Michigan Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Michigan Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes
Alicia Butler
Alicia Butler
December 23rd 2022

Now that online betting is legal in the state of Michigan, there are so many casinos offering welcome bonuses to new players.

While there are plenty of welcome bonuses available, we happen to love no-deposit bonuses. These bonuses are usually awarded to new online casino players and don’t require any deposit to use. Just plug in the no-deposit bonus code and start playing!

Find out how to find the best Michigan online casino no deposit bonus codes. 

What is a no-deposit bonus?

A no-deposit bonus is exactly what its name suggests: a deposit awarded by online casinos and sportsbooks that doesn’t require a purchase or deposit to snag!

No-deposit bonuses are promos handed out by casinos that want new players to try their platform and games. This means you may need to be a new player to take advantage of one of these deals. 

The good news is that many online casinos offer these bonuses, so you can try out no-deposit bonus codes at any online Michigan casino where you haven’t yet played!

All you need to do to get a bonus code is check out OddsSeeker’s reviews of Michigan online casinos, copy the promo code, and follow the affiliate link; enter your promo code into the account signup form, and follow the casino’s instructions.

What is a no-deposit bonus code?

Michigan online casino no deposit bonus codes are promo codes you’ll need to take advantage of no-deposit offers at online casinos. 

All you need to do to find one of these codes is to head over to our reviews of Michigan online casinos. Simply copy the code, follow the affiliate link, and paste the code into the appropriate field when signing up for your account. Some online casinos don’t even require you to enter a no-deposit bonus code; simply follow the affiliate link to get the code!

It’s important to always read the terms and conditions set forth by an online casino before betting. While no-deposit promos are pretty safe bets (pun intended!), you may need to satisfy some terms and conditions before cashing out any winnings earned with such promos. 

Other Michigan Online Casino Bonuses and Promo Codes

While no-deposit bonuses are generally some of the most popular types of welcome bonuses, there are so many other ways to maximize your winning potential at online casinos. 

Some of the most popular bonus codes you’ll find are risk-free bonus codes, first deposit bonus codes, and ongoing promo codes. 

First Deposit Bonus Codes

First deposit bonus codes are codes offered by casinos to maximize your winnings. Casinos will match the amount of your first deposit (up to a certain cap). 

While you do need to deposit some money to take advantage of these promos, many first deposit bonuses are even better than no-deposit bonuses. Deposit as little or as much as you want to get free betting funds. 

Some casinos even offer first deposit bonuses of up to 200%! 

Check out some of our favorite casinos that offer first deposit bonuses below, copy the bonus code, and follow the affiliate links to get these deals. 

Risk-Free Bet Codes

Risk-free bets are another type of welcome bonus that’s true to its name. These are bets awarded by online casinos and sportsbooks as welcome bonuses or ongoing promotions.

When you make a risk-free bet, you don’t need to worry about losing your betting money if you lose the bet. These bets are risk free because they won’t cost you any money (though you may need to deposit money to make the bet in the first place).

The one downside to risk-free bets is that many online casinos and sportsbooks also won’t cash out any winnings associated with them. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before making these bets.

You can find risk-free bet codes for Michigan casinos on our website; many casinos also offer these codes on an ongoing basis to convince you to place more bets. 

Ongoing Promotional Codes

Most online casinos offer their best promos to new customers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer any deals to loyal customers.

Ongoing promo codes are awarded to players via email, text, or alert. Or, a casino may offer promos to entice players to try out certain games.

Other ongoing promos may also include ones offered to VIP or rewards club members. When you sign up for an account at an online casino, you’re usually also enrolled in that casino’s rewards club. 

If you’re already a member of a land-based casino’s rewards club you may usually use that membership and points for your online account as well.

Where to Find No-Deposit Bonus Codes at Michigan Online Casinos

Many Michigan online casinos offer no-deposit bonus codes. In fact, most of the Michigan online casinos on our list offer some type of welcome bonus for new players. Even if you don’t find a no-deposit bonus code, there’s a safe bet you’ll find another type of bonus code for first-time players. 


If you love playing casino games at the MGM Grand in Michigan, you’ll love playing at this casino’s online platform, BetMGM.

BetMGM is offering Michigan residents a no-deposit bonus of $25. OddsSeeker readers can also snag a first deposit match of up to $1,000 by following our link and using the promo code ODDSSEEKER. 

Golden Nugget

Who hasn’t heard of the Golden Nugget? This iconic casino has made a name for itself in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Michigan. Its online platform is currently offering OddsSeeker Michigan residents a no-deposit bonus of $20 by following our link and using the promo code ODDSSEEKER. 

You can also get a first deposit match of up to $1,000 here, too.

Where to Find First Deposit Bonuses at Michigan Online Casinos

Even though casinos offer fewer no-deposit bonuses, there are still plenty of welcome bonuses to help you try out new games and different online casino platforms.

