Nascar Betting

Nascar Betting
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Nascar Betting

Want to place bets on a big race event? You might think you need to go to Las Vegas for that. However, things have changed and thanks to sports betting getting legalized in most of the states, we can now place bets online. The interest amongst players has increased tremendously with this kind of wager and that is why more sports have been added to the list. One such sport is NASCAR. A sport that has one of the most faithful fan following, is starting to become more well known and a spectacle that many now enjoy. Not to forget that players can look forward to live betting as well because NASCAR has signed a deal with Genius Sports, making them their sole data provider. So look out NASCAR fans, you will be opened to a world of possibilities in the upcoming years! Are you ready?

Best Nascar Sites in 2021

There are different types of bets you can wager on with NASCAR. It is more than betting on a single driver. You can bet each week, during the season, or even the postseason. Let’s look at the best sites to place bets online as well as the betting process.

  • 10cric Sports

  • 22 Bet Sports

  • Betway Sports

  • DraftKings

  • FanDuel

  • Spin Sports

Here are some of the reasons we have chosen these sportsbooks as the best from the rest:


  • Has to be the most important part of the selection process.

  • Since we wager bets that include money from our bank accounts, we need to ensure that the sites have the utmost level of protection and safety.

  • Doing so will avoid identity thefts and money stolen from bank accounts.


  • The more options available on a site, the higher the chances are for a user to stick around and bet their money.

  • One of the main distinguishing points that makes an average sportsbook, great!

  • Options that should be available are debit/credit card transactions, Paypal, wire transfers, paynearme, and other safe online money platforms.

  • In addition, it is equally important to have options when you have to withdraw money. Here is where a lot of sites fail. Always remember, the more options offered, the higher the number of players you can expect to come by your site.

  • Last but not the least, make sure that the speed of these transactions is as quick as possible. The longer we wait to


  • An aspect that is a key factor in the betting arena.

  • Sites that don’t have a good reputation are probably because of illegal business dealings and poor reviews.

  • We have to make sure that all your dealings are safe and that you are paid out when you win any bet/wager.

Ease of Use

  • With an ample number of options available, it is imperative that the developers you contract with design the sportsbook that is easy to navigate. If not, players will find other sites that offer this.

  • You may offer all the other points on this list, but this is important to a bettor, as placing a bet within a time frame is what makes the difference between a winner and a loser.

Customer Service

  • If a bettor faces an issue and they reach out to customer service and have a poor experience, this will result in a poor review for your sportsbook.

  • It is one of the aspects that people look for when choosing a sportsbook to commit to.

  • Having multiple ways for people to reach out to your representatives and solving issues in record time, is what will set you apart.

Live Betting

  • A true experience of a casino will be experienced with the introduction of live betting.

  • It is soon becoming the most popular addition to a sportsbook.

Mobile Feasibility

  • Since the experience of betting has been taken online, it is important to offer choice within this facet as well.

  • Options should be available to android and iOS users, in addition to the desktop version on your computer. At the least, a browser version could be introduced initially while the apps are being developed.


  • Everyone likes a little something on the side. When a sportsbook does not offer this, a bettor will probably choose one that has many bonus options and promotions (sign-up bonus, first deposit bonus, reload bonus, etc)

  • Players are more likely to recommend sites that are generous, thereby giving you an edge over the others.


  • Not all your players are going to be technologically advanced. You will need to ensure that your site is set up with some amazing FAQs and tutorials that can help a user maneuver through your site, seamlessly.

  • Make sure to cover topics for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced players.

  • The more topics you cover will be easier eventually for the representatives to deal with so that they can direct people to the answers immediately.

Types of NASCAR Bets

The most popular type of betting is one where you predict the winner of the race. Even though this kind of bet will give you the highest reward, it is one of the most difficult ones to bet on because, in a given race, there are around 40 drivers who compete.

Top Place Finishes

In addition to the first-place winner, NASCAR also focuses attention on the top 5 or 10 winners. That is why Sports Betting sites have also allowed bettors to place bets on the top 3 or 5 winners. This lessens the intensity of having to choose the winner on the spot and gives you more chances to win. But keep in mind that the odds are lower in such cases.

Prop Bets

With this kind of bet, you have to bet on particular racing scenarios. Let’s look are some of the common kind of prop bets:

  • Number of crashes in a race?

  • The name of the manufacturer that will win the race?

  • Number of caution laps in a race?

  • Who will get flagged for speeding on the pit road?

  • Number of caution flags that will be thrown in the race?

If you are interested in increasing your bankroll, then these kinds of bets will work the best for you. Instead of picking one winner, you can bet on an event, situation, action, or accomplishment.

Futures Bets

Similar in nature to a prop bet, future bets are designed to predict events, situations, actions, or accomplishments in the future. Some of the most common kind of future bets are:

  • Who will earn the most wins this season?

  • Which player will win the most points this year?

  • Who will win the NASCAR (specific event name) Championship? This will change throughout the season depending on the way the drivers perform.

Legal Betting on NASCAR in the US

Betting on NASCAR has become a phenomenon that has evolved over the last couple of years. Previously you would have to go to Las Vegas if you wanted to bet, but that would soon become an expensive affair. Even if you decided to play at an offshore sportsbook that has not been regulated, you would have to bear a tremendous amount of risk in doing so. But thanks to the sports betting industry that is now evolving, people are able to bet across many states. While some are opening their doors, others are still finalizing the legal details.

