Great Future Sports Bets To Make On Good Friday

Great Future Sports Bets To Make On Good Friday
Image ©Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Ty Bronicel
Ty Bronicel
May 19th 2023

Hey, so, huddle up and listen. Everyone knows I don’t affiliate with any religion, despite what you may have heard or what I swore to in a dishonest deposition.

None of that is true.

At least the secular part.

What I do believe in, good ladies and gents, is trying to make sense of sports. Just like religions – all of them.

I have faith – sometimes, sort of – that games, contests, matches, and the like, will all be called fairly, that refs/umps/officials won’t be on the take, and that this ultimately squares itself out. 

As whoever my witnesses, in the very end, will attest.


Off my pulpit.

Here’s how I’d like the gambling gods (if they even exist) to decide these future wagers you should make today before a tree possibly falls on you at Augusta National’s Masters.

Man, this might be my last post.

For the upcoming NBA playoffs, I’ve become increasingly convinced that the Kings are going to reach the Western Conference Finals. They’re going to get there (Sorry, LeBron and Steph).

As far as the Eastern Conference goes, I’m not sure how you bet against the Bucks. Not at this point.

Even before what is guaranteed to be a wild Masters finish, you can already bet on who’s going to win the British Open in July.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, one of the many great gambling options across the country that also includes PointsBet, BetMGM, and more, McIlroy is +800 and he’s going to win especially after not completing the career grand slam this Sunday at Augusta. Jon Rahm is your future champion by the way.

Unless it’s Spieth, in which case I absolutely will start wearing polyester again, attending services, and believing in a higher power.

In my closing benediction, I just want to say to everyone out there that has allowed me to write and given me a platform and still kinda believes in me …

Can I get a raise?

Nah. Kidding. I love all y’all — mostly, but not terrible drivers and mean people (you know who you are) and please look after each other.

As Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello will sing to you, beautifully: What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Not a thing.

Let’s all, myself included, try to be better.

This one goes out to my great, but now, sadly gone, sportswriting buddy, the maestro funny man Dirk Facer.

You can read about him here and here and here.

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