How Do Social Casinos Pay Cash Prizes If Gambling Isn't Legal In Your State?

How Do Social Casinos Pay Cash Prizes If Gambling Isn't Legal In Your State?
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Uno July
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Aug 23rd 2023

Can You Actually Win Real Money at Social Casinos?

Let’s address the massive elephant in the room first — yes, you absolutely can win real money by playing slots in sweepstakes casinos and social casinos with sweeps prizes.

However, it’s not as simple as in regular real-money casinos. You can’t play with real money and then win real money in return, which you can then quickly transfer from the site using your preferred payment method.

You get fun online slots, real money prizes, but sweeps cash casinos work differently than real casinos.

How Do Sweeps Cash Casinos Work?

In most sweeps cash casinos, the main attraction is slot-style games. For instance, Fortune Coins has over 50 high-quality slot games and some fish games as well.

Playing slot-style games feels similar to playing real-money casino slots. However, they do not allow players to win real money directly. What they do let you win are coins you can later redeem for cash prizes. But specifically, the virtual currency you play with that you can redeem for real money is actually free to get and free to play with.

So yes, you can win real-cash prizes without even spending real money, which is not something you can do in real money casino apps, so, this effectively makes social casinos and sweeps casinos better than regular slots!

As slot-style games don’t directly award you real-money prizes for placing real money wagers, they are legal in most US States.

Other features that players love about real-money slots are still there. For example, you can play exciting bonus rounds and participate in tournaments that award big prizes to lucky players.

All in all, not only can you win real prizes by playing sweeps casino slots, but you can also win prizes without having to pay any money. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about legality as sweepstakes casinos like Fortune Coins are perfectly legal in most parts of the US. They are illegal in Washington State and Washington D.C.

Are Sweeps Casino Slots a Scam?

You are probably thinking to yourself: “These sweeps casinos and sweepstakes slots are too good to be true. There must be something wrong with them, they must be a scam!“

Fortunately, they aren’t! Sweepstakes casinos don’t allow you to win real money directly by playing real-money slots with your own cash. Yes, they let you win prizes from slot-like games, but the virtual currency you play with that you can redeem for real money is actually free.

You can still make purchases at these social casinos, but when you play with the virtual currency that you purchase, you CANNOT redeem winnings for cash prizes - that only works with the free virtual currencies. This simple yet slightly confusing difference is what allows sweepstakes casinos and slots to be not only legal in most of the US but also incredibly popular.

And that’s precisely why you can easily create an account in a sweeps casino like Fortune Coins in the US outside of Washington State. Then you can start playing and enjoying numerous slot games and other compelling casino titles like fish games.

Although, you should never forget that if you’re using real money to get more coins to play your favorite sweeps online slots, you need to know in advance how much you can spend. Make sure you are playing responsibly, just as you would with real-money casino slots.

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