Masters Plan: Bet on Tony Finau While the Gettin' Is Great

Masters Plan: Bet on Tony Finau While the Gettin' Is Great
Image ©Akash Pamarthy / USA TODAY NETWORK
Ty Bronicel
Ty Bronicel
August 26th 2022 - 08:24 AM

Here’s the deal with golf: It’s goddamn difficult.

He, or She, made it thus.

Hell if I know, but I do know this: This Finau kid (he’s only 32) has found his way.

As joyous memes surface across the interwebs, whatever, it’s clear he’s found a path to close out tournaments and become the winner he was always meant to be.

You can see it in his eyes. This dude has the perfect temperament for golf. Ask intense friends of mine who may want to chill it a bit. Love them all, but I’m telling ya, when I saw Steph Curry play at Davidson (That’s for you, Lee. I know damn well you won your March Madness bracket based on that kid, that year; you can owe me a beer.) that's what it was. There’s greatness in front of you and it’s not any of us …  just sayin’.

Moving on, Finau is the closest I’ve ever seen to being as talented as Tiger. His game exudes success. It was a matter of when.

So, it’s now.

And you can get him at +3500 via DraftKings, which will give you a thousand bucks with your first deposit.

Those are absurd odds and he’s gonna win it. Get onboard, second-guessers.

The dude is ripe and due for a major win.

But also, I didn’t win the lottery, even with my golden money numbers, so who can tell?

Take Tony at 35-1. Good lord, I might finally be right.

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