Most no-deposit bonuses are only worth around $20 or $25 or so. If you’re willing to deposit a little money into your account (even $20 or $25 to get the same amount as you would for the no-deposit bonus), you can keep the fun going.

Most online casinos offer first-deposit bonuses of up to hundreds or thousands of dollars, so make that first deposit wisely! 


While you may not recognize the BetRivers name from the world of land-based casinos, this platform is one of the biggest names in online betting. 

While BetRivers currently isn’t offering a no-deposit bonus, the platform does offer OddsSeeker readers a very generous bonus of up to $250; to take advantage of this code, simply follow our link and use the promo code ODDSBONUS.


Another one of the largest online betting platforms is DraftKings. While this platform specializes in sports betting, it also features an online casino. 

DraftKings doesn’t currently offer any no-deposit bonus codes, but it does offer an extremely generous first-deposit match bonus code for up to $1,000 to OddsSeeker readers by following our link

Four Winds

Another big name in betting in Michigan is Four Winds. Like the other online casinos on this first-deposit bonus code list, Four Winds isn’t offering a no-deposit bonus, but you can get a bonus code for a very generous first deposit match of up to 200%!

This welcome bonus may even be better than a no-deposit bonus because all you need to take advantage of it is $10!. Simply follow the OddsSeeker link, pay $10 and claim your bonus.

If a no-deposit bonus is posted, you can be sure that we’ll be one of the first ones to know!

Real Money Casinos Vs Free Online Casinos

There are two types of online casinos available to Michigan residents: real money and free online casinos.

Free online casinos are legal in every U.S. state except for Washington State and every Canadian province except for Quebec. 

For these online casinos to allow players to legally play, they must be registered as free sweepstakes platforms. To play, request free sweeps or buy gold coins. Use this virtual currency to play games and cash out your winnings in real money or gift cards.

Real money online casinos are only legal in some U.S. states; Canadian provinces set their own rules regarding online betting. 

Real money casinos offer a similar experience that land-based casinos offer. Deposit real money into your account via credit card, debit card, ACH transfer, or payment processing provider. Bet using real currency. Cash out your winnings via ACH transfer, payment processing provider, or paper check request.

Michigan Online Casinos Vs Offshore Casinos

Until online gambling was legalized in Michigan, the only way for state residents to place bets online was through offshore casinos. 

These casinos aren’t registered in the U.S. There’s some legal gray area as to whether or not placing bets with these platforms is legal, as it’s difficult for U.S. courts to sue offshore companies.

Since it’s so difficult to take legal recourse against these companies, it’s also possible for players to lose money because of fraudulent activity. 

Now that online gambling is legal in Michigan, there’s no need to place bets at offshore sites. It’s safer and more legit to stick to local Michigan casinos and sportsbooks. Plus, when you bet at casinos registered in Michigan, the tax revenue stays within the state.

How to Get Michigan Online Casino No-Deposit Bonus Codes

Ready to snag some bonus codes and start playing? Here’s how to snag some of the most coveted Michigan online casino no deposit bonus codes available.!

Shop around for the best offers

There are so many casinos offering bonus codes to new players! Don’t waste your time at a casino that doesn’t have great reviews or doesn’t offer the best deals. 

The good news is that we publish bonus codes and offers for some of the best casinos in Michigan! All you need to do is check out the above casinos by following the instructions on each listing. 

Or, check out our complete list of Michigan online casinos and sportsbooks. Copy the promo code and follow the affiliate link. Just plug the code into the appropriate field when signing up for an account, and you should be good to go!

Only bet at verified online casinos

There are so many online casinos legally operating in Michigan. When you spend your money at these casinos, you’ll have the safety of knowing that your money is being handled within the confines of the law.

Verified online casinos use secure platforms and servers and abide by their terms and conditions as well as the laws set forth by the state of Michigan.

Always read reviews for online casinos before trusting the platform — especially if it’s not a brand you’re familiar with.

Follow the affiliate link

Once you’ve read through our list of Michigan online casinos with no-deposit bonuses, you’re ready to pick a casino!

Simply copy the Michigan online casino no deposit bonus code, click on the affiliate link in the review.

Sign up for an account/use your promo code

The affiliate link will take you directly to the casino of your choice. Sign up for an account, verify your location (within Michigan state lines) with geo-tracking software, and enter the promo code when prompted. 

Play qualifying games

Once your account has been created, it’s time to start playing games! Make sure to read the fine print on your bonus code, as some online casinos only allow you to use this money to play certain games (or restrict certain games when using promo codes).

Satisfy all conditions before cashing out

Before you can cash out your winnings, you’ll need to satisfy all terms and conditions (including playthrough requirements).

Read the fine print to learn about all the terms and conditions of your promo code. Then, satisfy these terms and conditions before cashing out any funds you’ve won with a no-deposit bonus. 

Discover which platforms and games offer the best odds, check out new offerings, and above all else — have fun and bet responsibly!

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