How The Yankees Have Been Dominating The Twins For the Last 22 Years

How The Yankees Have Been Dominating The Twins For the Last 22 Years
Image © Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
Frank Weber
Frank Weber
August 26th 2022 - 08:24 AM

Last night, the Yankees went into Minnesota and dropped a 10-run victory onto the Twins like it was nothing. Unfortunately for the Twins, this is nothing new–since 2000, the Yankees are 116-45 against the Twins in the regular season, and 16-2 against them in the postseason. Its been over two decades of Yankee dominance over the Twins, and all we’re left to wonder is–Why?

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The last time the Twins won a season series over the Yankees was all the way back in 2001, when the Twins won four of the six games played between the two. Since then, they have either tied the series or outright lost it. It’s hard to pinpoint who’s to blame for a single game loss in baseball, so trying to pinpoint blame for over two decades of losing is nearly impossible.

Is it the fact that Minnesota consistently ranks amongst the lowest game attendance fan bases, so their home games feel like away games with just a smidge more support? Or could it just be because the Twins have a deeply rooted agreement with the Yankees, to lose games in return for uneven trades (i.e. Chuck Knoblauch, Josh Donaldson, Lance Lynn)? Really, who knows. It’s craziest when the most realistic option is, well, just coincidence.

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