How The Diaz Brothers Remain The Center Of Attention in the UFC

How The Diaz Brothers Remain The Center Of Attention in the UFC
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Frank Weber
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Frank Weber
Updated: May 19th 2023

Nick and Nate Diaz are not only two of the most iconic UFC fighters of all time, but they are two of the most loved fighters as well. As the years go on, the two seemingly get more and more love from the fans–which is interesting considering the two combined have only fought four times in the last four years. So what gives? How have the Diaz brothers been able to grab the UFC media by the throat, and practically hold it hostage for the last decade?

Nate, who at one time (according to Dana White) was “not a needle mover” has been on the hitlist of a bevy of top fighters between Lightweight and Welterweight for the last three years. His brother Nick took a six-year break from all Mixed Martial Arts competitions, only to have the red carpet rolled out for him in 2021 in his fight against Robbie Lawler, which was the third to last fight on an already stacked pay-per-view card (UFC 266).

Neither of the two have any upcoming fights scheduled, yet they remain a topic of conversation in UFC circles every day. When they do sign a fight, you can be sure to bet on them through any of these New Jersey Online Casinos.

But until then, your money may be collecting dust in your pockets. Nate has been in the headlines more often than not recently, claiming that he has asked the UFC for a fight multiple times over the last year, only to get ghosted in return. This is the last fight on Diaz’s contract, so many, including Diaz, speculate that the UFC is holding onto him so as to:

  1. Not have to re-sign him/possibly pay him more
  2. Not let him fight for a rival organization

Nate has openly requested fights against Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler, and the two have openly accepted. A fight between Nate and Welterweight phenom Khamzat Chimaev has been rumored for years, but we seem as far away from that right now than ever before.

Nate’s brother, Nick, has also been making waves recently thanks to former UFC referee and godfather ‘Big’ John McCarthy. In a recent interview with TMZ, McCarthy said that Nick vs the Welterweight Champ and number one PFP fighter Kamaru Usman would actually be a close fight.

“If there’s one thing that you know about Nick, he’s gonna come and give you everything that he’s got,” McCarthy said on his “Weighing In” podcast. “Would I mind seeing him against Kamaru? No, I wouldn’t, other than this: Kamaru would stand with him until he started getting lit up and then he’s gonna go and use his wrestling – which he should. I’m not saying he shouldn’t, but what is Nick always complaining about? People wrestling.”

Nick and Nate just always seem to have a way to be relevant–and that’s their superpower. Sure, it helps that they are incredibly likable, have 0 ego, and love to bang it out. But if the Diaz Brothers have proven anything, it’s that in order to make it in the UFC, you have to maintain one thing: relevance.

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