New Jersey

One of the first states to legalize sports betting. If Las Vegas had a close second, it would be New Jersey, in terms of revenue.


Legalized in 2018, retail sportsbooks were first opened, brick and mortar style followed by online/mobile options in 2019.


Legalized in 2019, retail sportsbooks were first opened, brick and mortar style followed by online/mobile options in 2020.

West Virginia

Similar to NJ, West Virginia also came out of the gates running with respect to sports betting. There were issues with the mobile rollout initially, but soon got resolved.

NASCAR’s 5 Biggest Sports Betting Events

The NASCAR calendar has events going on all year round, almost every weekend. Let’s look at some of them. Odd on the:

  1. Daytona 500

  2. Brickyard 400

  3. All-star Race

  4. Coca-Cola

  5. Nascar Cup Series Championship

How The Odds Work In Nascar Betting

For events taking place on the weekend, the odds are released through the week leading up to the event. However, for major events like Daytona 500, odds are released a couple of weeks prior to the event. There are some common types of NASCAR bets. Let’s look at some of them:

Race Winner

  • Select the racer you think will win the race (like golf or tennis).

  • Favorites will be listed at the top and the rest will be at the bottom.

Top 3

  • Select the racer you think will finish in the top three.

  • This bet is good for people who have high hopes for one racer but not completely certain that they will be the race winner.

Pole Position

  • This type of betting can be done prior to the races.

  • If you are certain about how a racer performs, then this kind of bet is what will work best for you.

Lap Times

  • Bet on which driver will drive the fastest lap.

  • This kind of bet will give a bettor the highest level of excitement.

  • One can enjoy betting through the race and probably have a good profit in return.

NASCAR Futures Betting

  • You can bet on events that will take place in the future.

  • If you have good knowledge about the players and know a good deal about NASCAR betting, then you will be sure to get a good return from this.

  • Common questions include:

    • Who will earn the most wins this season?

    • Which player will win the most points this year?

    • Who will win the NASCAR Championship? This will change throughout the season depending on the way the drivers perform.

NASCAR Head-to-Head Betting

  • This bet is set up in a way where two drivers are picked. You will have to bet on the one you think will perform better.

  • It is beneficial to bettors who can identify the racers who are undervalued by sportsbooks.

NASCAR Cup Series Betting

  • Bet to determine who will be the top racer of the season/year.

  • Points are earned based on the number of laps completed by a racer. This determines their position in the race.

  • Top 16 drivers are selected and are chosen to advance when 10 matches remain.

  • You can make your selections all season long.

Prop Betting

  • This kind of betting involves answering questions like:

    • Number of crashes per race

    • Number of racers to finish the race

    • Number of caution flags during the race

    • Winning car manufacturer

Live Betting

  • Place bets in real-time, thanks to the new features of sports betting.

  • The game moves quickly, so be at the edge of your seat.

Free NASCAR pick ‘EM contests

NBC Sports typically overs free contests to viewers giving them an opportunity to win real money. This kind of betting gives players, who are interested in playing in the big leagues, a chance to understand NASCAR’s betting style and accordingly acquaint themselves with it.

Stay tuned to apps like FOX Bet and NBC. They constantly offer free-to-play contests.

Risk- Free Sportsbook for NASCAR 

Keep users engaged by offering promotions, welcome offers, risk-free bets, bonus offers, parlay bets and odds boost for NASCAR drivers. This is what will bring the user back for more and for the long haul.

You will get more information from the Sportsbooks social media pages, promotional emails, or from the promotions tab on the website. Ads and banners will pop up that will highlight certain promotions.

NASCAR Season - How it works

NASCAR is one of the most popular and important events that take place in the year. It runs from February through November. If you are a NASCAR fan, you already know that The Daytona 500 is one of the most popular events that takes place every year. It generates a lot of interest along with tons of viewers and players that bet.

Drivers earn points based on the following:

  • Number of laps

  • Which positions they finished at

  • Number of crashes per race

  • Number of caution flags during the race

Top 16 drivers are selected and are chosen to advance when 10 matches remain. These are called playoff races. The winner of this will be crowned the winner of the NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

NASCAR -  A look on the inside

If you are ready to start betting, the first step you would need to take is to research! Even though NASCAR is not a stat-based sport (unlike team-based sports), it does not imply that you can take the betting for granted. Start your research ahead of time, even before the season begins. Races will be held across the country and could differ in length as well. Keep that in mind and approach your research accordingly.

Some drivers are better on certain tracks than others while some are better at longer distances than others. Use this knowledge to your advantage and put your best bet forward.

Use historic data of each player to make an informed decision. Which player fared well and which of them had a rough time making it to the end.

With everything, there is a learning curve. But if you do your research, follow these tips, you will start off on the right track.

NASCAR -  Daily Fantasy Sports

Are you a DFS and NASCAR fan? Then you are in luck because DFS offers a version for NASCAR.

DraftKings and FanDuel are the main operators when it comes to DFS. You will have tons of opportunities to win real money and participate in many contests. Keep an eye out on the promotion tabs and social media to stay updated.

You might be wondering about the details of scoring. Both the sites are similar wherein, they take into account the winner of each lap, the number of laps completed, and the final finishing position.

So what is the difference?

The roster requirement!

  • DraftKings: Select 6 drivers while you stay under the salary cap.

  • FunDuel: Select 5 drivers while you stay under the salary cap.

NASCAR DFS is a fun way to enjoy betting your money, but in hopes that you also win something in return.

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