Michigan Online Casinos With Live Dealer Blackjack

Michigan Online Casinos With Live Dealer Blackjack
Sarah Ryan
Sarah Ryan
December 23rd 2022

Live dealer Blackjack is one of the most exciting online gambling experiences at Michigan online casinos. Live dealer blackjack has been a core part of the package ever since the launch of live dealer games at Michigan online casinos on July 22, 2021.

Given the craze and the momentum, live dealer blackjack has quickly grown in popularity. More online casinos continue to add live dealer blackjack games, so now it’s effortless to find a table at the best Michigan Online Casinos.

Michigan Online Casinos

You can find below some offers on Michigan Online Casinos with live dealer blackjack -

How does live dealer Blackjack at Michigan Online Casinos work?

From a player's point of view, blackjack perfectly ticks all the criteria for a live dealer offering. It's far more convenient to place bets while playing with a live dealer without having the trouble to manage physical chips.

Moreover, players can get strategy questions answered by dealers in real-time. There’s also an option to chat with fellow players sitting at your table.

The main drawback for people looking to play live dealer blackjack is that there are a limited number of tables available and a limited number of seats at any table. With existing players often sitting at a table for hours - it can be frustrating waiting in line.

To tackle this issue, Golden Nugget Casino came up with an innovation called ' Live Unlimited Blackjack'. The rules and playing terms of this live dealer offering are a lot different. This version trims down the choices available to the players during game time, allowing an unlimited number of players to join the table in tandem. If you want to find the best Michigan online casino no deposit bonus, just check out the article on that link! 

What are the pros of playing live dealer blackjack in Michigan?

  • Fast-paced gaming experience: you conveniently get all the blackjack action, from faster payouts to a hassle-free joining process. You don't even need to care about managing your chips anymore; you can place your bets with a click of the mouse.
  • Go Social: interact with the players who have joined the gameplay alongside you to delve even deeper into the gameplay.
  • Play from anywhere in Michigan: as long as you are within the state boundaries, you can access Michigan Online Casinos with live dealer blackjack via your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.
  • More bets available: alongside the regular chances you are also accustomed to in traditional blackjack, live dealer blackjack dishes out plenty of other side bets you can consider.

Downsides of live dealer blackjack in Michigan

  • Rules: indeed, the rules in live dealer blackjack are a bit different from traditional blackjack, and this surfaces the need to go through the rules before start playing.
  • Timing: don't be mistaken! Live dealer blackjack isn't available round the clock. Since the casinos need to hire an entire staff for live dealer games, the same is not made available 24 hours.
  • Pricing: most likely, you'll end up paying slightly more in the case of live dealer blackjack owing to the luxury tax. 
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