about when or when the golfer will score. In brief, prop bets are siding bids on events throughout a competition that may or may not occur.

Products can differ by case and sportsbook, however with the more exposure you get, you’ll discover several parallels. You can see prop bets, for instance, on the accompanying:

• Can the playoff round take place?

• American Golfer Top-performing

• Would the cumulative birdies be an above or below nine on hole four?

How to Bet on Other PGA Events and Tours

Even though majors get so much coverage, whenever it comes to gambling on golf, it’s not all there is to see. The schedule of the tour is packed with events running from September through August.

With multiple competitions that are lesser than the Majors but draw more than enough attention, the action amplifies in the spring and summer months.

You’ll explore a wide selection of betting markets for each of these competitions and all of the others on the PGA Tour. Users must remember that the bulk of golf betting activities will take place at PGA Tour events. On smaller tours like the Senior and European circuits, you will find activity too.

Bet on the LPGA

The LPGA, or Ladies Professional Golf Association, is also running a complete event schedule. The rivalry is as intense, although the prize pools are significantly lower than on the men’s side of the spectrum. One must remember that LPGA activities do not draw as much betting attention as the PGA Tour might, so there might be fewer choices for you. Even so, in a sport that does not attract as much coverage from oddsmakers, you can find decent value prospects.

Bet on Match Play Golf and Ryder Cup

For yet another golf betting wrinkle, pick match-play events that happen during the year. You’ll encounter head-to-head possibilities in these situations, so a shift in your strategy is required.

The primary objective of stroke-play events is to identify the champions and those who are going to play effectively. This is all about matchups when it comes to matching play. Which golfer would outpace the other in a pair? Very literally, it’s like gambling on an NBA game-winner. With each matchup, you’ll get a favorite and underdog, and Moneyline odds to go with that.

By far the most famous match-play competition throughout the globe is the Ryder Cup. Every two years, teams from Europe and the USA go head-to-head, with the location shifting each season.

Fantasy Golf

Since the early stages, the daily fantasy sports (DFS) market has made great strides. The different developments lead to its rapid expansion.

DFS golf, a game that continues to grow in prevalence, was mentioned on that list. For the weekly PGA tournaments, the two main providers, DraftKings and FanDuel, provide games. This is how they equate themselves with one another:

Is FanDuel or DraftKings better than the other?

Much like sports betting, the big events draw the most attention, but if there is a game, there is a dedicated and committed player community.

The aim is to create the highest-scoring roster, while remaining under the salary cap, from a selection of golfers set to play. Customarily, the games last four days in total, but for individual rounds and weekends, you could also use DFS. Users can find multiple types of games, like tournaments and 50/50s, with the chance of making real money prizes at various price points. Prize money for the main tournaments could be large for the biggest ones, including the Masters and US Open.

Understanding Golf Betting Odds

Like in all other forms of sports gambling, when it applies to golf, the stakes are a big factor. To win each competition, there are favorites and longshots. Your task is to find the winners and possible games of value you can win or position. For starters, for the 2020 Sentry Championship, these were the beginning probabilities for the five favorites:

• Jon Rahm: +470

• Justin Thomas: +500

• Dustin Johnson: +800

• Xander Schauffele: +800

• Patrick Cantlay: +1100

Bettors found Rahm and Thomas the Sentry to be the most probable to be taken down. As a consequence, they have smaller chances than the competition. Every week, you can find odds highlighted for all the men on the field, varying from low to high.

Stakes for golfers at the Sentry, for instance, begin at a low +470 to an eye-popping +50,000. When you look into a potential case, you’ll see a similar set of chances.

If you glance at other types of golf odds, including the top 10 or top 20 finishers in a tournament, that’s a familiar tale. It’s a tad unusual for heads, teams, and multiple prop bets. Let us just put this in the perspective of the odds for a head-to-head matchup at the Sentry using a layout of 2⁄3 balls:

• Dustin Johnson: -185

• J.T. Poston: +230

• Tie: +750

Johnson is a fairly massive favorite here, as you’ll see. Users would like to treat it like how you would bet on a game to break down this head-to-head matchup:

• What golfer aggregate is better?

• Who performed the best in the latest events?

• Have any of them been good in the past at Sentry?

You’ll begin to recognize that the probabilities are not that difficult to grasp when you gain more experience with golf gambling. You’ll also get to the point where, for instance, you’ll see some possible value possibilities, such as a point spread that would seem off in an NFL game.

How To Livestream Golf Online

Between Thursday to Sunday, the annual PGA Tour event extends over four days. Being next to the TV for so long could be demanding; but, if you are on the move, you have choices.

Digitally and via smartphone, you can find live broadcasts of PGA events. Any of them will originate from the sportsbooks themselves, right away. On this front, the emergence of live betting and sports wagering, in general, has been a driver. We can presume that there’s going to be a lot more to follow.

Keep to the lawful and controlled US places we suggest for your protection. You’re ready to go if they have a channel for an event you’re engaged in. If not, seek out for details about how and where tour activities can be streamed legitimately and securely.

There are hundreds of golf words, often forgetting ever skilled. Here are only a couple of simple words that you can recognize. Several websites offer the entire database.

• Birdie: For instance, when golfers reach one stroke on a specific hole under par, achieving a two on a par three hole is a birdie.

• Par: For a hole, competitors who reach the number of strokes specified make par.

• Bogey: When par for a hole is four and five swings are taken by the player, this will be a bogey.

• Double bogey: It is a double-bogey to make two extra strokes over the mentioned par, one that can be devastating to a golfer’s card.

• Ace: It is recognized as an ace to hit a hole in one.

• Dogleg: A dogleg is a hole that has a straight fairway, and then turns left or right.

• Sand trap: Rather than grass, this is a green-side bunker or a fairway filled with sand.

• Approach Shot: This is the word aimed at landing the ball on the green for a golfer. The standard measurement of the shot is between 150 and 180 yards.

• Follow Through: Defines the portion of the golfer’s stroke that happens after the club makes contact with the ball.

• Flagstick: The tall pole showing where the hole would be in the green is the flagstick.

• Heading In: A phrase used when a competitor and the clubhouse are heading for the back nine.

• Line: That’s the line that a golfer wants the ball to follow into the hole as the heads.

Upcoming Golf Betting States

Although there are currently many places that operate simultaneously online and in-person licensed sports gambling, there will be more to follow. Many nations, although others are in the planning phase, are closer to making it work. In the following nations, this is where things stand:


In December 2019, sports gambling got the go-ahead in the Great Lakes State. The timetable for the launch is unknown, but on the 2020 PGA Tour calendar, it could be accessible for events later. Sports gambling in Michigan is likely to take place before the 2021 season officially begins.


2019 regulation of sports betting by TN. The timetable for mobile and online sports betting in Tennessee is uncertain, but for the Volunteer State, 2020 is a genuine possibility.

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