How Baseball Could Reclaim Its Title as America’s Pastime

How Baseball Could Reclaim Its Title as America’s Pastime
Image ©John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
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Frank Weber
🗓 Updated
May 19th 2023

Baseball is dying blah blah blah. This isn’t meant to be a sob story about America’s Pastime becoming America’s ADD distraction. No, this is meant to light a fire under the MLB, like a pimply high schooler lights a Bunsen burner under a beaker.

And using that same awful analogy, the MLB isn’t the beaker, it’s what’s INSIDE the beaker. My ideas are the fire–and the goal isn’t to bring the MLB to a subtle boil, no. I want the toxic ooze inside the beaker to explode all over the classroom and cause a nightly news story to take a sad turn.

So, in a more normal way to say things, these are my ideas to bring the MLB back to the limelight. It’s been overshadowed by the NFL for way too long, and now the NBA is as popular as ever. Luckily no one cares about hockey so at least we’re starting off on the podium.

The MLB are probably going to read this story and take some of my suggestions, so if you want to bet on any upcoming MLB games you can do so through any of these New Jersey Online Casinos.

1. More Punches

Remember MLB Slugfest? It was a video game back in the early 2000’s where you play normal baseball, but you could just beat the absolute snot out of each other constantly with ZERO repercussions. So Aaron Judge hits a bloop single and reaches first? Thing again muchacho, because Ji-Man Choi just punched him off the bag and applied the tag. Would it still be baseball? Probably not. But come on, you would at LEAST watch the first game.

2. Get Rid of Every Defensive Position Except for One

Okay, hear me out. You still have your pitcher and your hitter, but instead of a full defensive slate of ballers behind you, you just have one man. Each team can choose their fielder and can put them where ever they’d like to on the field. The hitter's goal is to then hit the ball, and they are FORCED to run all the bases. The one fielder then has to get the ball and tag out the hitter before they can reach home plate. It’s an electric factory. So, each at bat either ends in a home run or with an out. Can’t get much better than that.

3. Allow Two Players on Each Team to Take Steroids

I’m thinking maybe one pitcher and one hitter on each team are allowed to take steroids, but we can workshop that idea if you want. But just think about it–because not only do you have to find the player willing to take steroids, but then you have to strategically pick who you give it to. Like you don’t want to give the steroids to Pete Alonso, because he already hits like he is juiced up. But give the ‘roids to a contact guy like Brandon Nimmo, and all of the sudden the Mets are DANGEROUS.

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