Liverpool Transfer News – Mane Looks to Join German Giants, Bayern Munich

Liverpool Transfer News – Mane Looks to Join German Giants, Bayern Munich
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Uno July
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May 19th 2023

The English Premiership is highly-regarded as the Utopia of football. Over the years, we’ve seen exceptional imports and transfers come to the league and thrive. Many times, they end up in a better position to break through on the world stage and increase their value.

Senegalese sensation, Sadio Mane, is one of those products of such an illustrious platform who inevitably has used the Premier League to his advantage.

Lately, it has been reported that the Liverpool striker is showing interest in finally making the move to the Bundesliga heavyweights, Bayern Munich, after campaigning for 6 fruitful seasons at Anfield Stadium.

So Much To Earn, So Much Little Time

Mane has been a staple of Liverpool’s recent success. Throughout his tenure, Mane’s contract has stayed stagnant whilst everyone else’s was getting upgraded. It is no doubt that he’s in a good place as far as winning trophies, however, the low-ball factor led to his dissatisfaction and disputes triggering headlines at the heights of the Premiership and Champions League title chase.

Claiming 5 titles under his belt with the Merseyside, the 30-year-old became the first big signing made by Jurgen Klopp since joining Liverpool as the head coach. At the time, he was a valuable addition to bolster The Red’s strike force. But now, signs are showing that he’s outgrown the challenge, let alone the wage structure offered by the organization.

As a consistent starter in the first eleven, a player of his caliber, commitment, and immense work rate, being the 12th highest earner of the entire team deems himself past his prime to be earning this low. Running down to his final year at the club, this is probably the last big contract he’ll see in his career, and surely as you are getting older the money is more of a factor than just the success.

From the club’s perspective, development is the foundation every team is built on - The art of player management is knowing when to let players go, especially when focused on building and investing in a new young team. The acquisition of the likes of Diogo Jota, Luis Diaz, and the latest hunt for Benfica striker Darwin Nunez, is a useful hint of this scenario as it plays out.

As he consistently expressed his desire for completing an end of a great chapter for a fresh opportunity, Bayern has to eventually cave into Liverpool’s demands.

Squeakier Wheel Gets The Oil

During the international week games, things took a turn towards the weekend.

The German Giants started taking lucrative steps to strike the deal after lodging 2 offers, which became rejected as a result of a £30 million offer being too low to acquire the Senegalese striker. Despite only having one more year to fulfill his contract, a potential £5-10 million add-ons are considered to seal the final deal.

The initial bid seemingly threw a curve for a three-year contract, counter-intuitive to a £34 million fee which he was acquired for from Southampton in 2016. The circumstance has led to believe that Klopp extracted maximum mileage out of the former Saint, although the 120 goals in 268 appearances live sup to an impressive standard in English football.

What Is Mane’s Goal?

All these transfer negotiations open the question – Is Mane’s exit from the Merseyside outfit more about securing himself financially or solidifying his game-time?

Alluding to the latter, signs may conveniently indicate that the Bayern move is motivated by Robert Lewandowski’s imminent departure to replace his position. It is undeniably a good move for an underrated player living in the shadows of Mo Salah.

Going to Bayern won’t be much of a high mountain to climb considering how dominant they are in the Bundesliga. The only challenge for him would be winning the Champions League. If you are rooting for Sadio Mane’s transition to elite football heights, be sure to place your bets on these New Jersey Online Casinos.

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